Recalling the 100th Anniversary of Carnegie Hall Attack on 4th Jan. 1923

We thank John P.Kelleher for reminding us of this important Anniversary which occurs on Wednesday, 4th Jan. 2023.  A full and excellent comprehensive account (superbly researched by Michael Cashman in 2017) of this milestone event in the history of Millstreet may be viewed here:

Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall in 1912.
Today (one year ago) – 4th Jan. 2022 – marked the 99th Anniversary of the attack on Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall. We thank John P. Kelleher for alerting us to this historic occasion….This is the image we featured last year on the 99th Anniversary.
We thank Margaret Bourke for sharing this truly brilliant image of Christmas at the Carnegie Hall by night.   This splendid image features on the cover of Millstreet Calendar 2023.
Colourful Carnegie Hall Millstreet at night celebrating PRIDE.
Mícheál Martin recording an interview at Carnegie Hall when he visited some years ago.
It was Noel Buckley and Deputy Áine Collins (pictured here with An Taoiseach and yours truly) who were so hugely instrumental in acquiring access to our newly restored setting in Carnegie Hall over some four years. Taoiseach Enda Kenny commended both for such dedication and he also recorded an uplifting message of great hope for the future of Millstreet Museum.   A special memory from some years ago in the Carnegie Hall.
A selfie to truly treasure! Taoiseach Enda was delighted to meet with four young Millstreet people who just happened to be close to the Carnegie Hall as the Taoiseach left before setting out on the long journey to Dublin….some years ago.
To mark the centenary of Carnegie Hall, Millstreet – Cork Co. Council arranged some years ago to put a very impressive in place outside the Hall. Research and translation was superbly coordinated by Denis O’Shea of the Millstreet Branch of C.C.C.. Click on the images to enlarge.
Yannick Perrot unveils the special plaque at Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall on Friday, 24th September 2010 marking the 25th anniversary of the Twinning between Pommerit-le-Vicomte in Birttany and Millstreet. Also included is Anne Keane (Chairperson, Millstreet Twinning Association and Tierrey of Brittany who acted as Interpreter. (S.R.)


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