Elizabeth Leader, Carriganima/Mashanaglas

I was wondering if anyone on this forum can shed any light my Mother’s ancestors please?
She tells me that her Mother (Elizabeth Leader) was from Mill Street Co.Cork.  Not sure of the full picture but my Mother moved to another area of Co.Cork when she was young and was raised with another family.  She doesn’t really have any recollection of either of her parents.  My Mother’s Father was Michael Bransfield from Middleton.
Billy Clarke <email>
[from a comment on the Leader Genealogy page]


Elizabeth Leader (1893-1949)

Birth of Elizabeth Leader at Rahalisk to Bridget Leader, a domestic servant of Rahalisk (no father listed) on December 8th 1893.

1901 census: She is living with her grandfather John Leader, aunt Hannah, and uncles Richard and Stephen  in Carriganima.

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Daniel McCarthy, born c.1755 in Millstreet

My mother was a McCarthy. I have traced her family line back to Daniel McCarthy who was born in Millstreet in 1755.
Are there any McCarthy historians who might be related to Daniel McCarthy who was born in Millstreet in 1755 because then we would be related?
I would love to meet them when I visit Ireland in September.
Thank you.
Bill McNeil <email>

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Hardings of Millstreet

“Hello friends! I am searching for Harding family members in the area, and tracing family back to Joseph and Mary Harding of Millstreet, shoemakers in the 1800’s. I know my G-G-Grandad (Bryan Harding) came to America in 1857, settled in Massachusetts then Rochester NY. His brother Daniel, sister Julia emigrated also. Any Harding descendants in the area? I am travelling to Ireland this April and would be so happy to learn more of my family.” – Mary McDonough [from this comment]

By the Admin: While there were Hardings in Millstreet:-  shopkeepers, egg-layers, carpenters, tradesmen, shoemakers (Bryan, Bridget, John),  we seem to have found no reference at all to any Joseph Harding, which would be unusual. Below is some of what we found, which may or may not be of relevance:  [read more …] “Hardings of Millstreet”

Bridget Kelleher, Drishanebeg (1860-1936)

Hello, I visited Millstreet this September but couldn’t quite catch up with Mr. Radley. My great-grandmother was Bridget Mary Francis Kelleher and was born in Millstreet 1 FEB 1861. Her parents were Timothy Kelleher and Johannah Murphy. She and her husband, David Morrissey (or Morrison) emigrated to the US in 1889. I’d love to make contact with any relatives and to know more about the family. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. [1]
Best wishes,
Michael Morrissey
The below information is added by the admin to give some context, and to figure out who her family were. Easy enough to track Bridget, but we’re at a bit of a loss to figure out immediate family:  [read more …] “Bridget Kelleher, Drishanebeg (1860-1936)”

Notes: O’Hares of Cloghoulamore

Ancestry: Denis O’Hare born 1877 (Jack Buckley – Buckley PRIMARY)
Ancestry Denis O’Hare born 1877 (Jack Buckley – Denis O’Hare Family Tree)


TODO: Can’t Find the Marriage of Thomas Hare and Mary Riordan before 1875 this would clarify for certain who their parents were 🙁

Birth of MARY HARE on September 20th 1875 at Cloholamore
Birth of Denis Hare on December 31st 1876 at Cloholamore
Birth of HONORIA HARE on September 11th 1878 at Cloholamore
Birth of Margaret Hare on September 18th 1880 at Cloholamore
Birth of Michael Hare on October 9th 1882 at Cloholamore
Birth of DANIEL HARE on November 1st 1884 at Clohoolamore
Birth of THOMAS HARE on November 22nd 1886 at Clohoolamore
Birth of JOHN HARE on February 27th 1889 at Clohoolamore
Birth of PATRICK HARE on March 28th 1891 at  Clohoolamore
Birth of WILLIAM HARE on December 23rd 1893 at Clohoolamore

1884 Death of Mary Hare, Cloghoolamore, wife of Denis Hare a farmer, 73 years

1898 Death of Denis Hare – at Cloghoolamore aged 88 – som Thomas Hare
Deduction: in the event that we can’t find any marriage details on the marriage of Thomas Hare and Mary Riordan.

Nora appears to have emigrated to the USA, sailing from Queenstown (Cobh) on May 13th 1900 on the Ivernia, and arriving in New York on May 21st – going to Brooklyn, paid by her sister (presumably her older sister Mary… TODO: had she emigrated previously??)

1901 census: Residents of a house 7 in Cloghboola More (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Hayre Thomas 48 Male Head of Family R Catholic
Hayre Mary 46 Female Wife R Catholic
Hayre Denis 24 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre Margaret 18 Female Daughter R Catholic
Hayre Daniel 16 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre Thomas 14 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre John 12 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre Patrick 10 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre William 7 Male Son R Catholic

1909: Marriage of MICHAEL HEALY of Donoughmore and MARY HARE of Cloghoolamore on 31 July 1909

1911 census: Residents of a house 4 in Cloghboola More (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
OHare Thomas 65 Male Head of Family R Catholic
OHare Mary 64 Female Wife
36 years married
10 children
10 alive
R Catholic
OHare Denis 34 Male Son R Catholic
OHare Margaret 30 Female Daughter R Catholic
OHare John 22 Male Son R Catholic
OHare Patrick 20 Male Son R Catholic
OHare William 17 Male Son R Catholic

1913 Death of Thomas Hare – aged 62 – at Cloghoulamore. Daughter Margaret present at death

1915 Marriage of Denis Hare and Margaret Twohig of Ballinagree on 27th April 1915 in Macroom

1916 Birth of THOMAS HARE on 20 August 1916 (to Denis Hare and Rita Twohig)

1917 Marriage of WILLIAM WARD of Mallow and MARGARET HARE of Cloghoolamore on 25 September 1917

1918 Birth of JEREMIAH (Jerome) O HARE on 24 March 1918

1929: Birth of Joseph O’Hare on September 24, 1929

1962 Death of Denis O’Hare on July 27th 1962 at the Bon Secours Hospital Cork, from Cloghoola, Millstreet – aged 85

2003 Death of Victor O’Hare, Millstreet on  April 27th 2003 (Patricia O’Hare, Principal, Christ King Girls’ Primary School, Turners Cross, Cork.

2009 Death of MARGARET O’HARE, (née KELLEHER) (Cloghoula House, Millstreet, Cork) on Monday, December 28th 2009 (wife of Victor)

2011 Death of Jerome O’Hare on Saturday, November 19, 2011, at the Bungalow, Coole, aged 92

2014 Death of Reverend Father John Brendan O’Hare or Brendan as most knew him, died July 3, 2014 at his home in Apopka, FL. He was born September 24, 1929

2017 Death of Rev. Donal Joseph O’Hare, Wichita, Kansas, USA & Cloghoula, Millstreet, Retired Catholic Priest, died Sunday, March 12, 2017


A different Hare family from Cloghoulamore?

Marriage of JOHANNES (JOHN) SHEEHAN of BALLYDALLY and HANORIA (HONORA) HARE of CLOUGHOLAMORE on 27 April 1875, – her parents were John Hare and Helen Kelleher [civil]

(At first I thought this was Denis’ (1810-1898) sister, but this Hanoria must have been born after 1840, while denis was born around 1810 … 30+ years apart, so i don’t know where they fit in. TODO … try to figure this out)

… They had four children Timothy, Catherine, John, and Patrick, of which only Timothy and Catherine survived, and wife Hanoria died in 1886.

John Sheehan married his neighbour Ellen Collins in 1889. Notes on that family are in this article on Sheehan / Collins / Hare.



O’HARE Thomas [115] 18 May Probate of the Will of Thomas O’Hare late of Cloghanlamore Millstreet County Cork Farmer who died 11 September 1913 granted at Cork to Mary O’Hare the Widow and Michael Riordan Farmer Effects £225 [willcalendars.nationalarchives.ie]


Local Genealogy Researchers

Looking for a Genealogy Service to do your family history research for you? Here is a list of local Genealogists that are willing to help you in your search:

Ciara Houlihan is a family history researcher who runs findmyirishfamily.com from Mallow. She has ancestors from Millstreet and Kilcorney, so is familiar with families and place names. She do genealogy part time. <houlihangenealogy@gmail.com>

Millstreet.ie – we do family research purely out of interest, connecting emigrants to their ancestral homeland, and if possible reconnecting them to long lost relatives. Our advantage is that we know the people here better than most, and sometimes talking to people on the ground reveals stories/connections that you would never otherwise hear about. Michael, Seán, Marie, and James help when time allows.

If you’d like to be added to this list please let us know!

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Help: Local Genealogists?

Does anyone know of local Genealogists, willing to help people with searching for their ancestors? (professional or non professional).

We often get asked, and much of the time don’t have a good answer, and end up doing much of the work ourselves, but often we just don’t have the time. With thanks any help, Michael.

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Donnelly/Herlihy/Lehane Clan of Ballydaly

Wondering if there is anyone who is interested in mid 1800s family connections to the Donnellys of Caherbarnagh? John and Michael were sons of Daniel and Mary. John was born late 1820s, Johanna, b. 1832, and Michael, abt. 1835. The three went off to America, settling in the State of Vermont. I am descended from John.

Their siblings included Mary, Jeremiah, Dermot and Honora. Honora married John Lehane and lived nearby in Knocknaloman. I know two of those who remained in Ireland were still living in 1917, when Michael passed. Just wondering if there are any Lehanes in that area, these days?

I also have a question about a Mary Herlihy, who died in Millstreet in 1902. Would she have died as a Herlihy, if she had married Daniel Donnelly? She is found in the Lehane household in 1901, but as a lodger, not mother-in-law. Any pointers to folks in the area who might connect to this line would be very much appreciated
—  Jared Handspicker, New Hampshire  <email>
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John R FitzGerald Mahoney

Hi, I’m trying to find my ancestral roots: My Great Grandfather, John R FitzGerald, was born in Millstreet around 1828 and married my Great Grandmother, Mary Mahoney who was also from Millstreet and born in 1844. They came to the US in the 1860’s. His father was Richard FitzGerald born around 1800 and died in 1840. His wife was Nancy Murphy. Both from Millstreet. I was hoping that someone might know something about them. I am planning a visit to Millstreet next year.Any help would be appreciated.

Stuart Burnett, Massachusetts [1]

Genealogy: Murphy / O’Callaghan

Hello! This post might sound random but I thought I’d give it a shot. My mother’s family is from Millstreet (her grandma and grandpa) and I was wondering if there are still any family members who live there. They would be part of the O’Callaghan and Murphy families. They immigrated to San Francisco, CA and Oregon in the early 1900’s but my mom said she kept in touch with family who still lived in Ireland when she was younger. Mary Murphy and Dennis O’Callaghan are my great-grandparents for reference. (Side note: O’Connor is my married name so no blood relation to O’Connor’s that I know of). 😊 – from Kelly O’Connor in California
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Researching O’Learys of Dromtarriffe

I am coming to Ireland in April and am looking investigating some family history and visiting cemeteries.
I was looking for information on my grandfather’s family, the Leary/O’Leary family from the Dromtariffe Region. In particular, Cornelius Leary b.1831/1832, son of Cornelius Leary and Catherine O’Shea/Shea. Cornelius married Johanna Horgan and they came to Australia with Jeremiah and Catherine Leary in 1855.
I then came across a document titled From Dromagh to Sydney about the McMurtrie Family. My grandmother was a direct descendant of the family in this document. We never knew of a Irish connection.
I was hoping someone might be able to guide me in the direction of local cemeteries and records relating to theses two families?

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McCarthy/Foley/Cronin: Gortnacreha/Mullaghroe/Eagloune/Knocknaloman

We hope to connect with the McCarthy Family that lived in Gortnacreaha & Mullaghroe & Eagloune (wives’ maiden names: Foley & Cronin).
We have the marriage of Daniel McCarthy & his bride Mary McCarthy (her maiden name) in 1860.
Daniel’s parents lived in Mullaghroe: Daniel McCarthy & Honora Foley.
Mary’s parents lived in Gortnacreha: Florence McCarthy & Catherine Cronin. The new couple went on to have eleven children:

  • Daniel born 1861 in Gortnacreha
  • Honora b. 1863 in Gortnacreha
  • Catherine b. 1865 in Cullen
  • Florence (male) b. 1867 in Cullen
  • Mary b. 1869 in Eagloune
  • Michael b. 1871 in Eagloune
  • Timothy b. 1872 in Eagloune
  • Jeremiah b. 1874 in Eagloune
  • John b. 1877 in Eagloune
  • Julia b. 1879 in Eagloune
  • Denis b. 1881 in Eagloune

We know they lived there until at least 1879 and that sometime between 1879 and 1890 the parents (Dan and Mary) moved down to Knocknaloman. Their son Daniel married and moved from Eagloune to Rathduane when he married shopkeeper Mary Morgan of Rathduane (daughter of John Morgan and Helena McCarthy). We do not yet know what happened to the other siblings (marriages, etc.).

If you are part of that McCarthy/McCarthy family of 11 children we would enjoy hearing from you

Diane Rollo  <email>
George Pearson  <email>

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Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records


At the end of November 2009, Martin Cullen TD, Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism unveiled a new website called irishgenealogy.ie, with the aim of allowing everyone to search for information on their Irish ancestors from the comfort of their own homes.

Luckily for us, the Kerry Diocese along with the Dublin Diocese are the first to have their records included on the site, so the records for Millstreet Parish (includes Ballydaly and Cullen)  are available to browse throughhttp://www.irishgenealogy.ie/images/logo.jpg

For Millstreet, there are 11,718 Baptismal records and 1,957 Marriage records for the dates 1st January 1751 up to 31 December 1903.

[update Feb 2013]  The full list of Dioceses with records online has increased since this article was first published, and is now:

The site is very easy to use, so it should be one of your first ports of call if you are researching your ancestors.

Thanks to Presley for reminding me of this item

O’Briens of Ballydaly

I was just inquiring about the history of the O’Briens of Ballydaly, Millstreet. My great-grandfather John O’Brien left his farm there and came to America. He later returned and married Cathleen Moynihan who used to live in a little yellow house on the main drag. Last time I was there it was a flower shop.
Matthew O’Brien
If anyone has anyinforrmation, please leave a comment below, or send an message using our Contact Us page, and we’ll forward the information.

Daniel Finn, Catherine Creedon & Family

Death Cert of Daniel Finn (click to see full size)

Daniel Finn (1818-1887) Laborer and Immigrant to USA in 1873 (b. December 1818, Millstreet and Cullen, Cork, County Cork, Munster Province, Ireland – d. October 14, 1887, 276 1st Street, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, 07302-2713, USA)

Daniel was born in Millstreet, Cork, Ireland to Mary and Patrick Finn (c1790-?).

He married Catherine Creedon (1834-1914) around 1855-1860.

Together they had the following children: Mary A. Finn (1860-1885) who was born in Ireland or Wales; Nora M. Finn (1866-1898) who was born in Wales and married John Joseph Burke I (1868-1939); and Catherine (Kate) Elizabeth Finn (1873-1918) who was born in Cardiff in Wales. There were two more children that died at birth and they are probably buried in Wales or Ireland.

Around 1860 Daniel and Catherine moved from Ireland to Cardiff, Wales. In 1873 the family moved from Wales to the United States and lived in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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1911 Census for Millstreet

An example of a local Census Return Form from 1911
The 1911 Census Return for the O’Riordan family who lived at the corner of Mill Lane and Main Street, Millstreet

Recently I became aware that the 1911 Census has been published online at http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie. So if you would like to find who was in your house the night of that census, or if you would like to trace your ancestors then this is an interesting place to look. Personally, I have found my own four grandparents and my 7 great grandparents that were still alive then, and some more interesting facts too.

In this census, Millstreet Town is not a district, but is split into two separate DEDs (District Electoral Divisions): Coomlogane and Drishane from the days of the great houses in town. The full list of local DED’s are:

Caherbarnagh, Coomlogane, Drishane, Kilcorney, CrinalooRathcool,
Keale, Cullen, Skagh (Derinagree), Knocknagree, Rosnalee, Doonasleen

note: the Derragh DED which was in the 1901 census is now gone and is part of the Cullen DED in 1911.

The census was taken on April 2nd 1911.

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