Planning proposal for Battery Storage unit in Millstreet

Recent planning proposal attached for a battery storage unit in Cahirdowney. Would love to know locals’ thoughts on this.
Many communities in Duhallow have come together to stop these facilities due to their dangers.

6 thoughts on “Planning proposal for Battery Storage unit in Millstreet”

  1. Cahirdowney is such a beautiful picturesque valley, why do we have to ruin it with this toxic, in your face structure. Surely there are industrial sites geared for this, not plonking it, in the middle of natural wild areas, haven’t we enough wind turbines enough besides this.

  2. There is a lot of complicated electrical and chemical engineering involved in these types of storage units judging from what I was referred to via another source this morning. Therefore it needs the input of those experts in chemical and electrical engineering in evaluating the risks and benefits of them. The unqualified who state that the dangers are this that and the other have neither the qualifications or knowledge to comment knowledgeably and very often give the impression that they are protesting from a NIMBY point of view. I also notice that climate change deniers along with vested interests in retaining fossil fuel crop up on SM quite a lot on anything to do with renewable energy or environmental protection.In summary listen to those who know rather than those who claim to know.

    1. Jerry, that is the problem, here in Millstreet, we didn’t hear of any meeting arranged to offer info on the proposed battery storage unit, before now. When something is sneaked in, it makes you wonder, what are they hiding that the locals are kept in the dark. I, personally am totally in favour of clean electricity but what about this location. The damage done in routing out the infrastructure alone has to be bad for our country environment. You know the area, it’s pure nature.

  3. The people of Millstreet and surrounding areas need to come together ASAP to put a stop to this going ahead. I was at a meeting last night about the proposed ones being planned for Newmarket. There was some very good speakers there who knew exactly what they were talking about. If these lithium batteries leak or go on fire it will have devastating effects on anyone within a 10 km radius and plus if they leak into a river it will destroy the river

  4. All communities in Duhallow need to come together and stop these multinational companies from ruining our land. Only when we all pull together to make Duhallow an area of No Go for toxic structures will we be listened to. Small communities fighting on their own will not work. If Kiskeam could fight the Empire, Duhallow can fight Council.

    1. You couldn’t be more right Marian
      There’s no point in meelin having one fight on their hands and Newmarket having another, because if it doesn’t go ahead here ( in my backyard) it could end up in meelin. The whole area needs to stand together and make these halls in the locality too small to hold meetings.
      It’s too late for the locals in millstreet to do anything about it as it built now.
      Keep an eye on Facebook and flyers around the area regarding the next meeting.

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