“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm Today on C103

Thanks to John Green for advance information on this evening’s Programme.  (S.R.)

After two weeks looking into the future of Bandon town, we head North this week on Where the road takes me. 

John Greene visits Liscarroll to see how this village has changed and survived.

We meet a publican, farmer and poet, three people in fact rolled into one.

Inspired by the Yukon poet Robert Service, Philip Egan has found loads to inspire him into writing a number of poetry books, in a village steeped in history.

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Notes: O’Hares of Cloghoulamore

Ancestry: Denis O’Hare born 1877 (Jack Buckley – Buckley PRIMARY)
Ancestry Denis O’Hare born 1877 (Jack Buckley – Denis O’Hare Family Tree)


TODO: Can’t Find the Marriage of Thomas Hare and Mary Riordan before 1875 this would clarify for certain who their parents were 🙁

Birth of MARY HARE on September 20th 1875 at Cloholamore
Birth of Denis Hare on December 31st 1876 at Cloholamore
Birth of HONORIA HARE on September 11th 1878 at Cloholamore
Birth of Margaret Hare on September 18th 1880 at Cloholamore
Birth of Michael Hare on October 9th 1882 at Cloholamore
Birth of DANIEL HARE on November 1st 1884 at Clohoolamore
Birth of THOMAS HARE on November 22nd 1886 at Clohoolamore
Birth of JOHN HARE on February 27th 1889 at Clohoolamore
Birth of PATRICK HARE on March 28th 1891 at  Clohoolamore
Birth of WILLIAM HARE on December 23rd 1893 at Clohoolamore

1884 Death of Mary Hare, Cloghoolamore, wife of Denis Hare a farmer, 73 years

1898 Death of Denis Hare – at Cloghoolamore aged 88 – som Thomas Hare
Deduction: in the event that we can’t find any marriage details on the marriage of Thomas Hare and Mary Riordan.

Nora appears to have emigrated to the USA, sailing from Queenstown (Cobh) on May 13th 1900 on the Ivernia, and arriving in New York on May 21st – going to Brooklyn, paid by her sister (presumably her older sister Mary… TODO: had she emigrated previously??)

1901 census: Residents of a house 7 in Cloghboola More (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Hayre Thomas 48 Male Head of Family R Catholic
Hayre Mary 46 Female Wife R Catholic
Hayre Denis 24 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre Margaret 18 Female Daughter R Catholic
Hayre Daniel 16 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre Thomas 14 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre John 12 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre Patrick 10 Male Son R Catholic
Hayre William 7 Male Son R Catholic

1909: Marriage of MICHAEL HEALY of Donoughmore and MARY HARE of Cloghoolamore on 31 July 1909

1911 census: Residents of a house 4 in Cloghboola More (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
OHare Thomas 65 Male Head of Family R Catholic
OHare Mary 64 Female Wife
36 years married
10 children
10 alive
R Catholic
OHare Denis 34 Male Son R Catholic
OHare Margaret 30 Female Daughter R Catholic
OHare John 22 Male Son R Catholic
OHare Patrick 20 Male Son R Catholic
OHare William 17 Male Son R Catholic

1913 Death of Thomas Hare – aged 62 – at Cloghoulamore. Daughter Margaret present at death

1915 Marriage of Denis Hare and Margaret Twohig of Ballinagree on 27th April 1915 in Macroom

1916 Birth of THOMAS HARE on 20 August 1916 (to Denis Hare and Rita Twohig)

1917 Marriage of WILLIAM WARD of Mallow and MARGARET HARE of Cloghoolamore on 25 September 1917

1918 Birth of JEREMIAH (Jerome) O HARE on 24 March 1918

1929: Birth of Joseph O’Hare on September 24, 1929

1962 Death of Denis O’Hare on July 27th 1962 at the Bon Secours Hospital Cork, from Cloghoola, Millstreet – aged 85

2003 Death of Victor O’Hare, Millstreet on  April 27th 2003 (Patricia O’Hare, Principal, Christ King Girls’ Primary School, Turners Cross, Cork.

2009 Death of MARGARET O’HARE, (née KELLEHER) (Cloghoula House, Millstreet, Cork) on Monday, December 28th 2009 (wife of Victor)

2011 Death of Jerome O’Hare on Saturday, November 19, 2011, at the Bungalow, Coole, aged 92

2014 Death of Reverend Father John Brendan O’Hare or Brendan as most knew him, died July 3, 2014 at his home in Apopka, FL. He was born September 24, 1929

2017 Death of Rev. Donal Joseph O’Hare, Wichita, Kansas, USA & Cloghoula, Millstreet, Retired Catholic Priest, died Sunday, March 12, 2017


A different Hare family from Cloghoulamore?

Marriage of JOHANNES (JOHN) SHEEHAN of BALLYDALLY and HANORIA (HONORA) HARE of CLOUGHOLAMORE on 27 April 1875, – her parents were John Hare and Helen Kelleher [civil]

(At first I thought this was Denis’ (1810-1898) sister, but this Hanoria must have been born after 1840, while denis was born around 1810 … 30+ years apart, so i don’t know where they fit in. TODO … try to figure this out)

… They had four children Timothy, Catherine, John, and Patrick, of which only Timothy and Catherine survived, and wife Hanoria died in 1886.

John Sheehan married his neighbour Ellen Collins in 1889. Notes on that family are in this article on Sheehan / Collins / Hare.



O’HARE Thomas [115] 18 May Probate of the Will of Thomas O’Hare late of Cloghanlamore Millstreet County Cork Farmer who died 11 September 1913 granted at Cork to Mary O’Hare the Widow and Michael Riordan Farmer Effects £225 [willcalendars.nationalarchives.ie]