Local Genealogy Researchers

Looking for a Genealogy Service to do your family history research for you? Here is a list of local Genealogists that are willing to help you in your search:

Ciara Houlihan is a family history researcher who runs findmyirishfamily.com from Mallow. She has ancestors from Millstreet and Kilcorney, so is familiar with families and place names. She do genealogy part time. <houlihangenealogy@gmail.com>

Millstreet.ie – we do family research purely out of interest, connecting emigrants to their ancestral homeland, and if possible reconnecting them to long lost relatives. Our advantage is that we know the people here better than most, and sometimes talking to people on the ground reveals stories/connections that you would never otherwise hear about. Michael, Seán, Marie, and James help when time allows.

If you’d like to be added to this list please let us know!


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