Millstreet Pictorial Updates 12th July 2020

The inspirational Fr. Paddy O’Byrne on one of the most beneficial Outdoor Fitness Units at Millstreet Town Park on Sunday 12th July 2020. Tap on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet on Sat. Vigil Mass when some 120 people were permitted to attend.
Three of the wonderfully dedicated people helping to sanitise the Church after Sat. Vigil Mass.
Liam Flynn who voluntarily coordinates the outdoor floral arrangements at Millstreet Church.

Cyclists supreme using our new bicycle stands at West End, Millstreet. From left: Donagh Corkery with parents Denis and Sinéad.

Splendidly colourful setting at Station Road, Millstreet – location of the former Mill Race beside the Mill.

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Magical Clouds Captured by Photographer Supreme Geraldine

Between the blue and the green – a blanket of clouds rolled in over the Caherbarnagh Mountains on Saturday evening. We thank Geraldine Dennehy, Photographer Supreme for sharing this wonderfully magical image captured in the Ballydaly area. Tap on the picture to enlarge. (S.R.)

“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm on Sunday 12th July 2020 on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene, for advance information regarding this Sunday evening’s programme.  (S.R.)

Having once been described as ‘the man in the shadows’,  he emerges from them this week, to speak to John Greene on Where the road takes me, and we discover that he has quite a lot to say for himself. 

Mid-ways through the four part series, we change from singer to songwriter and meet Johnny Duhan, author of iconic songs such as ‘The Voyage’ and ‘Don’t give up till it’s over’.

A writer of poetry, novels, essays on various subjects and people, a spiritualist and a keen fan of Johann Sebastian Bach, the former leader of 1960’s beat group ‘Grannies Intentions’, believes that his audiences diminished, once he announced he was a practicing Catholic. 

Apart from Joni Mitchell, Johnny Duhan doesn’t have a songwriting mentor.  He firmly believes that most big hit songs would never have made it, without the backing of ‘The Machine’ as he refers to it.  He also likens himself to Cervantes fictional character ‘Don Quixote’.  [read more …] ““Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm on Sunday 12th July 2020 on C103″