Clan Callaghan….The O Callaghan Family of County Cork…Book Reissued

Clan Callaghan…..The O Callaghan Family of County Cork

Maureen Phibbs from Co. Wicklow (formerly Maureen Hickey of Cullen) is Editor of the renowned “Irish Roots” Magazine and has recently been in touch with us in regard to an important Book which has just been reissued.  Maureen writes:

“The author is Joseph F. O Callaghan, (the “O” is without the apostrophe throughout the book)  now aged about 93 and living in the US. He is professor Emeritus of Medieval History, Fordham University. He first published the book in 2004 after spending many years researching the history of the O Callaghans. The revised and updated edition is now just published. It traces the fate of the O Callaghans from the tenth to the twentieth century including the O Callaghans along the Blackwater valley from Mallow to Clonmeen against the background of local and national history. It has copious notes, 16 genealogical tables of family trees and the bibliography is an excellent research tool for anybody studying local or national history.

His father, William, was born at Dromcummer.

We are featuring the book in the next issue of “Irish Roots” which has just gone to print.  We are publishing which is really the 10th article in the Clan Callaghan book.

Cost of Book in case anyone is interested.
Revised edition 2020. 302 pages. (A4 size) €34 or or from other fine booksellers.”


3 thoughts on “Clan Callaghan….The O Callaghan Family of County Cork…Book Reissued”

  1. My Name is Michael Murray.My Grand father was Jack Callahan from County Cork were he grew up.He later came to the States and was a cook on a ship in ww1.My sister passed away in December and she told me a Relative of ours was righting a book about the family.I am watching a Chef on t.v and his name is Callahan and he says he is also righting a book.I also see that there is several books being writing.I was wondering what book it was?I don’t think it matters because we are all related some how.I guess I will start reading one and work my way through them.Thank You for all your hard work and effort.I find this very Exciting.

    1. Hi Michael,
      just read your review. Do you have any idea where your Jack Callahan or the Murrays came from ? My grandmother was an Elizabeth Murray married to John Callaghan. There is probably no connection to your people but then you never know.
      Patrick O’Callaghan

  2. My name is Chuck Gibbs. I am the only descendent of John Dineen of Millstreet, County Cork. My Grandfather had three daughters and only my mother gave birth and then only once. I would love to close the “loop” of my ancestral birth.

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