The site isn’t about us (the people that administrate the site). It’s your site, for you and we’d like it to be by you. So, if you have a story to tell, some news, info on some upcoming event, or maybe a picture you think should be on the site, then we’d love to post them up.

There are three ways how to do this:

  • Email us at , with whatever you would like published, text, images whatever, but please send instructions too.
  • Send us a message through the Contact Us page (please leave instructions), and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, or
  • If you want to do it directly then you can log into the site through the guest account and send it to us from there. To do this:
    1. Log in. Go to Login details are: username=”guest” and password=”guest”
    2. Go to the page to write a new article, by clicking the “New Post” button on the top, and then you can write & add pictures to your hearts content.
    3. Write you article, using the text boxes given. Due to security restrictions guests cannot upload photos at the moment 🙁
    4. When you are finished, just press the “Submit for Review” button, from where it will be sent for review by us (the administrators) to make sure the material is okay, and then we will publish it onto the site. Please leave an email address and name at the bottom of the article so we can get back to you, and so we can verify who wrote the article, otherwise it will not be published. Your name & email address will not be published unless you state it specifically.

If you you feel you would like to be a regular contributor to, then we can give you your own user and login, and give you more rights on the site.


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9 thoughts on “Contribute”

  1. Best of luck to Millstreet Macra in the National Finals of the Club Question Time tonight in Macroom. Any support would be very welcome, music on the night in the Castle Hotel all welcome.

  2. Great website and good for keeping people in touch with all things Sraid . Just want to say well done and Thanks

    Conor H

  3. Anyone know the Healy family from Milstreet, They were a large family back in the turn of the century Denis Healy and Mary Sweeney. My grandmother was one of their 18 children. If you are connected to this family please email me at <email> Thanks Chris Kennedy

    1. hi Chris,
      there are lots of Healy’s in Millstreet, so you may want to narrow your search if you can.
      i suggest looking at the burial and baptism records for Millstreet Parish (link below), and try to track down your ancestors. See out old post on accessing the parish Baptism, marriage and Burial records from 1950-1903

      you could also check the census details from 1901 & 1909 to get more details of the healys that were in millstreet at the time. We have written previously on how to access those census details online are located at:

  4. Hi – we would love some help organising Christmas lights and events this year. If anyone has some hours to spare between now and Christmas contact myself on 087 901 9001 or Noirin Twomey on 087 2538138.

  5. Merry Christmas to all the Carver household in Gurrane, to the Bradley’s of Knocknagaurrane Cullen. From the Rainsford household (England)

  6. Hi, I’m looking for information on Bat Kelleher,Horsemount,Kilcorney. He left for the US in 1911/1912. He was a champion weight thrower both in Ireland and the US. His brother Matt was prominent in the IRA movement is the area at the time. As was Bat from San Francisco is securing pistols for use in Ireland. His aunt was Catherine Kelleher who also moved to San Francisco along with her husband Denis O Connor and their children. Any information or photos if there are surviving Kellehers would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance, Ciara

  7. Seeking any descendants of Denis Creedon and Ellen Cronin parents of Bart, Denis, John, Johanna, Daniel, Mary and Michael born between 1855 -1865. Bart, Denis and John went to America and Michael to Australia.

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