True Pictorial Gem from the Past – The Class of 1945

We extend sincere thanks to John Tarrant for very kindly permitting us to share this wonderfully historic photo of the Class of 1945 which John’s late Mum, Nora had not only preserved for decades but has so very carefully written all the names of those in this superb image on the back of the photograph.   This picture also appears in John’s splendid Millstreet Matters feature in this week’s “Corkman” (Thurs. 11th March 2021).   The amazing coincidence we note is that not only is Nora Tarrant (née Buckley)4th from left in 2nd row… featured in the picture but so also is Peggy Kelleher (née O’Connell).6th from left in back row – both of whom went to their Eternal Reward over the past week.  RIP.  There are many others thanks to Nora’s excellent captions whom I recognise in this precious photo of 1945 even though I was not born until 1951.   Renewed thanks to the Tarrant Family for sharing this true pictorial gem.  Tap on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)

3 thoughts on “True Pictorial Gem from the Past – The Class of 1945”

  1. One of the Students in the 1945 photograph is Mary Kelleher. Apparently there were four people of that name in Millstreet around that era. We’ve been asked to enquire if anyone can identify which Mary Kelleher is pictured in this wonderfully historic picture. Mary is second from left in third row.

    1. Delighted that the four Mary Kellehers of that era have been so very clearly identified by Nora Kelleher of Minor Row. And Barry who was enquiring if that was a school picture of his late mother (Mary Manley née Kelleher) in the 1945 image can now feel assured that it is a Secondary School picture of his mother. We thank Nora Kelleher for having so very kindly helped in our research.

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