Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records

At the end of November 2009, Martin Cullen TD, Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism unveiled a new website called, with the aim of allowing everyone to search for information on their Irish ancestors from the comfort of their own homes.

Luckily for us, the Kerry Diocese along with the Dublin Diocese are the first to have their records included on the site, so the records for Millstreet Parish (includes Ballydaly and Cullen)  are available to browse through

For Millstreet, there are 11,718 Baptismal records and 1,957 Marriage records for the dates 1st January 1751 up to 31 December 1903.

[update Feb 2013]  The full list of Dioceses with records online has increased since this article was first published, and is now:

The site is very easy to use, so it should be one of your first ports of call if you are researching your ancestors.

Thanks to Presley for reminding me of this item

7 thoughts on “Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records”

  1. Thanks Michael!

    I’m interested in connecting with any Kelleher (Timothy/Ellen) or Carroll (Daniel/Catherine Kelleher) relatives that may still be around. I have a lot of info with connections of family who stayed in Millstreet in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
    Contact me if you have any info!

    presleyk@veri(nospam) (remove (nospam) from the address)

    1. hello,
      I am a desendant of the Kellehers in Millstreet. My grandmothers mother was a Kelleher. Her name was Cathrine Kelleher. She had four brothers that came to USA at the turn of the last century. (1884). My grandmother’s Grandfather was Daniel Kelleher and Grandmother was Margaret Sullivan. They were born or lived in Cahenbama, County cork. My grandmother (Hanora Daly) she was named after her grandmother Hanora Kelleher.

      Daniel Kelleher b: 1833 Married: Margaret Sullivan
      1. Jerome Kelleher
      2. Catherine Kelleher
      3. Con Kelleher
      4. Patrick Kelleher
      5. John Kelleher

    2. Hello Presley, My name is Jack Buckley from Boston. My Buckley’s were from Knocknakilla with the Kelleher farm just down the lane dating back to Griffiths. I have several Bucl;ey’s marrying Kelleher’s as follows;

      Ellen Kelleher b 1851, to John and Margaret Buckley, marrying Michael Buckley 1842 to Denis and Ellen Walsh Buckley from Knocknakilla. Their marriage date was 6 June 1875 in Misllstreet. I have only identified 1 sibling for Denis that being James they would have been born early 1800’s.

      Next I have a James Buckley b 12 April 1872 marrying Margaret Kelleher b 1875 to Peter Kelleher and Anna Shea of Knocknakilla ( this info is from their marriage record).

      I know that both Buckley and Kelleher surnames are very common in the Millstreet area. Wondering if you might have any info on my relation as per above. I still have Buckley and Kelleher family living in and around Millstreet and have visited several times.

      Thanks very much, Jack

  2. im interested the birthplace of Patrick Geran who married julia williams in Millstreet in 1856. Any info please Thank you. Can be contacted at <email>
    Thank you

  3. I believe that I may have some copies of baptismal records for your Kelleher family – had requested copies from a Parish here in Philadelphia some years ago hoping they would tie into my Kelleher family.
    Still don’t know if there may be a distant connection.
    My grandfather Jerome A. Kellher was born in Phila. in 1888 – baptized in St. Patrick’s Norristown, PA – had one sister, Elizabeth born 1890 also baptized in St. Patrick’s, Norristown, PA. Parent listed as Jeremia Kelleher and Catherine Ida Matson. No info on them after this, seem to have disapeared off the face of the earth. Have a copy of a will from a
    Jerome Kelleher dated 1903. Names two daughters – Catherine Kelleher Bradley and Agnes Kelleher (remained single). Census records show my grandfather living with his Aunt Catherine Kelleher Bradley and her husband James and family, young Elizabeth is living with Aunt Agnes.
    My paternal grandmother, Margaret Rodgers Kelleher married this Jersom (1888) and his mother’s sister Mary Rodgers married Jim Bradley, II and so my father also a Jerome Kelleher was living with them –
    I am having a great deal of trouble find out info on the Jerome Kelleher who’s will I have dated 1903 – he is definitely a relative as I have living relative that know of his daughters – his wife and son are referred to a being deceased at this time – thus the Aunts caring for the children: Jerome & Elizabeth.
    I also have a copy of a grave purchased for $5.00 from 1879 with Jerome as the purchaser of the plot and a fee receipt for $4.00 for having the grave dug when the Catherine that was the mother of Catherine and Agnes passed.
    They are buried in Old Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia,PA.
    There is a Jerome Kelleher intern there that died May 31,1927 at age 35 if I remember correctly. My grandfather Jerome b. 1888 d. May 31, 1926 prior to my father Jerome’s birth in Aug. of 1926. I am assuming that that Jerome may be a cousin since that was not uncommon for family members to share plots.
    Let me know if any of these Kellehers may ring a bell with you.
    Look forward to hearing form you as I am been researching since 1978 off and on.

  4. While searching for another veteran of the American Civil War, I came across the grave of Nicholas Pomeroy, 1835-1919.
    Is there any definite dates as to his birth and death?
    As a re-enactor/Living Historian of the ACW, I was totally caught unaware of this tremendous (to me) find.
    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged.
    Happy Christmas
    Liam McAlister
    Cobh, Co. Cork

  5. I am searching for information about my great grandparents and wonder if descendants of their families still live in the area of Banteer/Rathcoole.
    Morgan Donovan (born 1838) in Clonmeen, Banteer, father’s name Timothy.
    Kate Lynch (born 1844) in Rathcoole, Millstreet, father’s name Timothy
    They married in Dromtarriffe Church on 28.7.1868.
    Their first child, Timothy, was born at Clonmeen in 1869, later ordained to priesthood.
    The family then moved to Dublin where Morgan worked in the Education Office of the Civil Service.
    They had 5 more children – Ellen (Wilkinson), Catherine (Loretto Order Nun), Mary (Giltinan), Morgan, and Nora (O’Sullivan) – my Grandmother, who later lived in Sunday’s Well, Cork.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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