Donnelly/Herlihy/Lehane Clan of Ballydaly

Wondering if there is anyone who is interested in mid 1800s family connections to the Donnellys of Caherbarnagh? John and Michael were sons of Daniel and Mary. John was born late 1820s, Johanna, b. 1832, and Michael, abt. 1835. The three went off to America, settling in the State of Vermont. I am descended from John.

Their siblings included Mary, Jeremiah, Dermot and Honora. Honora married John Lehane and lived nearby in Knocknaloman. I know two of those who remained in Ireland were still living in 1917, when Michael passed. Just wondering if there are any Lehanes in that area, these days?

I also have a question about a Mary Herlihy, who died in Millstreet in 1902. Would she have died as a Herlihy, if she had married Daniel Donnelly? She is found in the Lehane household in 1901, but as a lodger, not mother-in-law. Any pointers to folks in the area who might connect to this line would be very much appreciated
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Jeremiah and Dermot are the same name (Diarmuid is the Irish of Jeremiah, and Dermot is the anglified version of Diarmuid)


Marriage of Honora Donnelly and John Lehane, on February 24th 1968, Rathmore Parish

Lehane Household in the 1901 census

Death of Mary Herlihy of Knocknaloman, on October 20th 1902 in Millstreet Union Workhouse, aged 90

John and Nora Lehane of Knocknaloman died in Spring 1917, aged 81 and 73 respectively, within four weeks of each other. Patrick Lehane (son) present at their deaths. [death register]

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  1. Thanks! I have plenty of information. The Jeremiah = Dermot one makes sense, too! He was born 1 Aug 1840 at Caherbarnagh and baptized at Rathmore later in the month. Nothing found on him in later (available) records, though. Nora Lehane is sister to Jeremiah, dau. of Daniel and Mary (Herlihy) Donnelly. I have the death register information for John and Honora/Nora in the first quarter of 1917 at Millstreet. Here’s my complete family group sheet, if it helps:

    Daniel Donnelly and Mary Herlihy, probably both born around the turn of the century (@1800) and married in mid 1820s, had the following children, based on various records:

    1. John H. Donnelly, b. 1827, County Cork, d. 1901 at Vermont, USA.
    2. Johanna Donnelly, b. 1832, Cork, d. 1899, Vermont, USA, wife of John Carroll.
    3. Denis Donnelly, b. @1833, Cork, d. after 1911, Ireland, m. Margaret/Maggie (Dineen?/Duggan?), remained in Carherbarnagh.
    4. Michael Donnelly, b. Sep 1835, Cork, d. 1917, Vermont, USA m. Catherine Meehan.
    5. Mary Donnelly, b. 1838, Caherbarnagh, d. after 1901, Ireland? married Daniel Murley, their daughters removed to Vermont, USA.
    6. Jeremiah/Dermot Donnelly, b. Caherbarnagh, bapt. Rathmore, no further info.
    7. Honora “Nora” Donnelly, b. @1844, Caherbarnagh, d. 1917, Millstreet, m. John Lehane, 1868, Rathmore.
    8. William Donnelly, was living when brother John died in 1901, in Ireland, no more information available at this time.

    I had noticed in one posting about a boxer, the name “Den” Donnelly, and considered it might be a Denis related to this family. There are also two other Donnellys, Patrick and Cornelius, who may be nephews of Daniel, perhaps. both born in the 1830s-1840s, and also resident at Caherbarnagh in 1901 Census. Just haven’t made connections, with what limited data I’m able to use.

    Cheers for the help!


  2. My Grandmother was Mary Donnelly of caherbarnagh. Her brothers were Denis and John and there was Han who was either an aunt or sister if they are the same family

    1. What year would Mary have been born, and whom did she marry? I’m pretty certain my Donnelly’s connect to yours, as I’ve recently come across a Moynihan connection. If I have matching info, I’ll post my e-mail address so we can exchange information. My ancestral line goes back to John Donnelly, b. 1827, who, along with his brother, Michael and sister, Johanna, came to the US in the mid 1800s, and died here. In 1901, when John died, he had relations still living in Caherbarnagh and thereabouts. A brother Denis was one, and he had a son, Denis. I’m still trying to figure out if “Den Donnelly’s bog” (found in poems by Francis Duggan) is connected to the same Donnelly family. There are also a Patrick and Cornelius Donnelly, who I believe could have also been related, but were not sons of Daniel Donnelly and Mary Herlihy, but may have been their nephews?

  3. John,

    Found the likely connection, though many given names repeat through the generations, this connection would seem to make sense:

    My 3rd Great Uncle (brother of my great great grandfather), Denis Donnelly, b. @1833, son of Daniel and Mary (Herlihy) Donnelly, married Margaret Dineen/Dinneen.

    They had eight children. Among those children were:

    Hanna ?Han? b. @1880
    Mary b. @1882
    John b. @1883
    and Denis, b. @1890.

    Would appear they were all in or near Caherbarnagh area.


  4. Looks like Mary was born 1876, not @1882. Unless she was named after a Mary who had been born in 1876 and died young?


  5. John,

    Who did THIS Mary Donnelly marry? I only have her as daughter of Denis/Dyonisius Donnelly and Margaret “Maggie” Dinneen/Dineen. Mary born 13 Aug 1876, Caherbarnagh. Based on your last posting, her youngest child was male, born before 1918, and died about 1988?


  6. Sorry, a bit confused. Your grandfather was Malachy, who married Mary Donnelly, b. 1876. I’m guessing their youngest child, then, was your father? Who passed in 1989? Just trying to make sure I got it right. Thanks!


  7. Thanks. I believe I now have a good handle on your family group. Based on the information I’ve been able to connect us. We are third cousins, once removed, with you being third cousins to my father, and I being 4th cousins to your children/their generation. Our common ancestor being Mary’s grandfather, Daniel Donnelly. Daniel being your great-great-grandfather and my great-great-great-grandfather. His eldest son, John, is my great-great-grandfather, and the first to emigrate to the U.S. He settled in Vermont, as did his brother, Michael, and sister, Johanna. Their sister, Mary, married Daniel Murley, and at least two of their children also emigrated to the U.S. also settling in Vermont.

  8. Just out of curiosity, in a number of poems, and other writings, I’ve found mention of a “Den Donnelly’s Bog.” Could this be one of the Denis Donnellys that belong to this family? Either the one born around 1833, or maybe his son, born around 1890? It’s definitely in Caherbarnagh, so one would think it must have been one of the two’s bog?!?!?!


  9. Just wondering if any other Donnelly relations, no matter how distant, are still living in or around Caherbarnagh, these days? A cousin is planning a trip to the area in spring of 2023. Would be nice to make an actual connection

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