A Few Beautiful Photographic Moments from a Spring Easter Garden by Fr. James McSweeney

A few beautiful Photographic moments from a Spring Easter Garden by Fr. James McSweeney.   We encourage you to check out this truly magnificent video of exquisite colour of nature with wonderfully relaxing background music.    Thank you for sharing, Fr. James.  (S.R.)

“With so many negative stories circulating during this Covid-19 pandemic, it is so important to balance some of these out with positive moments too. There is no better place to gather these positive and uplifting moments than from my garden which bursts with life and colour at the moment. Music is used with permission from Photodex 2020 (Pro Show Gold) and the piece used in this video clip is Romantic Guitar and Piano.psa   More photographs can be seen on my webpage www.2u.ie” says Fr. James.

All Photographs by Fr. James McSweeney 

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