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Millstreet Town

The town of Millstreet grew up in the 18th century – as its name implies – around the little mill situated on the Station Road and it became the centre of parish life. Several smaller mills were in operation in the parish, in Dooneen, Cloghoula and Drishane.

Gradually the town grew and the population increased.  An ale and porter brewery was established in 1835.
The site was the Tanyard field of meadow.  This continued and flourished until the Famine.  A tannery located in the present Tanyard district gave a lot of employment until the industry went steadily down during the period
of Grattan’s Parliament due to the exporting of live cattle and the growth of the tanning industry in the countries which had formerly been the largest customers for Irish leather.  A brick factory was also in operation at this time
and weaving which survived until 1890.

The town had a very large military barrack in 1810 and the house in the West End owned by Mrs Mahony was once an R.I.C. Barrack.  The first Court-house was in Minor Row.  It was sold to one Thomas Murphy and later bought by Denis Manley who now occupies it.  The Court changed over to the Carnegie Hall which was built in 1910.

Wallis and McCarthy O’Leary refused to allow the Railway to pass through their lands – hence the distance of the railway and the Station from the town.

In Emancipation times Daniel O’Connell held at least one Repeal meeting at a place about a quarter of a mile from the present Railway Station.  The town was well-known to him as he invariably stayed at the excellent inn which the town provided on his journeys by stage-coach from Derrynane to Dublin and London.  The town in his time appears to have derived its chief support from travellers between Cork and Kerry and from the large barracks of infantry.  The Liberator referred to the inn as having  provided him with the warmest bed and the hottest chicken he got anywhere he went. He had a strong link with Millstreet as Mrs McCarthy O’ Leary was his niece.


Sorry, but we have not finished these pages yet. :( Hopefully, we will finish these soon. In the meantime, you can still view the old version of the history if you follow  this link: http://www.millstreet.ie/history/history_index.htm

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  1. Could you tell me where I could find information on our Family that originated from Millstreet in the 1800’s?

    My Great Grand Father’s name was Daniel Jeremiah Burke who left Cork for work in Wales, then Scotland, eventually settling in Belfast.

    I appreciate you are not an ancestry service but it would be interesting to know if there are any links to family still in Cork.

    Many Thanks

    Michael Gerard Burke

  2. Hello;
    Nice column. I would like to find out about my grandfather’s family which left Millstreet about 1873 and moved to North Easton, Massachusetts just outside of Boston. My grandfather was John T. Spillane who was 6 years of age at the time. His family, I think, included the Sheehan family.
    I am really curious about my grandfather’s uncles who moved to Australia.

    Thank you very much,
    Joe Krkowski

  3. Hello, my father’s great grandparents are from Millstreet – Timothy Riordan and Julia (Sullivan) Riordan. They were married March 5, 1867 in Millstreet. Their fathers are both named Daniel. One of their 8 children, Timothy Riordan (my father’s grandfather), emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts when he was 24 years old in 1899. I’m not sure if any of his brothers and sisters came with him. If anyone has any information on the family or any descendants who may still reside in Cork, I’d love to hear from you.

    Thank you,
    Anne Riordan
    (3rd generation in the US)

    1. Anne Riordan, If you ever read this, we my be distant relatives, you just quoted my family tree as my brother has traced it back even further. The Sullivan side was in Littleton, New Hampshire in 1900 from families out of Boston. It would be fun to investigate.
      Michael Sullivan

      1. Hi there…I have been tracing my Murphy lineage from Millstreet. I was told I was connected to the Riordans but not sure yet?

        1. I too have Millstreet relatives. My great great grandmother Johannah Murphy married Redmond Walsh. Does this sound familiar as they had many children??

        2. Hi kristi
          My mum was a riordan and her father was from mill street and having just got my DNA results – apparently are connected to the murph ts

          Maire naughton

          1. Hi Maire
            I to have Riordan’s on Mill Street. Co. Cork.
            Jeremiah Riordan b abt 1806 s/o John Riordan b 1775 and Bridget
            Jeremiah married Honora Barrett b 1810
            I have their children.
            I have been trying to get them back to the 1700’s
            I do have the Riordan’s that immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts and then some of them to North Easton, Ma. My mother in law was a Riordan, her parents were
            Jeremiah F. b 1858 in Easton, Ma and Catherine Downey b 1858 she was born in Ireland.
            I am trying to get this part of my children’s families.
            I have all of my parents done.
            I do know some about the Riordan’s in Easton. My main thing is trying to find the town in Cork where Mill Street was in.

          1. Hi Michael, this is Anne Riordan – I had responded very late to your original response about our distant relation… Wanted to connect with you on email so we can compare family trees. I don’t have much further back than Julia Sullivan and Timothy Riordan. My email is <email>. Hope to hear from you

  4. Hi, my great great Grandmother was born in Millstreet in 1808. This info was taken from the English census of 1841.She married a Sgt Charles Leslie of the 10th Foot regiment (The Lincolnshire Regt). They were married at Fermoy church on the 1st September 1826.I wonder if there are any relations to Ann Murphy who may still reside in Millstreet. Any Information if forthcoming would awesome.
    Chris Leslie Derbyshire.

  5. I recently visited Kilcorney to see my grandfather Bob Saville’s grave died 16th December 1935. This has led me to investigate further my family’s history. Bob baptised Robert lived in Bluepool Kanturk. I have discovered that one of my relatives was shot in 1833 in Dromtarriffe as part of the Tithe Wars but I would be interested in hearing from anyone who might know some more inforamtion about the Saville or Seavils.

    1. Hi Richard,
      I am currently looking for the same information. I will be in contact if I find anything of interest.
      Your great nephew,

  6. I have traced my great-grandfather Thomas Bartholomew Mantle, a butcher, from Millstreet to his death in 1906 in Ashland, KY, US. wonder if there is anyone in Millstreet interested in searching local records for him. I am certainly willing to pay for this service. it would not require a professional genealogist but someone with an interest in and intermediate skills in genealogy. I am also willing to help anyone who has experienced brick walls in following their family in the U.S. my studies have been centered around the state of Kentucky with some experience in NYC and central/southern Ohio genealogy. I live in Florida so I could help there too. and of course, if there is anyone with connections to the Mantle family, let’s get in touch right away!
    thanks you.
    Becky mantle Starks
    Florida, USa

    1. Thomas Mantle and Joseph Mantle (presumably another member of his family) are both listed as “Butcher, Main Street” in SLATER’S 1846 DIRECTORY for Millstreet.

      The full list of “SLATER’S 1846 DIRECTORY” and the “Tithe Applotment books from 1831” for Millstreet Town are available in plain text at:


      I wonder is “SLATER’S 1846 DIRECTORY” available &^ searchable online somewhere?

  7. Thank you so much, Michael and Kevin. Also to Mary Hackett who has responded. I recently lost eleven years of research so must begin anew. Fortunately, i have some backup online and on paper. Your assistance means the world to me.
    There is no way I can express how grateful I am for your responses. The generosity, sharing your time and your skills,
    overwhelms me. If you have need of research in the U.S., let me know so I can return the favor.
    To all, any tidbit of information would be appreciated. Thanks again.
    Becky Mantle Starks
    Fl USA

  8. My great great grand father was William Murphy married Mary Daly immigrated from Ireland 1892 I found all their children were born and baptized in Ireland my great grand father was John Murphy shows his record of Baptism show 02 August 1866 ROMAN CATHOLIC,MILLSTREET AND CULLEN,CORK,IRELAND can anyone help me with further info on William or Mary they had 10 children and i found all of their birth & baptismal info I appreciate anytime given t
    o this thanks in advance

  9. I live in new York yonkers I have eye problem to day if nowone has helped getback to me I am connect to the murphy I have done resceared ispent most of my timr between and ny difficultto follow murphys

  10. I am trying to find information about Virginia Crowley. She married Dennis Nolan. They immigrated to Hoosick Falls, New York, which is near Albany. I believe she was born around 1830. Thanks! And I also believe she may have been from Millstreet.

  11. Hello! So pleased to come upon this website. After many years of research I was finally able to find the birthplace of Millstreet of my Great Grandfather Matthew Riordan around 1894. His father was John and I believe his mother was Noraha Connors. He emigrated to Massachusetts in 1912 but later disappeared so we don’t have much information on our family history. If anyone could help me or point me in the right direction for places to call in Millstreet or even other websites I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    1. hi Allison,
      there’s not really much to go on because there’s no record of Matthew Riordan (or Reardon) in the baptism records, and no mention either in the 1901 or 1911 census 🙁

      There is a Matthew Riodan of Gurteenafinnoge which is close to Millstreet, but he was born in 1995/1996 with parents Matthew & Mary

      Baptism Records: http://www.millstreet.ie/blog/2010/01/05/baptism-marriage-and-burial-records

      1901: http://www.millstreet.ie/blog/2010/06/23/1901-census-online
      1911: http://www.millstreet.ie/blog/2009/09/04/1911-census

    2. Hi Allison,

      I think I have found your Matthew.
      Here he is in 1901
      http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Cork/Coomlogane/Shannaknock/1151147/ 2nd youngest of 8 children. (other child Elizabeth is with her Connor Grandparents in House no 7)
      Now in 1911 only 3 children remain in the family home and I have not yet found where the rest of family have gone, but I’m sure people in Shanaknock will know. Here is the family in 1911 http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Cork/Coomlogane/Shanaknock/436893/
      He was born on 8th August 1896.
      I think maybe he is in Brockton in 1920? Did he marry a Nellie Conlon? 4 children, John Ellen (or Elenora) Lena & Francis.
      Do get back to me if this info is correct. Millstreet will give you my email. <email>

      1. apologies Allison, on not finding Mathew. it’s the first time i’ve seen mathew written with one ‘t’. thanks to Mary for finding it.

        a very small detail but he was born on Aug 7th, and not Aug 8th as listed by Mary. he was baptised on the 8th (details below)

        follow this link to see a map of Shanaknuck (1910 approx)

        … and well there’s still a Mattie O’Riordan living in Shanaknuck.
        Baptism of MATHIAS (MATHEW) RIORDAN of SHANAKNUCK on 8 August 1896

        Date of Birth 7 August 1896
        Address SHANAKNUCK
        Father JOANNI (JOHN) NR
        Mother HONORA O CONNOR
        Further details in the record
        Father Occupation NR
        Sponsor 1 DIONYSIO (DENIS) RIORDAN
        Sponsor 2 ELLENA (ELLEN) CONNOR
        Priest C O’SULLIVAN
        About the record
        Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier
        Millstreet 5 156 N/R KY-RC-BA-402997


        1. Thank you Mary and Michael for your help!! I am checking out the links right now. Mary, yes he emmigrated to Brockton,Ma; that is where a majority of the Riordans reside now. My Grandfather was Francis Sylvester Riordan, his Mother was Nellie (Ellen) Conlon. i will email you when I get on my computer later. Thank you for the help.

          1. Great Allison, I have since found John and Michael went too and both married Holland girls, I think maybe sisters. Maybe other family members went too.

          2. There were quite a few families in North Easton, Ma back in 1850/56
            I have been looking for John Riordan b 1832 in Ireland pos Cork
            He was the s/o Jeremiah Riordan b 1783 Ireland married Honora Barrett in Ireland. she b abt 1800 in Ireland

            There were 2 John Riordan’s that immigrated to Boston one in 1850 who was 17 b 1833 on the ship Grampian
            and #2 b 1832 age 24 on the ship Tirrell
            I do know that one of them was buried in North Easton.
            He married Margaret Carroll in 1856 Boston, Ma d/o Dennis Carroll she was b 1837 in Ireland and d July 26, 1904 in No. Easton they had Jeremiah F 1858 m. Catherine Downey b 1858,she of the Brockton Downey’s.
            Dennis b 1850 m Julia F. McAvoy
            Timothy b 1861John b 1864 d 1897
            Margaret b 1868 d 30 Jan 1875 age 7
            Patrick b 1872
            Cornelius b 1874
            I do know that there was big house in No. Easton where 3-4 families of Riordan’s lived after they arrived from Ireland.
            My mother in law was Margaret Riordan b abt 1899 No Easton d 1959 in Easton Furnace, Ma she married Chester W Smith and they lived on Foundry St. in Easton Furnace. I married their son Edward b 1928, d May 2009.
            If you are related to these Riordan’s I sure would love to hear from.

          3. Hi Dot,

            We have many similar names…in fact…I believe Cornelius that you listed was my grandfather’s uncle who he was named for, he then named my uncle (passed in Vietnam) Cornelius and I just named my son Cornelius on 6/4/2015….please e-mail me if you don’t mind?


            I’d love to talk more. In the subject of the e-mail please put “Millstreet”


  12. I am looking for my gg/grandmother Mary Leader from Millstreet. born about 1810 she married Philip Connell from Ballydesmond they had 3 boys that I know of. Daniel Fredrick my g/grandfather born about 1840. Irene

    1. Hi Irene,
      Here is the only information available on the Irish website. Hopefully somebody from the local area may be able to add to this information. It does not have any details on a Fredrick – but he may have been born before 1833.

      Philip Connell, b. 1800’s? in Urihilbeg? . He married Mary Leader, 1830’S?, b. 1810? in Millstreet
      i. Margaret Connell, b. Aug 1833 in Urihilbeg, baptised, bap Aug Godparents: Daniel, Ellen Connell (Maybe his parents?).
      ii. John Connell, b. Jan 183/ in Urihilbeg, baptised 1 Jan, Godparents: Timothy Danihy, Mgt Singleton.
      iii. Daniel Connell, b. Jul 1831 in Urhillimore, baptised 6 Jul, Godparent William Walsh, Johanna …
      iv. Timothy Connell, b. Jan 1863 in Glenalocha, baptised 28 Jan, Godparents: Julia Buckley.
      Did they emigrate or remain in the same area? The godparents information might help some other people to connect to this family

  13. Thank you Mary, Daniel is my g/grandfather and he came to Australia about 1860 and married Mary Brown in Bathurst N.S.W and he died 1915. I have no information on the others but hope someone from Millstreet can help out. I will be in Ireland in June and hope to get to Millstreet and Ballydesmond to see where they all came from. Irene

  14. Hi there could anyone tell me if there is someplace in Millstreet and Ballydesmond to do family research I hope to be able to do when I am there in June. Irene

  15. Hi

    I am looking for some info on my grand dad Ned Twohig, he lived in Annaglor in Millstreet. I would love to find some reading material on him . Hoping you can point me in the right direction



  16. I have Riordan’s from North Easton, Ma. a lot of them came from Co. Cork and arrived in Boston ca 1850 John Riordan was b 1832 Co. Cork d 1876 in No. Easton, Ma m Margaret Carroll in 1856 in Boston, Ma. When I lived in Easton Furnace there were families living in No. Easton along Lincoln St and the street to the Immaculate Cemetery where some of them are buried. My husband’s mother was Margaret Alice Riordan b 1899 in No. Easton to Jeremiah F. Riordan b 1858 in No. Easton and Catherine Downey b 1858 in Ireland. She was the d/o Mayor Downey in Brockton, Ma.
    There were tenement houses in No Easton and many of the No. Easton, Riordan’s shared apartments. At one time there were at least 5 to 7 families of Riordan’s living in No. Easton, then to Brockton, Taunton and even Canton, where I am from.
    I have John Riordan s/o Jeremiah b 1800 and Honora Barrett in Ireland, s/o Jeremiah and Margaret Lyon. I have a copy of the baptism for him and it was recorded Parochial Area St. Peter and Paul’s Cork

  17. Hi

    My grandfather was born in Millstreet, Cork on the 4th July 1880. His name was Jeremiah. I am from Belfast were he eventually settled. I happen to be in Cork today/tomorrow and would be grateful if you have any useful suggestions to obtain more information.

    Kind regards

    Michael Burke

    1. hi michael,
      Jeremiah’s birth is no not in the millstreet parish registers, but there was a Burke family in the parish that could be the family (details below).

      Baptism, Marriage and Burial results for burke from 1870 to 1890
      Area – KERRY (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET:

      on 1 February 1872
      Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
      Area – KERRY (RC)

      on 28 October 1872
      Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
      Area – KERRY (RC)

      on 7 January 1874
      Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
      Area – KERRY (RC)

      on 1 April 1877
      Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
      Area – KERRY (RC)

      on 4 July 1875
      Parish/Church/Congregation – MILLSTREET
      Area – KERRY (RC)



      there is a Burke family in Millstreet now, but i don’t know if they are related.


      in the 1901 Census it appears the mother and father are living at Lissaniska (near Duarigle Bridge, off the road from Millstreet to Cullen), and their son James is working nearby.

      … and in the 1911 census, James has returned home with wife and four children:

      hope that’s a help

  18. Hi, just found this site after starting my search for my great,great grandad, Timothy Riordan. He was born somewhere in Ireland in 1837, he married Eliza who came from Dublin born 1845. They emigrated to Bolton, Lancashire, England were they had 5 children Jeramiah b 1862, Mary Ann b 1869, Emily b1871, James Henry b1872 (my great grandad) and Margaret b1873. I found them on the 1881 census in Bolton, but Iam not sure what year they arrived. Later they changed the spelling to Rearden for some reason. I would really like to know whereabouts Timothy came from, and of course who his mum and dad were, but I seem to have come to a dead end. I would be very greatful if anyone had an idea where I should be looking.

  19. My ggg grandfather was Timothy (Thaddeus) Harty. He had a brother Patrick Harty, they both surfaced about 1830ish in Kilshannig parish in Duhollow barony. Patrick married Catherine Callaghan in Dromtarrif. I feel their father was Patrick Dennis. maybe. They are on the Griffith’s valuation. They are in that area around the Tithe. So I am trying to place the Hartys before the Griffith’s Valuation and baptisms and marriages. I have Thomas Harty in 1831 Tithe in Drishanemore, Drishane, Co. Cork, John Harty 1831 Liscahane, Drishane, Co. Cork. In the Drishane Cemetery is a headstone from John Harty of Millstreet for his wife Catherine b 1786 d 1839, and also his father Maurice b. 1751 d 1830 and mother Catherine they were b 1751 d 1827.

    In looking at the History of Millstreet,the address for the Thomas Harty Drishanemore, Drishane, 1831, comes up in Drishane Castle. At the time owned by the Wallis family. Can anyone help me? I am trying to bridge them to my bunch just down the lane :-). My Timothy married Ellen Corbett. I don’t know the maiden names of the Catherine that is the wife of John or the mother of John Harty, and I don’t know what happened to John Harty. I appreciate any help. Thank you!


  20. I’m looking for information regarding my fathers uncle William Sheehan of Millstreet & the county park. Williams son Tim of Cork passed years ago. I’d love to reach out to his family.

  21. I am trying to find out more information about my 3x great grandfather Timothy Doody. Five of his children emigrated to Deptford in the UK. They were
    Mary born approx 1821. Married to Cornelius Desmond in Ireland prior to 1845 when their eldest child Ellen was born in Ireland. They had two more children in Ireland. Pat born in 1846 and Cornelius born in 1849
    John born approx 1823
    Ellen born approx 1827
    Catherine born approx 1829
    Honora born approx 1832
    According to later UK census information they were born in Millstreet, Cork.
    They appear in the UK census in 1851 in Deptford so migrated at some point between 1849 and 1851.
    Timothy Doody had certainly died by 1854 when he is described as ‘deceased’ on his daughter Catherine’s marriage certificate, but I suspect that he may well have died several years before that.
    The only record I can find for a Timothy Doody in Millstreet/Drishane is one listed in the 1831 Tithe Defaulters’ List. He is described as a farmer in Adrivale. However I imagine there must have been more than one Timothy Doody in the area. As far as I can see there are no Timothy Doodys in Griffiths Valuation, Tithe Applotment Books etc
    Any information or pointers on where to search would be very gratefully received.

  22. Hi I’m hoping someone maybe able to help me in researching my family tree. I have just been sent a document today of my grandfathers christening he was born the 27th February 1910 in millstreet Cork. His name was Timothy Murphy and his fathers name was also Timothy his mothers name is Julia but her surname is hard to read it looks like Kiely but not really 100%. Any help would be appreciated.

  23. Hi Jenny,
    On checking the civil register on irishgenealogy.ie, your grandfather is registered as born on 1st March 1910. His father was Timothy Murphy, a farmer from Ballydaly…a couple of miles west of Millstreet, and his mother was Julia Kiely. I found marriage certificate for Timothy and Julia on 4th July 1901. He was a widower, son of John Murphy (deceased) and she was daughter of Denis Kiely (deceased).

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      Are you on Ancestry. If so I am dna connected to you.

      Elizabeth Richardson nee Kelleher (on the site)

  24. Thank you so much I believe I may still have lots of family living in millstreet so lots more researching of the town and people living there.

  25. I am researching my Irish family tree on my mother’s side. I know that my grandfather Cornelius Horgan was born in Millstreet (at the foot of Claramore- or so I was told!! ).He was born in 1890 His parents were John Horgan and Nora Scully. I haven’t been able to go further back than that!! My grandfather emigrated to S. Wales in the early 1900’s as a young man. I visited Millstreet in 2003 and found a Horgan (Jeremiah) but couldn’t go any further. I was told that most Horgans had emigrated to the UK or America!! Can you help find ancestors further back in history?? I live in Australia so do not get back to the UK very often. Thanks

  26. I am researching the Moynihan family. Daniel Moynihan married Mary Denahy in 1870 in Millstreet and they emigrated in 1875. I plan to visit Millstreet this month while in Killarney. Any hints on where to research would be appreciated. There seem to be loads of Moynihans in the area!

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