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“Hello friends! I am searching for Harding family members in the area, and tracing family back to Joseph and Mary Harding of Millstreet, shoemakers in the 1800’s. I know my G-G-Grandad (Bryan Harding) came to America in 1857, settled in Massachusetts then Rochester NY. His brother Daniel, sister Julia emigrated also. Any Harding descendants in the area? I am travelling to Ireland this April and would be so happy to learn more of my family.” – Mary McDonough [from this comment]

By the Admin: While there were Hardings in Millstreet:-  shopkeepers, egg-layers, carpenters, tradesmen, shoemakers (Bryan, Bridget, John),  we seem to have found no reference at all to any Joseph Harding, which would be unusual. Below is some of what we found, which may or may not be of relevance: 

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Stained Glass Window – Ordination of a Priest – The window in St. Patrick’s Church Millstreet is in remembrance of Rev. Jerome Harding who died on 16 Nov. 1876, aged only 28 years. He was curate in Caherciveen but his people were from Millstreet. His remains were brought to Millstreet for burial and it was a massive funeral.
“The Fr. Harding window was in the old church. Fr. Harding was born in the house now part of Tangney’s. Died as C.C. 16 Nov. 1876, Caherciveen at 25. His people gave the Harding window, circular side windows at back of altar in Cullen.” [Notes on the History of Millstreet] [Death Register]
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Tile death is announced of Rev Jeremiah Harding, Dv)* hiwqr kc….t.c. Prelate u. 2 replim ti .CC Caherciveen, at the age of 26 year.. fior a d tho proatokitioartvitriled all, the making*/ ‘ event took no Thumb., tart, and “mool rn stir ,f a. .hiiiited in the words. “Thou dolt not ad s grist and gloom to pervert…llo. town of thew or love them.” First lat. Ilea. hadignag _____ an.wered that this was Popery is &wise;” [Tralee Chronicle – Tuesday 21 November 1876]
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The available Catholic Parish records for the Hardings in Millstreet: – Births and Marriages 1850s-1904) – There are no relevant traces of a Joseph Harding. However there are other Harding families, which are most likely cousins

The civil registers for Hardings in Millstreet:- Births/Marriages/Deaths 1864-). Like the Catholic Registers, the civil register doesn’t seem to show any relevant Hardings either.

In one of the Harding deaths I saw, there was a note about a Sullivan step-sister, so relationships may be further complicated:
Death of John Harding on Feb 23rd 1883 at Cooper’s Lane, widower 73 yrs old shoemaker, Mary Sullivan Step-sister present at death

By the 1901 census, the following Hardings are all that are left in Millstreet,

1. Harding Ellen Main Street
Ellen Harding lived over the arch, across the road from Mill Lane (Map)
Cork 50 F
1. Harding Annie Main Street Drishane Cork 14 F
2. Harding James Main Street
Drishane Cork 36 M
2. Harding Margaret Main Street Drishane Cork 46 F
2. Harding Nano Main Street Drishane
Nano Harding lived where the Flower shop is now (Map)
Cork 40 F
3. Harding Cornelius Main Street
Cornelius lived to the right of what is now Tagney’s shop (map)
Cork 80 M


In Slater’s 1846 Directory of Cork County, the only Harding listed as a shoemaker in Millstreet was “John Harding, Main Street”.
In the same listing Cornelius is listed as having a grocery and a public house, presumably above Tagney’s as mentioned above.

The headstone for James, Nano & Margaret Harding is in Millstreet Church Graveyard


[Brian F. Harding – ancestry]


Griffith’s Valuation (c.1850):

Joseph Harding at House 40 Main Street, Millstreet, which on the Griffith’s map is the house between Tony O’Brien’s Butchers and the one below the Polish Shop [Map]

John Harding leasing from Thomas Hennessy, a house and garden at Main Street, Millstreet (listed as #23 which is the old post office was located … An Siops Deas)

Catherine Harding leasing from Robert Flynne (?) a house and yard. listed as #91 to the right of Tagneys current shop

John Harding and another leasing from Daniel Moynihan, a house and yard at Lower Mill Lane. #29


Brian F Harding – From his obituary in a Shoe Manufacturers publication:
Born 1844. At age of 23 he went to Boston with his father Joseph and designed women’s shoes. In 1885 he went to Beloit Wisconsin and worked at the John Foster Company until about 1887. Next Bryan went to New York City and worked for Gardner and Estes Company, which later became known as Gardner Company in Brooklyn. In 1888 Bryan went to Philadelphia and worked at Sailer, Lewin & Co. until 1889. In 1889 he came to Rochester NY and worked at P. Cox Shoe Company. In 1890 he began his own shoe business and after six months, took on Todd – the business was known as Harding & Todd Shoe Co. In 1903 the business took on Joseph Johnson, son of the late A J Johnson. In 1908 Bryan moved to Ogdensburg and lived there for two years. He then returned to Lynn Mass. and joined A. E. Little Company. In 1913 or so, he went to Boston and started a business and worked there until his time of death in 1917. [comments section]


Joseph Harding, Millstreet is mentioned in this letter from 1862:

Copy of a letter to Hannah FitzGerrold from her uncle.
Thursday 22 May Millstreet 1862

My dear niece,
You must excuse me for not writing to you before now I would have
written to you when I got your letter but I was waiting until I would
hear from your cousin fade I did not hear from him for the last 1£ months
but I am expecting to hear from him every day that was the cause of not
writing to you Ban William Mary Richard Micheal and Garrat are all’ well
thank God they are all married but Micheal and Garrat as it is in Mill-
street I am writing this I cannot send you a lock of their hair until
the next letter but I send you this lock of my own hair Bear Hannah I
was sorry to hear of your brother Ban’s death but still death comes wherever we are and we must always try to make the best of it I am very strong myself I have nothing to trouble me but I am afraid that Julia will be
poor before long as h6r husband is drinking out what they have She is the
only one of us any way unhappy you need not be sorry for leaving Ireland
it was never in such a bad state though I was sorry enough the day you
went after coming home I was very lonesome if I had you you should never
go I thought as much of you as.if you were my own daughter I now conclude
sending all our love to you hoping that’you will write soon When you are
writing direct your letter to Joseph Harding Millstreet for me I remain your affectionate uncle.
William FitzGerrald


Bryan Harding Death Notice in the Democrat and Chronicle
Rochester, New York 12 Mar 1917, Mon  •  Page 13


Civil Records of Births, Marriages, Deaths of Hardings in Millstreet

Catholic records of Hardings in Millstreet


NOTICE to obtain Confirmation of Licence. Cork County, West Riding, Division of Macroom. Take Notice, that I, JAMES V. BUCKLEY, of Millstreet, in the County of Cork, intend, pursuant to the statute in such cane made and provided, to apply at the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to bolden in and for Cork County, West Riding and Division of Macroom, at Macroom, on the day September, 1890, for a Certificate to obtain a Transfer the License lately held by Ellen Harding for the sale of Beer, Cider, or spirits, by retail, be consumed in house, situate the south side the main street in the town of Millstreet, between the premises occupied by Bryan Harding and Michael Moyniban, in the Townland of Liscahane, Parish of Drishane, and Barony West Muskerry, in the County, Hiding, and Division aforesaid, and that the transfer of such license granted to me at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace holden at Macroom the 28th day of March, 1890, may be confirmed. Dated this 3rd day of September, 1890. Signed, James P. Buckley, applicant. Jeremiah Hegarty, Esq, J.P. ; John M’Carthy O’Leary, Esq, D.L., J.P., th’ two nearest magistrates ;
[Cork Constitution – Friday 05 September 1890]
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Graves – nothing of relevance either:
* This plaque which remembers  REV. JEREMIAH HARDING C. C, is just inside the the main door of St.Patrick’s Church Millstreet (at the foot of the stairs to the choir) reads: “Exact wording of epitaph:
who died Nov 16 1876 in the 4 year of his ministry aged 28 years. Requeiscat in Pace. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord   for their works follow them”.
* This headstone in Millstreet Church church graveyard:  “To the memory of James, Nano & Margaret Harding of Millstreet R.I.P. ”
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