Magnificent “Tranquility Garden” Developed at the Boeing by the River Blackwater

A truly magnificent “Tranquility Garden” has been very creatively developed at the Boeing by the River Blackwater in the Dooneen/Dromsicane area.   Remarkable work has been carried out over the past several weeks by four supremely dedicated Volunteers assisted by willing helpers also.   Sincere congratulations to Mary and Ted Collins, Dooneen and to Francis and Frank O’Riordan, Dromsicane on completing such an inspiring Haven of Peacea  very beautiful Tranquility Garden – in memory of the late Eileen O’Riordan with the dedicated seat and tree in view of her always welcoming family home where she shared such great happiness, generosity and kindest to one and all.  Here we share a selection of images – many of which have been very kindly shared by Mary Collins – showing its gradual development over recent weeks.  Large amount of Visitors have been calling to view the development especially during this splendid weather.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

The original setting at the Boeing in advance of any of the recent developments.
The recent development almost completed.

Mary & Ted Collins dedicated enormous time and expertise at the highly praiseworthy Project.
Frank and Francis O’Riordan planting the very special Memory Tree in memory of Eileen. Both the O’Riordan Family and the Collins Family have worked tirelessly to bring the glorious Project to reality which will have such fruitful benefits for all now and always.

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Fruitful Nature and Exciting Sport at Cloghoula N.S.

Having grown potatoes, carrots, parsnips, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, lettuce, mangetout, brussel sprouts and strawberries the pupils of Cloghoula National School are now harvesting the fruits of their labours.   Tap on the 18 images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Back to school fun enjoying new sports equipment at Cloghoula N.S.. We wish the Pupils and Staff a very Happy School Year.

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“Lunchtime Favourites” on CMS 13th June 2021 – 12.30 to 2.00pm

We invite you to submit your Requests for our weekly Music Request Show “Lunchtime Favourites” (Sunday, 13th June 2021) on Cork Music Station which is broadcast today from 12:30pm until 2.00pm.   This is our 24th Lunchtime programme of 2021 where our songs and music are full of variety.    All our usual features on today’s Show….But today we very especially focus on favourite songs to reflect the wonderful weather of Summer with songs of the 1950s and 1960s…And our special guest singer is Dean Martin with some truly excellent songs.    And we also include songs by Davy Ryan plus music by the Shandrum Céilí Band and the Clare Céilí Band and a host of wonderful Local Singers including  Jim Lyons, Breeda Tarrant, Film Music and more.   And we feature some wonderful Classical Favourites.   Just email your requests anytime either to corkmusicstation OR to millstreetmuseum or text/WhatsApp to 086 825 0074.   Or check out the Seán Radley Facebook Page.    And we chat about these images below (sourced from Millstreet Museum Pictorial Archives) during our Show.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Millstreet’s New Polytunnel at Main Street.
Cathal and Paul from DPlant Polytunnels of Co. Wexford with Marie Twomey of Millstreet Adult Learning Centre. A special Interview with all three will be broadcast on on this Tuesday at 10pm outlining the great work of the Centre and the construction of the very impressive new Polytunnel.
Summer nature at Millstreet Town Park where on Saturday temperatures were in the mid 20s!

Here we feature Summer Nature in the Clara Road area where bees are thrilled with the variety of flowers!

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Biodiversity Project in Millstreet Town Park

Millstreet Town Park is committed to increasing biodiversity in our area. We are currently not mowing certain areas of the Town Park to allow wildflowers to grow and to encourage the return of butterflies and bees.  This pilot project will be reviewed in the near future, to determine if these wildflower areas should be reduced or further developed.   We thank Denis Hickey of Millstreet Town Park Committee for this notice. (S.R.)

One of the Biodiversity areas in Millstreet Town Park – May 2021.
We received this image and message also about Biodiversity – from Pat of Millstreet Tidy Towns.

The Superb Wonders of Nature

We thank Shane Browne of Tanyard Wood, Millstreet and Jimmy Murphy of Carriganima for sharing some quite amazing images which truly demonstrate the Superb Wonders of Nature.   Shane captured some magnificent shots of the somewhat unusual sunset over Millstreet on Thursday, 1st April 2021 while Jimmy shares his splendid image of the recent Lunar Halo as well as a “V” shape formation of wild geese in flight over Carriganima making their way in the direction of Millstreet.   Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Shane’s images of the amazing sunset.

Jimmy’s image of the Lunar Halo.
Wild Geese in flight over Carriganima.

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Cloghoula N.S. Celebrates World Book Day, Engineering Week and Exploring Nature

What a wonderful amount of uplifting activities has been happening at Cloghoula N.S. on its first week back to school.   Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

The Pupils of Cloghoula N.S. had great fun in their wonderfully colourful costumes celebrating World Book Day (See individual images below also).
The Pupils’ very impressive creations marking Engineering Week.
Discovering Daffodils growing in the trunks of the Trees as the Pupils Explore Nature.
Remembering the great joy of the Nativity Play (safely produced in their Pod) just before the most recent Lockdown began.

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Unusual Bird Visits Eily’s Home!

In March 2019 Daniel and Majella O’Donnell visited the very welcoming home of Eily Buckley.  In  March 2021 (Sat. 6th) it was this beautiful rare bird that paid a visit to Eily’s Garden!   Clearly seeking Select Accommodation!  Tap on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)  Update:  Lots of suggestions coming in – including one from Caroline Lehane who suggests that the bird could well be a Peregrine Falcon….Another suggestion received – a Sparrow Hawk.

An official image of a Peregrine Falcon.
Official picture of a Sparrow Hawk.


Magical Clouds Captured by Photographer Supreme Geraldine

Between the blue and the green – a blanket of clouds rolled in over the Caherbarnagh Mountains on Saturday evening. We thank Geraldine Dennehy, Photographer Supreme for sharing this wonderfully magical image captured in the Ballydaly area. Tap on the picture to enlarge. (S.R.)

A Few Beautiful Photographic Moments from a Spring Easter Garden by Fr. James McSweeney

A few beautiful Photographic moments from a Spring Easter Garden by Fr. James McSweeney.   We encourage you to check out this truly magnificent video of exquisite colour of nature with wonderfully relaxing background music.    Thank you for sharing, Fr. James.  (S.R.)

“With so many negative stories circulating during this Covid-19 pandemic, it is so important to balance some of these out with positive moments too. There is no better place to gather these positive and uplifting moments than from my garden which bursts with life and colour at the moment. Music is used with permission from Photodex 2020 (Pro Show Gold) and the piece used in this video clip is Romantic Guitar and Piano.psa   More photographs can be seen on my webpage” says Fr. James.

All Photographs by Fr. James McSweeney 

Eastertime 2020 in Millstreet with Nature at its Best

Our images concentrate on the uplifting reawakening of Nature during this Springtime at Clara Road, Millstreet – in time for Easter 2020.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Nature all dressed up for Easter 2020!

Cloud clears Clara!

These days we have time to stop and admire nature at its best.
An Easter Greeting from Eva and Horst, Soest, Germany – Loyal Listeners to “Radio Treasures” on CMS on Tuesday nights.

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Superb Rainbows Over Millstreet on St. Ita’s Day 2020

At least two very colourful Rainbows appeared over Millstreet on this Tuesday, 15th January 2020 – the Feast of St. Ita.   Celebrated in Killeedy, Co. Limerick where a beautiful Church Window (in Ashford in the Parish of Killeedy) depicting the renowned Saint may be seen – there is also a close link with St. Ita in Millstreet and is especially associated with Kilmeedy and Tubrid….which is oftentimes referred to as the Holy Well of Ita where in a bygone age people were baptised in the waters of Tubrid.  The two Rainbows serve as a reminder of St. Ita’s links to Millstreet.  Our images were photographed in West End and Mount Leader this Tuesday morning.  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.(S.R.)

Autumn Days in Millstreet 2018

We share four images of Autumn scenes recorded yesterday and today in Millstreet.   Later we shall include further colourful images of this year’s harvest season.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

The truly amazing quilt-like cloud cover over Clara Mountain this autumnal Monday evening (15th Oct. 2018) as recorded from Liscahane, Millstreet.
Pictured from Mount Leader, Clara Road we view Clara Mountain with the many wonderful colours of Autumn.
A group of energetic walkers reach Clara Mountain’s summit at 12:30pm on Sunday. What a splendid panoramic view they must have experienced.

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Magnificent Sunset as Storm Ali Passes

Appearing briefly to the west of Millstreet this Wednesday evening (19th Sept. 2018) we captured this truly magical sunset over Killarney Road as Ireland is relieved that Storm Ali is now passed on. Note the exquisite rays and the silver lining of the clouds on the right. Click on the image to enlarge. (S.R.)

Magnificent Rainbow Over Millstreet Town Park This Evening

We were fortunate to record a truly magnificent Rainbow over Millstreet Town Park at 5.30 this evening (Sunday, 15th April 2018).  It looked like the end of the rainbow … with its pot of gold … appeared to be over the Pitch-and-Putt Course!  Even the walkers in the Park at the time never felt closer to a rainbow.   But when you come to think about it – the recent wonderfully upgraded Pitch-and-Putt Course must be gold to its many Loyal Players.  Here we share four images of this evening’s “rainbow magic”.  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.) [read more …] “Magnificent Rainbow Over Millstreet Town Park This Evening”

Birds of Ice in Kilcorney

Birds of Ice, by the edge of the river at Kilcorney Heights
"Birds of Ice", by the edge of the river at Kilcorney Heights

The art of nature … at first glance the ice looks like doves beside the river, and then you wonder how did that form?

Natures art comes at a price though. The freeze is still with us but it is not as cold as it has been in previous nights. Rain/sleet fell early yesterday morning and froze solid, covering everything in half an inch of solid ice. Everything ground to a halt and early morning commuters were left with treacherous road conditions with many of them turning around and staying at home for the day. While in town all day, walkers were better off walking on the roads because the footpaths had not been salted and were just plain dangerous.

The picture taken by Nellie Healy appeared on the Irish Independent website in a gallery entitled The Big Freeze