R.T.A.I. Visits Exquisite Millstreet Country Park Today

The Cork Branch of the Retired Teachers’ Association of Ireland visited Millstreet Country Park today (19th Sept. 2012). They were wonderfully impressed by the sights and sounds experienced from the Park Transporters as well as the delicious meal prepared by the dedicated Staff of “Nibbles in the Park”. The weather was excellent for the very enjoyable visit. (S.R.)

It was so very fortunate that singer supreme, Annmarie O’Riordan just happened to be visiting the Park with her parents, Eileen and Humphrey.   Annmarie totally charmed the visitors with her great rendition of “Bold Thady Quill” during which many of the Retired Teachers joined in.   Many of the visitors intend to return to Millstreet Country Park to further explore the many areas of the exquisite setting.   The “Circus of Fountains” and “Le Mont des Arts” water features truly impressed the visitors who expressed great admiration for the gentleman whose vision it was to create such a magical experience so near Millstreet town and whose birthday it happened to be today.   Happy Birthday, Jerry Sheehan and sincere congratulations on having brought to reality such a true gem of nature in such a magnificent setting.   (S.R.)

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