Drishanebeg Train Ambush Centenary Commemoration Sign

Drishanebeg Train Ambush Centenary Commemoration Committee

Tap on the image to enlarge.  We thank Michael Thornton for this feature. (S.R.)

At a meeting during the centenary commemorations it was proposed that a plaque should be erected to mark the actual site of the ambush for future generations.   With the kind permission of Michael, Pam and the Thornton Family and with the support of the Committee (some who are now deceased – May they Rest in Peace) – the plaque (pictured above) has now been erected at the site of the ambush.

Recalling the 101st Anniversary of Millstreet Carnegie Hall Attack on 4th Jan. 1923

We thank John P.Kelleher for reminding us of this important Anniversary which occurs on Thursday, 4th Jan. 2024.  A full and excellent comprehensive account (superbly researched by Michael Cashman in 2017) of this milestone event in the history of Millstreet may be viewed here:  http://www.millstreet.ie/blog/2017/01/03/this-day-91-years-ago-today-in-millstreet

Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall in 1912.
Today (two years ago) – 4th Jan. 2022 – marked the 99th Anniversary of the attack on Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall. We thank John P. Kelleher for alerting us to this historic occasion….This is the image we featured in 2022 on the 99th Anniversary.
We thank Margaret Bourke for sharing this truly brilliant image of Christmas at the Carnegie Hall by night.   This splendid image featured on the cover of Millstreet Calendar 2023.
Colourful Carnegie Hall Millstreet at night celebrating PRIDE.

[read more …] “Recalling the 101st Anniversary of Millstreet Carnegie Hall Attack on 4th Jan. 1923”

“Memories of a Summer Long Ago….Inishtooskert or “An Fear Marbh”

We thank Dr. Steve Dillon for this truly exquisite photograph entitled“Memories of a Summer Long Ago….Inishtooskert or “An Fear Marbh”…..
More irreverently known to the locals as “The Sleeping Bishop” for the Bishop of Kerry was the only one to have enough to eat, in famine times, as to develop a fat tummy!!

Magical image in the Kingdom of Kerry by Dr. Steve Dillon Tap on the photo to enlarge. (S.R.)

The Splendid Research of Patrick Edward Mears of USA & Germany Shared

The following very interesting correspondence we recently received from Patrick Edward Mears (USA & Germany)

Patrick has visited the Millstreet area on more than one occasion having done some very professional and superbly detailed and comprehensive research.

Dear Friends in Millstreet and the Surrounding Areas,

My name is Patrick Edward Mears and I am a retired lawyer from the USA who is now living in Germany.  One set of my Irish Great-Grandparents, Philip John Cronin (1819-1883) and Mary Ann O’Leary (1825-1881), hailed from the Millstreet/Cullen area and emigrated to the United States of America in 1850, with their first-born son, Cornelius, in tow.  They disembarked from their ship in the South Street Docks in Lower Manhattan and then made their way up the Hudson River to Albany, New York, where Mary Ann gave birth to her second child, Judith, in 1851.  From there, they likely traveled on the Erie Canal to its terminus in Buffalo, New York, and from there probably took a Great Lakes Steamer to Detroit, Michigan.  From Detroit, they made their way to Lapeer County, Michigan, where they purchased a farm in Oregon Township circa 1858.  Nine other children were born to this couple, one of whom was my Grandmother, Mary Cronin Mears (1856-1924).   

Mary O’Leary Cronin’s parents were Cornelius O’Leary (ca. 1800-1881) and Mary Williams (or Hyde) O’Leary (1800-1887).  This couple and their children resided in what has been identified here in an earlier article as the “McSweeney House,” in Knocknakilla Townland, which house Sean Radley, my wife and I visited a few years ago on a trip to Millstreet. This couple, my great-great grandparents, likely began their exodus from Ireland when they emigrated to the United States and eventually settled in St. Lawrence River Valley, where they acquired farms near the towns of Brasher Falls and Potsdam in St. Lawrence County, New York State.  After their arrival there around 1851, and after their deaths in the 1880s,  their remains were buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Brasher Falls.  Of their 13 children all but the eldest son, also named Cornelius O’Leary, emigrated to the United States of America.  Presumably Cornelius Junior remained on all or a portion of the farmland owned by his parents prior to their emigration.   [read more …] “The Splendid Research of Patrick Edward Mears of USA & Germany Shared”

Recalling the 100th Anniversary of Carnegie Hall Attack on 4th Jan. 1923

We thank John P.Kelleher for reminding us of this important Anniversary which occurs on Wednesday, 4th Jan. 2023.  A full and excellent comprehensive account (superbly researched by Michael Cashman in 2017) of this milestone event in the history of Millstreet may be viewed here:  http://www.millstreet.ie/blog/2017/01/03/this-day-91-years-ago-today-in-millstreet

Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall in 1912.
Today (one year ago) – 4th Jan. 2022 – marked the 99th Anniversary of the attack on Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall. We thank John P. Kelleher for alerting us to this historic occasion….This is the image we featured last year on the 99th Anniversary.
We thank Margaret Bourke for sharing this truly brilliant image of Christmas at the Carnegie Hall by night.   This splendid image features on the cover of Millstreet Calendar 2023.
Colourful Carnegie Hall Millstreet at night celebrating PRIDE.
Mícheál Martin recording an interview at Carnegie Hall when he visited some years ago.
It was Noel Buckley and Deputy Áine Collins (pictured here with An Taoiseach and yours truly) who were so hugely instrumental in acquiring access to our newly restored setting in Carnegie Hall over some four years. Taoiseach Enda Kenny commended both for such dedication and he also recorded an uplifting message of great hope for the future of Millstreet Museum.   A special memory from some years ago in the Carnegie Hall.
A selfie to truly treasure! Taoiseach Enda was delighted to meet with four young Millstreet people who just happened to be close to the Carnegie Hall as the Taoiseach left before setting out on the long journey to Dublin….some years ago.
To mark the centenary of Carnegie Hall, Millstreet – Cork Co. Council arranged some years ago to put a very impressive in place outside the Hall. Research and translation was superbly coordinated by Denis O’Shea of the Millstreet Branch of C.C.C.. Click on the images to enlarge.
Yannick Perrot unveils the special plaque at Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall on Friday, 24th September 2010 marking the 25th anniversary of the Twinning between Pommerit-le-Vicomte in Birttany and Millstreet. Also included is Anne Keane (Chairperson, Millstreet Twinning Association and Tierrey of Brittany who acted as Interpreter. (S.R.)


Dromtariffe GAA History Book – A Report by John Tarrant

We thank John Tarrant for the following Report and Images.  (Tomorrow we shall feature images by Tadhg Curtin).  Tap on the photos to enlarge. (S.R.)

In Praises of Dromtariffe charts history of famed club

Dromtariffe GAA launched its history “In Praises of Dromtariffe” in the presence of a large attendance in Dromtariffe Parish Hall. The club boasts a long and distinguished history of achievement on the playing field, the 592 page history edited by Dan Joe O’Keeffe offers nostalgia and reminiscing, former and current Dromtariffe GAA players, officers and supporters convened at the launch for this once in a lifetime colloquial occasion.

Founded in 1885, Dromtariffe has been at the heart of the GAA since its very inception. The club continues to grow and encourage a new generation to play gaelic games.

A History Committee headed by Mary Browne and joined by Michael Byrnes, Joe O’Riordan, Seán Feely, Frank Barry and  Dan Joe O’Keeffe ensured  the content  was meticulously researched, excellently structured  and illustrated with fascinating photographs and text on football, hurling, ladies football camogie and Scór.

Apart from the GAA, subjects also covered are the War of Independence to an insight on Dromtariffe’s patron saint Iníon Bhuí with fitting songs and poems added.

“In Praises of Dromtariffe” is available from Dromtariffe committee members and retail outlets in Dromagh, Cullen, Kanturk, Kilcorney, Millstreet and Newmarket. [read more …] “Dromtariffe GAA History Book – A Report by John Tarrant”

Dance in AOH Hall at Minor Row, Millstreet in 1962

We thank Annabelle O’Sullivan (née Reen) for sharing this most interesting photograph from 1962 when one of the final Dances took place at the AOH (Ancient Order of Hibernians) Hall in Minor Row, Millstreet.   Present for the occasion was Fr. James McGrath, C.C. (seated centre in the fourth row with glasses) in Millstreet at that time.   Annabelle herself is to be seen on the extreme right in the third row.   See how many you can identify!   We already have been able to recognise quite a few! Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information on this Sunday evening’s programme – 13th Feb. 2022 at 7pm on C103.  (S.R.)

Where The Road Takes Me – Sunday 13th Feb.

Because of our historical past, this year is significant and bound to be a year of commemoration and in certain cases celebration. 

Because of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown, many centenary events were cancelled last year, but will be carried over to this year. 

One such event will be the Battle of Clonmult – the 101st anniversary of which falls on Sunday week, February 20th.

On this week’s edition of ‘Where The Road Takes me’, John Greene looks back at the IRA’s heaviest defeat in a single engagement, during the War of Independence.

An informer, complacency, a catalogue of errors and strange decisions, a total disregard for the rules of war and illegal court-martials, all contributed to a battle that virtually wiped out the East Cork Flying Column and left deep scars on the local community, for years afterwards. [read more …] ““Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103″

Millstreet Museum Pictorial Archives Shares Six Gems from the Past

A Millstreet Corpus Christi Procession 1930s near Presentation Convent at West End.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)
Corpus Christi Procession 1989 at The Square/Main Street, Millstreet.
Everyone is fascinated at how the huge tank on the vehicle is negotiating Barrett’s Corner at The Square in the 1980s!
A September Horse Fair in Millstreet in the 1980s.
Christmas at The Square in the 1980s.

[read more …] “Millstreet Museum Pictorial Archives Shares Six Gems from the Past”

Commemoration 2021 for Paddy McCarthy at Mill Lane on Sunday

At 12 noon on Sunday, 21st Nov. 2021 the 101st Anniversary of Paddy McCarthy was commemorated at Mill Lane, Millstreet organised by the Millstreet Monument Committee.   We thank Noel Keating for alerting us to the historic occasion and special thanks also to Shane Browne for sharing the excellent images.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.) [read more …] “Commemoration 2021 for Paddy McCarthy at Mill Lane on Sunday”

“We Go Into Action Today at Noon….” by Eamonn Duggan

Launched on Monday, 11th Oct. 2021 this is Eamonn Duggan’s latest magnificent book taking us back to the 1913 to 1922 era – a period of such highly historical significance in Ireland.   This Book will shortly be available for sale at “Wordsworth” Bookshop, Millstreet and is already on sale in the Macroom Bookshop.   Tap on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)
We are indeed greatly honoured that Éamonn and Jill will be visiting us here in Millstreet this Wednesday. We look forward to recording a special Radio Interview for later broadcast on “Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station.   Éamonn has contributed some 400 historical features over many decades to the universally popular weekly “Ireland’s Own” and has coordinated some of its most famous Annuals.

The Contents of the superb Book outline the fascinating range of hugely interesting splendidly researched topics.

[read more …] ““We Go Into Action Today at Noon….” by Eamonn Duggan”

Centenary Commemorations / Celebration at Derrinagree and Dromtariffe on Sat. 9th Oct. 2021 at 1.30pm

The Clonbanin Ambush Centenary Commemoration Committee

On Saturday 9th October 2021, our Centenary Commemorations / Celebration will take place in Derrinagree Church Carpark. This commemoration is to honour the men and women that participated in the War of Independence and the fight for freedom.

Our commemoration commences with Concelebrated Mass in Derrinagree Church at 1.30pm followed by Blessing of centenary monument. Some Ceremonial duties, Address by President Higgins’s Representative, Reading of the Proclamation, Oration by Cork  County Mayor Gillian Coughlan, Chairman’s Address, The Raising of The Tri-Colour, accompanied a Colour Party from the I.U.N.V.A organization. (Irish United Nations Veterans Association).      Followed by an evening of refreshments and entertainment in Dromtariffe Parish Hall. Everyone welcome but due to Covid restrictions we can’t guarantee everyone will get into the Church.

Mass will be relayed by outside speakers, to the Carpark only 160 persons allowed in the Church…so come early and avoid disappointments. Also, in the Parish Hall we will be restricted to 250 persons, or there about. We are also restricted to parking on the road, close to the Church, and there may be a bit of walking, but if everyone corporates with the parking stewards, it will be permitted to drop off people with walking difficulties, and then drive on a bit further to park. Parking on both sides of the road will not be permitted. The Committee appeal to every house around Derrinagree, Clonbanin, Dromagh and all over Duhallow, if possible, to proudly display our National flag to honour the occasion. Please come out in numbers and support the cause. It is our last commemoration of the War of Independence one hundred years ago.    (We thank Charlie Drake for this feature) 

Day Trip to Spike Island on Tues. 21st Sept. 2021

The Clonbanin Ambush Centenary Commemoration  Committee

                     wishes to announce the following dates of importance:                                  Tuesday 21st September. A day trip to Spike Island, including a seat on a Luxury Coach, with reclining seats, arm-rests, head rests, plenty air-conditioning and ample leg room, total comfort guaranteed.

  • Kealy’s Coach will pick at the following places:        Derrinagree Church 08. 30am.  Dromagh Church 08.40 am    ……     Kanturk Church 09.00am Mallow Race Course 09.30am.                        
  • The day will consist of Coach tour to Cobh, then on to the 11 00am Ferry to Spike Island, where we will be met off the Ferry by our appointed professional Guide, followed by a 40/45 minute guided, historical and informative tour, a very comprehensive and detailed account of the War of Independence.
  • Originally the site of a monastic settlement, the island is dominated by an 18th-century star fort named Fort Mitchel. The island’s strategic location within the harbour meant it was used at times for defence and as a prison.

The military Gun Park alone has over a dozen exhibits used in coastal defence spanning over 300 years of warfare, as well as a recreation of the Battery Observation Post which would have targeted the guns on Spike Island.  Plus, many more items of interest including military transport and smaller arms.   It is much loved by military enthusiasts and anyone with an interest in the War of Independence. It has plenty toilet and rest-rooms facilities. A Café for refreshments.

The return journey will be via Mallow with a stop-over at the Arches Bar & Restaurant where we will enjoy a 3-course meal.   Main Course, Dessert   and   Tea / Coffee.

Total cost Including Coach, Ferry, Guided Tour and Meal  :   €40.    Pints, Wine and Drinks at the table are extra at your own expense.                                              

All names and monies will have to be submitted and paid up-front before Tuesday 14th September 2021 with no cancellations accepted, because the booking will only be finalized with Spike Island when paid in advance.  

Seats are limited and will be on a first come first served basis. The Coach is almost full, with just a few seats left.    This is a final reminder.                      

In accordance with H.S.E guidelines, masks will have to be worn on the coach and on the ferry.                                   

The other date to put in your Diary is October 9th 2021…..our Centenary Commemoration Celebration day, more about that later.                                                                                                         Any further queries contact    (086/8403914)     (087/ 8350255)           (087 / 9832388)                      (097 / 6251056)

We thank Charlie Drake for this wonderfully detailed programme.  (S.R.)

Truly Historic Axe Very Kindly Presented to Millstreet Museum

As we recall the First Anniversary of the late John Kelleher of Mount Leader, Millstreet we remember an historic occasion in the 1960s when John found a perfectly shaped and unused Stone Axe when digging in his garden at Murphy’s Terrace, Millstreet.   On professional investigation by Archaeologists it was believed to have dated between 3500 and 2500 B.C..  We, at Millstreet Museum, are so delighted to accept this truly historic Stone Axe which is being very kindly presented by John’s wife, Margaret and son Jim.   This magnanimous gesture by the Kelleher Family of Mount Leader is greatly appreciated.   Within the next week the very precious historic Stone Axe will go on display at our Museum Centre in Carnegie Hall in memory of the late John Kelleher, gentleman supreme and sportsman par excellence.  Sincere thanks to Margaret and Jim for sharing such a treasure which will be admired for generations to come.  Here we illustrate the Stone Axe plus information from “Seanchas Dúthalla” in the 1970s.  (S.R.)

The Historic Stone Axe found at Murphy’s Terrace, Millstreet by the late John Kelleher in the 1960s. We place a €2 coin near the historic item to illustrate the size of the precious Stone Axe. Tap on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

[read more …] “Truly Historic Axe Very Kindly Presented to Millstreet Museum”

Celebrating the Centenary of The Truce of 1921 on Sunday 11th July 2021

The Truce
We thank the Members of the Clonbanin Ambush Centenary Commemoration Committee for the following feature:  “On Sunday 11th July 2021 at 12.00 mid day the National flag will be raised at full mast at our Clonbanin Ambush Centenary Monument in the Church Car Park at Derrinagree to commemorate the Truce and say a prayer for all the Volunteers that fought in the War of Independence. This is not an official commemoration but just our way of saying thanks to the men and women that have given us what we have today. If there is anyone in the Duhallow and the surrounding areas, be it Cork North, South, East, West, County Kerry or Limerick, that have medals belonging to a family member that took part in the fight for freedom, this is the time to wear them with pride, this is the time to let people know, you remember those family members that sacrificed so much for our freedom, and what better way to do it than to stand proudly, wear and display those medals, that were awarded to those men and women for their bravery, blood, sweat and tears in their sacrifices for that freedom. Sadly not all of those medals survived because in other times when one of the Volunteers died their medals were honorably and proudly pinned on their bodies and buried with them. So there are a lot of people who would dearly love to be in a position to wear the medals of their heroes, but sadly they haven’t got them. So please spare an hour on Sunday 11th of July 2021 to honour and participate in what is the last Centenary Commemoration in this part of the Country. None of us will ever again get the chance.”

Remembering Volunteer Bernard Moynihan on this Day 1921 – 2021

From the Clonbanin Ambush Centenary Commemoration Committee
“Today Wednesday 30th June 2021 is another day the Tricolour is at half-mast, at our Centenary Monument in Derrinagree Church Carpark. To commemorate the sad death of one of our local Heroes, Martyr and Victim of the War of Independence. Today we honour and commemorate the life and death of Volunteer Bernard Moynihan. On Thursday evening, 30 June 1920, in the vengeful aftermath of the IRA ambush at Rathcoole, a party of Auxiliaries ‘fired on two youths who were saving hay on Murphy’s farm at Rathcoole Co Cork and killed Bernard Moynihan who was born in the year 1902 and was dead before the year of 1921 ended at the young age of 19 years. By that time Bernard was already a veteran of the local volunteer activity, and had played his part in the fight for Irish freedom. Bernard Moynihan was ‘the only son of a small farmer’ at Shanakill near Kilcorney.
On the morning of Saturday June 30th 1921 young Bernard Moynihan left his home in Shanakiel to travel a mile down the road to the farm of Con Sylvestor Murphy to give a hand at saving the hay. Bernard would join his two friends Mick and Sylvie sons of Con Sylvie and help out with the task ahead. After a long hot and hard day under the blazing sun saving the hay they went for a well earned tea break, and a short time after Bernard Moynihan lay dead shot by a single bullet to this head. Very different reports from the British side portrayed his death as having occurred as a legitimate response to an attack. It was said that Moynihan had been shot by some Auxiliaries returning from Banteer to Millstreet; the Auxiliaries claimed that a bomb had been thrown at one of their Lorries at Rathcoole Bridge, and that they had returned fire. The Auxiliaries also claimed that they had shot Moynihan only after he had ignored their order to halt. The British declared that it was not practical to hold a military court of inquiry into Moynihan’s death.

[read more …] “Remembering Volunteer Bernard Moynihan on this Day 1921 – 2021”

“Radio Treasures” This Tuesday on CMS from 9.30 to 11.30pm

“Radio Treasures” Weekly Show is on air tonight (Tues., 29th June 2021) on Cork Music Station from 9.30 to 11.30 (Irish Time).   Feel most welcome to contact the Show on corkmusicstation@ gmail.com or on Text/WhatsApp 086 825 0074 or check out the Seán Radley Facebook.  Happy Listening!  (S.R.) 

  1.  On tonight’s Show at 10pm we recall last Sunday’s Commemoration of the Centenary for Michael Dineen on 24th June 1921.   Our highlights of the event are some 25 minutes in duration.
  2. We have our usual Musings and Musical Treats.
  3. We reflect on Jimmy Reidy’s Archival Programmes.
  4. We chat about our new outdoor seating at The Square, Millstreet.
  5. We hear two superb songs and music of the 1950s.
  6. We remember our Faithful Departed.
  7. And we have our Callouts to our many Loyal Listeners.
  8. Our Musical Star of the Week is Josef Locke.   And there’s more … much more!!  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Most Impressive Centenary Commemoration at Ivale on Sunday

A truly impressive Centenary Commemoration remembering Volunteer Michael Dineen was held in Ivale, Kilcorney on Sunday, 27th June 2021.  Here we share some sixty images from the historic event which was superbly organised.   The appreciative attendees were blessed with glorious weather in the wonderfully scenic setting.   Look out for a full illustrated report by John Tarrant in the “Corkman”.  Tap in the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)  Highlights of Sunday’s  Event  may  be heard  on  tonight’s (29th June 2021) “Radio  Treasures”  programme  on  www.corkmusicstation.com  at  10pm.

Dan Joe O’Keeffe of Rathcoole delivering the superb keynote address.

Michael Dineen who officially unveiled the very impressive Monument to his Uncle – Volunteer Michael Dineen.

Monsignor Dan O’Riordan – a relation of Volunteer Michael Dineen – blessed the newly unveiled Monument.
Members of the Dineen Family attending the historic event.
Seán Barry was an excellent MC on the occasion.
Séamus Buckley invited everyone to splendid outdoor refreshments at Aubane Community Centre.
A special song was sung to commemorate the event.

Tommy Murphy and Jerry Lehane in attendance….Tommy and I were in the same Class at Primary School.  (S.R.)

[read more …] “Most Impressive Centenary Commemoration at Ivale on Sunday”

“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information on this Sunday evening’s programme – 30th May 2021 at 7pm on C103.  (S.R.)

Where The Road Takes Me – Sunday May 30th.

This week on ‘Where the road takes me, John Greene brings the three part programme on the sinking of the Lusitania to a conclusion.

In programme three, we outline the remaining years in the lives of the two protagonists, Capt. Bill Turner of the Lusitania and Capt. Walter Schweiger of submarine U-20.

Although Turner managed to clear his name somewhat, his scapegoating by Churchill made it an almost impossible task.

Schweiger, on the other hand suffered the same fate as the 1,197 Lusitania passengers he had sent to a watery grave two years earlier.

For passenger Julia o’Neill from Rosscarbery, tragedy followed her survival in her new home in Kilgarvan Co. Kerry.

And, were the Irish Government aware of the real identity of the German Submarine Captain they invited to Ireland in 1966 to commemorate the 1916 rising? [read more …] ““Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103″

Historic Images with Kilmeedy, Millstreet Connections….Many Identified in the Photos

It’s truly amazing how very quickly we have received excellent information regarding the four photos below from a very kind person who permits us to share the very interesting information.   Sincere thanks to this person for the much appreciated background information to the four pictures.  The following is the information received:

The family is indeed the Owen and Catherine (Horgan) O’Sullivan family in Kilmeedy.  The men in the back left are Horgans also from Kilmeedy.   Catherine is pictured to their right.  The younger men are O’Sullivan/Sullivan and include Jerh and Tady who stayed home on the farm. The young woman in the center is Margaret O’Sullivan Lucey.  (Photo One).

The Wedding was in San Francisco…..not sure if this was the son or daughter of Paddy. (Photo Two)

The man standing alone was Stephen who was a Sheriff’s deputy in San Francisco and died in the line of duty.  (Photo Three)

The well-heeled American Family are the first generation descendants – but am not sure if they are O’Sullivans or Horgans.  (Both families wound up there because of the gold rush initially) (Photo Four).”

Four historic photographs were recently shared in the hope that somebody may be able to identify those appearing on the images.   It is believed that the first one with the large group was taken in Kilmeedy in the 1930s/1940s and is linked to the Sullivan Family.  The other pictures may have been recorded in America.   If you feel that you have any relevant information in regard to the images please email millstreetmuseum @gmail.com.  This would be very much appreciated.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Possibly photographed in America. The image had this writing (below) at the back of the picture.

Photographed c.1910
Likely to have been photographed in California, USA.


True Pictorial Gem from the Past – The Class of 1945

We extend sincere thanks to John Tarrant for very kindly permitting us to share this wonderfully historic photo of the Class of 1945 which John’s late Mum, Nora had not only preserved for decades but has so very carefully written all the names of those in this superb image on the back of the photograph.   This picture also appears in John’s splendid Millstreet Matters feature in this week’s “Corkman” (Thurs. 11th March 2021).   The amazing coincidence we note is that not only is Nora Tarrant (née Buckley)4th from left in 2nd row… featured in the picture but so also is Peggy Kelleher (née O’Connell).6th from left in back row – both of whom went to their Eternal Reward over the past week.  RIP.  There are many others thanks to Nora’s excellent captions whom I recognise in this precious photo of 1945 even though I was not born until 1951.   Renewed thanks to the Tarrant Family for sharing this true pictorial gem.  Tap on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Neil Shares Shopfront Images of the 1980s in Millstreet

We extend sincere thanks to Photographer Supreme Neil O’Connor of USA and West End, Millstreet for sharing two further superb images adding to our recent feature on “Millstreet Shopfronts Down the Years”.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Denis Twomey in the 1980s painting the attractive shopfront in Main Street of the very well known Twomey Family Shop. Denis’s Uncle Séamus is also included in our image.
The many newspapers on sale at Mary Cronin’s Shop on Main Street in the 1980s.

Today is the Exact Centenary of the Clonbanin Ambush

We thank Donal Kelleher for sharing images of the very impressive new Monument situated in the Church Car Park of Derrinagree Church remembering the Clonbanin Ambush of 1921 which on this Friday, 5th March 2021 is the exact Centenary of the historic event.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

New Clonbanin Ambush 1921-2021 Monument at Derrinagree Church Car Park.

[read more …] “Today is the Exact Centenary of the Clonbanin Ambush”

Clan Callaghan….The O Callaghan Family of County Cork…Book Reissued

Clan Callaghan…..The O Callaghan Family of County Cork

Maureen Phibbs from Co. Wicklow (formerly Maureen Hickey of Cullen) is Editor of the renowned “Irish Roots” Magazine and has recently been in touch with us in regard to an important Book which has just been reissued.  Maureen writes:

“The author is Joseph F. O Callaghan, (the “O” is without the apostrophe throughout the book)  now aged about 93 and living in the US. He is professor Emeritus of Medieval History, Fordham University. He first published the book in 2004 after spending many years researching the history of the O Callaghans. The revised and updated edition is now just published. It traces the fate of the O Callaghans from the tenth to the twentieth century including the O Callaghans along the Blackwater valley from Mallow to Clonmeen against the background of local and national history. It has copious notes, 16 genealogical tables of family trees and the bibliography is an excellent research tool for anybody studying local or national history.

His father, William, was born at Dromcummer.

We are featuring the book in the next issue of “Irish Roots” which has just gone to print.  We are publishing which is really the 10th article in the Clan Callaghan book.

Cost of Book in case anyone is interested.
Revised edition 2020. 302 pages. (A4 size) €34 www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com or from other fine booksellers.”


“Worth The Wait – The Drishanebeg Train Ambush” Book Now Available

The outstanding book “Worth the Wait – The Drishanebeg Train Ambush” has been printed locally by Kanturk Printers and is now available to purchase from the following Millstreet shops for just €10. 
  • Wordsworth, The Square.
  • Coleman’s Centra
  • Herlihys  Centra
  • Supervalu.
  • Anglands Filling Station, Dromagh.
  • Guerins Filling Station, Ballydaly.
The Committee would like to thank these businesses for facilitating & supporting the sale of this publication. 

Tap on the image to enlarge. (S.R.)
The Book is an excellent compendium of all available information from numerous sources and historians and includes many new photos that have never been previously published.. On this the 100th anniversary of the Ambush, the Book is a fitting memorial to the bravery of those who took up arms against an Empire and will help ensure that their memory lives on.

The Drishanebeg Ambush Centenary Commemoration Address by Jack Lane

The Drishanebeg Ambush Centenary Commemoration Address

 by  Jack Lane 

 Aubane Historical Society


11th February 2021

I want to thank the Committee for organising this event and inviting me to speak. A good indication of their efficient and professional approach was to ask me to speak here some months ago. That is much appreciated. I also want to thank the Committee for doing this and making such an event as we have today.

I think many of you will agree that this type of event was unimaginable a few years ago. Irish history writing by our academics and commentators went through a very bad period for a number of years.

There was an attempt to give us a bad conscience about the war of independent and these types of commemorations were seen as in bad taste.  The only disagreement I have with the commemorations is that they should be called celebrations but never mind.

There was an attempt to create a narrative of the War of the Independence that was designed to give us bad conscience about the whole thing because it was alleged to be a sectarian episode; that it was war against Protestants. This was incredible to anyone who had any knowledge at all of the people who fought that war or the events of the war. It was an attempt to try to prove that our state was deformed at birth, so to speak.

The location of the Ambush at this cutting, just over 90 years later, Tuesday 8 March 2011, near MP17½, looking towards Millstreet where, on Friday 11 February 1921, the 5:15pm train from Cork to Tralee was ambushed. (Photo: Oliver Doyle)
The train afterwards, 3rd class 6-wheel carriage No. 663 at Tralee Bay platform, blood-stained and with bullet holes, Saturday 12 February 1921. The platform side of the coach with substantial window damage. (Photo: Museum of the Royal Fusiliers, HM Tower of London)

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Today is the Centenary of the Drishanebeg Train Ambush

Pictured at the Drishanebeg Ambush Commemoration Site marking the Centenary on this 11th Feb. 2021 – the Crowley Family – from left: Kevin, David, Margaret and Emmet. We thank Michael Thornton for the photograph. (S.R.)

We thank Michael Thornton for the following wonderfully comprehensive feature regarding the upcoming historic Centenary Event.   And thanks to Michael also for the recent photo of Tom Meaney at the Ambush Commemoration Site by the main Millstreet – Mallow Road near Keale Bridge.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R)


On 11th February 100 years ago, men from Millstreet and the surrounding areas successfully carried out an audacious and meticulously planned operation against British soldiers travelling by train between Mallow and Killarney.  Two volunteers boarded the train at Rathcoole and by holding the train driver and fireman at gunpoint, forced them to stop the train at Drishanebeg, where an ambush had been prepared. After a period of intense gunfire, the British troops who had suffered casualties, surrendered.  Fourteen rifles, 600 rounds of ammunition plus sundry equipment was taken, before the train, with the wounded onboard, continued to Killarney.

The arms captured at Drishanebeg proved to be of immense help to in later engagements at Clonbanin and Rathcoole.

This event was deemed one of the more successful engagements against the Crown Forces for the Millstreet Battalion Volunteers during the War of Independence.

The Drishanebeg Train Ambush Commemoration Project Committee was established to commemorate the events of that historic night at the Glebe Railway Cutting. [read more …] “Today is the Centenary of the Drishanebeg Train Ambush”