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  1. Greetings from Redding California. I had the pleasure of being in Millstreet on St. Patrick’s Day 2010. My wife and I met Sean Radley and his hospitality was fabulous. Regrets we won’t be able to be there this year, but in advance, ad Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.

    Rick and Beth Healy

  2. Hello Rick And Beth thank,s for your Greetings i was born in Millstreet all my family went away to find work same old story they went to South Africa and oz also usa we have had a very poor summer. Sean Radley keeps the name of Millstreet going hope you make Ireland again Keep going Stay Strong All the best john

  3. My people are from Millstreet. My Great Great Grandparents Patrick and Johanna Sullivan O’Leary lived in Millstreet. I enjoy your website. It helps keep me connected to my Irish roots.

    I hope to visit Ireland sometime during the next couple of years.

    Patrick O’Leary
    Louisville, KY

  4. My mother was born in Park, Knocknagree in 1909. She attended secondary school at Presentation Convent in Millstreet before emigrating in 1926, and marrying my father from Ballyduff, Co. Kerry. They lived in the Bronx where I was born their entire married life. We traveled by boat and stayed the whole summer of 1949 in Ireland. It was a very dry summer, and we had a great time. I think I remember every day of it even now.

    I, too, enjoy your website. I feel a link with the people I read about.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Wow,
      My mothers family are the Hickeys, and were originally from the Cullen / Millstreet area.
      Lived for many years in Brooklyn, their parish was the Immaculate Heart of Mary @ 2805 Fort Hamilton Parkway.

      Yours truly,
      Frank J. Herrick
      Kansas City, MO.

  5. My grandfather’s name was Jeremiah Breen and he was station master at Rathcoole railway station. Does anyone remember him?

    1. Judith: I remember Jer Breen. He had a daughter named Carmel who was a few years older than me. Every Sunday she came up to Sean Buckley’s in Kilcorney where Sean had a step-dancing school. It is unlikely that she would remember me but she might remember Eileen O’Riordan and Margaret Dennehy who were our championship dancers.

      1. Hi Margaret, by pure chance I came across this thread while researching Millstreet for my mother in law. My husband is Carmel’s son – the same lady you referred to in your reply to Judith! Carmel is alive and well living in Cork. I’m sure she would love to hear from you.
        Kind regards Jacqui Healy.

  6. Hi I love your website I was born near cullen in 1941 & went to school in millstreet in 1954 at garret hickey secondary school Emigrated to U.S in 1960

  7. After much research, I’ve found a shipment record for Margaret Murphy, age 26, and her daughter, Barbara, age 11 months (my mother), who sailed on the Doric from Liverpool on June 27, 1930 and arrived in Montreal, Canada on July 6. Margaret gave her mother’s name as Mrs. Catherine O’Riordan and stated she was from Ballydaly, Millstreet, Co. Cork.
    Interestingly, my mother’s birth certificate has her name as Barbara Logan, born at St. Finnbarr’s in Cork in 1929, and her mother’s as Margaret Logan.
    After they left St. Finnbarr’s end June, 1929, they went not far away to the Bessborough Home for Mother & Baby where they remained until June 19, 1930 when Margaret’s sister (no name given) came to take them. My grandmother made reference to a father, an Irish American named Gerald Richard Murphy, so it is possible, but I think unlikely, that Gerald and Margaret married after June 19, 1930, just 8 days before my grandmother and mother travelled under the name of Murphy WITHOUT Gerald. My grandmother paid for her passage and my mother’s, according to the shipment record.
    Margaret listed herself as a housewife on the Doric passenger list departing Liverpool and, per the Canada Government Return chronicling arrivals in Canada, as a domestic upon her arrival in Montreal (presumably having worked as such while at Bessborough). Her intended purpose was to work in Montreal as a domestic for Mrs. Jane Ryan (widow of Patrick Ryan) who ran Ryan’s Hotel on Windsor street in downtown Montreal, near the Windsor train station.
    My mother was adopted by a Canadian family in Montreal in March, 1931 because Margaret was unable to care for her daughter. Initially, Margaret put my mother temporarily in an orphanage in Montreal, Jan, 1931. However, for reasons unknown to us, Margaret was unable to return for her daughter despite the extraordinary efforts she’d made to care for my mother since her birth in Ireland in 1929.
    We don’t know where Margaret went thereafter – whether she remained in Canada, returned to Ireland, although latter route seems unlikely, or perhaps passed away due to illness. The Quebec adoption laws are the most draconian in the world and they will not reveal anything about Barbara’s real mother until the laws change, hopefully in my mother’s lifetime but time is running out.
    After searching the 1911 census I’ve found there is a Margaret Riordan who lived at house 5 in Ballyvouskill (Coomlogane, Cork) with parents named Daniel Riordan, age 33, diary man, and mother Julia; sister Catharine, age 4; and brothers Cornelius, 6; Michael, 2. From the map, the area of Coomlogane is not far from Ballydaly in Millstreet, and Ballyvouskill is just a little south of Millstreet proper.
    I was unable to find any shipment record for Margaret and Barbara Logan from Ireland/UK to Canada; the only fitting description and time period is the one for Margaret and Barbara Murphy which is plausible in light of the purported father. As Logan from my mother’s birth certificate has not turned up any significant historical info on my grandmother (could Logan be a derivative from the electoral district Coomlogane?), I’m hoping that info on the shipment records is more accurate re: nearest relative Catherine O’Riordan of Ballydaly, Millstreet, and will bring a successful result in the search for our family’s maternal roots in Ireland. I look forward to helpful comments and/or suggestions as to how I may succeed in doing so. Our mother’s 85th birthday is next month and she would be overjoyed, as would her children, to celebrate the event in Montreal with news regarding the family’s Irish heritage.

  8. It was such a pleasure to find Millstreet on my iPad! I spent two days there in 2001 ; the first day with a group of ladies
    on a business trip with our husbands and the second day with all the husbands because I preferred the park to a day of
    shopping! Of course this was a meeting of “motor shop” owners from around the world. Jerry Sheehan then took a third day
    and gave my husband and me a personal tour of the park. He was such a delightful host and and we loved every moment
    of his limitless hospitality. He was Ireland’s welcome center!
    Obviously, he has sold the park and it has continued to grow. Jerry’s vision was astounding as he gave this park to the
    people of Ireland . His knowledge of native plants and history was boundless and this American surely enjoyed every word
    of wisdom from him.
    Millstreet is apparently in very good hands and is flourishing for the people of Ireland and the world! What a lovely gift
    was given when Mr. Sheehan decided to build the park. I will continue to enjoy it . Judy Darby

  9. Born in Crosshaven and went to Rochestown College from 1949 to 1952. I remember some lads from Millstreet there but as old age creeps in, I can’t remember their names. If any of you guys pick this up, please drop a line.
    I’m very much involved with the Cork club here bin the Boston area being President for four years and currently Vice-President. OUr President is a lovely lady from Leap. Her name is Mary Tannian. Her maiden name was McCarthy. Would be delighted to hear from anyone.

  10. Related to descendents of Jeremiah & Ellen (Buckley) Long thru daughter Hannah Callahan.
    (her siblings: Jim, Jerh, Jack, Denny, Dan, Nellie, Julia, Kate, Brigie, Julia).

    Anyone know Jeremiah & Ellen parents names?

  11. Jerry Calahan,
    I have a relation who is researching the other side of her family. So far she has traced them to Jeremiah Long and Ellen Buckley.
    She is visiting Ireland later this year and is looking to trace some living relatives of the Long family. Do you know if any of that family still live in Cork?

  12. John O’Callahan is my wife’s Great Great Grandfather. He was born in 1828 in Millstreet County Cork and died on February 11, 1882 in Albany New York, USA. He had a son, John Henry Callahan, born May 29, 1850 in Albany New York USA. We are looking for any information or data sources for our family heritage. Information can be sent to the above email.
    Thank you for any information that you can provide.
    Very truly yours,
    Thomas King <email>

  13. Guys the dr. Cornelius o leary you both talk about are the same person, he was imprisoned with my great granfather in wales…. he was origonally from ardrivale but then settled eventually in spiddle. He also studied in dublin.

  14. My great great grandparents, Jeremiah and Ellen Buckley Long raised their family in Millstreet. Apparently, we’re related to Murphy’s from Banteer, Colman’s in Millstreet, and Buckley’s from Killarney. Colman’s opened car dealerships (Ford and Toyota) and there was one relative who raced in Monte Carlo. The Buckley’s ran the Arbutus Hotel. The Murphy’s had a blacksmith shop until the 1960’s.

    I’m trying to locate relatives still living in the area. Can any of you help me?

    Alice Burke, (Massachusetts and Fl. USA)

  15. Hello from Florida, USA. Will be in Cork in August. Are there fun events happening in Millstreet during August?

    Alice Kontos
    Ocala Florida

  16. I’m descended from a Millstreet resident Philip Denahy or Dennehy 1807-1879. He is my Great-great grandfather and married Mary Collins in Glenflesk in the Catholic Church in 1836. I can’t find out his parents’ names. I think his father was probably an agricultural labourer. He and his wife emigrated to Tasmania, Australia in 1837 on the Bussorah Merchant from Cobh. Philip became a very successful pioneer farmer, and Mary bore him 13 children. I am descended from his second son Cornelius. I wrote several years ago, without success. I wonder if there are any fresh leads now? Hoping someone in Millstreet can help, please, as I am getting on in years.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I to am trying to find the parents of Philip Denhey/ Denehey and Mary Collins. Did you have any luck? Cheers Tracy

  17. Kia ora from New Plymouth New Zealand. Thanks to all who responded to my request about linking up with O’Shea families in Co. Cork. We have established very successful connections so that more can be added to the genealogy and in preparation for my travelling with my husband to UK/Ireland in 2017. Congratulations on your historic win against the NZ All Blacks in Chicago last weekend! We look forward to the next rugby encounter in Dublin next weekend 😉

  18. Hello My family also came from Millstret in the 1800’s. There names were Daniel and Nora Callahan. I have always wondered if I still have family there.

    God’s Speed to all,

  19. Hi Sean, Could you please put on that I, Mary Buckley, Rathcoole, Mallow, Co. Cork will be holding a Tea/Coffee Day again this year on the 1st May (Monday) from 10 am until 6 p.m in my home. The proceeds of the day will go to the Mercy Hospital Foundation. Kettle on the boil all day long and plenty of home-baking. All Welcome. Hope to see ye all there.

  20. our readers may be interested in a new book on the Irish war of Independence called “Murder by the throat” it covers espionage assassination and execution 1920-21 It names 80 of the Secret service operating in Ireland and covers spying and informing county by county naming 700 alleged enemy agents at the Truce.

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