Neil Shares Shopfront Images of the 1980s in Millstreet

We extend sincere thanks to Photographer Supreme Neil O’Connor of USA and West End, Millstreet for sharing two further superb images adding to our recent feature on “Millstreet Shopfronts Down the Years”.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Denis Twomey in the 1980s painting the attractive shopfront in Main Street of the very well known Twomey Family Shop. Denis’s Uncle Séamus is also included in our image.
The many newspapers on sale at Mary Cronin’s Shop on Main Street in the 1980s.

4 thoughts on “Neil Shares Shopfront Images of the 1980s in Millstreet”

  1. No health and safety then. No one holding the ladder. We would be locked up today for that. I’d swear I passed that day. Great photo great memory to have

  2. This brings back memories of my younger days. In the 1950s I used to visit there every morning to see my grandmother , aunt Hannah and uncles Johnny and Seamus.

    1. Pat…What a wonderful memory. I can especially recall in the early 1960s the delicious aroma of steak and onions coming from the very welcoming Twomey’s Shop and Restaurant as I daily cycled home for lunch from school at 12.30pm….I used to dream that this would be on my plate also when I arrived home!!

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