Traditional Music Special on Tonight’s “Radio Treasures” on CMS

As our Breton Friends from our Twin Town Pommerit le Vicomte return home following an enjoyable week in Millstreet and the West of Ireland we feature on Cork Music Station tonight at 10:00 a special musical recording presented at Coolefield House (the home of Michael, Pam and the Thornton Family) on Sunday 16th Sept. 2018.   The wonderfully talented musicians are members of Millstreet CCÉ coordinated by Claire O’Loughlin – O’Leary.  And, of course, “Radio Treasures” on CMS also features our mix of the very best of instrumental music and song plus our musings sharing lots of interesting information.   Feel most welcome to join us tonight 9:30 to 11:00 and consider contacting us on our Seán Radley Facebook chatline.  Patrick W.O’Leary from Louisville, Kentucky also enjoyed the musical evening at Coolefield House. Here we share images from our Musical Presentation and the leaving of our Breton Friends on Sat. 22nd Sept..  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.) [read more …] “Traditional Music Special on Tonight’s “Radio Treasures” on CMS”

A Wonderfully Busy Saturday in a Colourful Millstreet

Saturday, 15th Sept. 2018 truly was a very busy and exciting day in Millstreet which included the official welcome of our Breton Visitors from Pommerit le Vicomte who will be on holiday for the next week – While Tubrid Holy Well and Millstreet GAA Community Hall were the venues for the inspirational Faith and Light Group from all over Munster.  Lots and lots of superbly colourful Cork Flags and window displays salute the splendidly talented Chloe Collins in advance of the All-Ireland in Croke Park on Sunday.  Here we share images from the many happenings in Millstreet this Saturday.  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Our Breton Friends Arrive at noon in The Square.
Breton and Irish Friends Reunite.
Faith and Light Group from all over Munster pictured in Millstreet GAA Hall.
Millstreet Pipe Band Church Gate Collection this weekend.

Saturday shopping with Kathleen accompanied by V.I.P. displaying the Cork colours!
Universal Support for Chloe Collins – Cork Player Supreme – Every success in the All-Ireland on Sunday in Croke Park.

Margaret Pierce and Mum in magnificent style chilling out at Café Aroma before attending a wedding reception.
Loyal Galway Supporter Geraldine Dennehy supporting Cork on this occasion!
Herlihy’s Centra Expresses thanks for the wonderful support to the recent fundraising Spinathon.

[read more …] “A Wonderfully Busy Saturday in a Colourful Millstreet”

Millstreet Visit put back to September

Recently, about twenty members of the Pommerit-Millstreet twinning committee attended the AGM of the association. After the approval of the moral and financial report in 2017, a report was made of the meetings of departmental and regional Brittany-Ireland twinning committees. The observation is obvious. “Many committees are in survival and the future is very uncertain.”

With its 26 members, the Pommerit committee is doing pretty well and keeps its dynamism. After the re-election of the office, it was decided to renew the activities organized during the last season. The boules contest will take place on the weekend of April 28th and 29th. The association will participate in the Telethon.

For reasons of availability, the stay in Ireland, originally scheduled for late June, has been postponed after the summer holidays. The departure is scheduled for Friday, September 14 for a return on Sunday, September 23. This stay is open to all.  [from] Broadcast Number 2–Radio Treasures

Cullens Willie Fitzgerald and his son John have recently established a new Internet Radio Station called corkmusicstation,each week the amount of people tuning into this radio station is steadily increasing and it is fast becoming well established as a place to listen to the best of music with a big emphasis on Country-and-Western and Irish music, The website for it is and you may contact the station through its very own chatroom, by email or by Text. Full details are on its website, DJs on the Station include Willie himself and LTV 2 Presenter Sean Radley amongst others.

To give people a taste of what the Radio Station is like check out the youtube audio below and the corkmusicstation DJ presenting on this clip is Sean Radley which was taken from his weekly Programme Radio Treasures,this was first broadcast on Tuesday July 10 2012, in this piece Sean went to The Clara Inn Pub in Millstreet on Friday Night July 6 last to record some great music and song, so for more information go to


Our Visit to Brittany 2011 – Part Five

As our Breton trip continues we arrive at a port town which happens to be one of the biggest seaweed exporter centres in Europe.

And so we have reached part five of our week long Breton trip in August/September.   We begin with the very picturesque setting where there was an ancient cross where one was encouraged to [read more …] “Our Visit to Brittany 2011 – Part Five”

Our Visit to Brittany 2011 – Part Three

Our Guide gives us an excellent tour of a most interesting Museum - Le Musée des Goémoniers - when for two days we left Pommerit le Vicomte to visit Western Brittany. This Museum paid tribute to the very important Seaweed Harvesting Industry in that area and of the highly regarded people who worked in that industry.

Our Breton feature continues as we complete our visit to the local festival of St. Fiacre with its exquisite Church and superbly maintained Cemetery (features which exist throughout Brittany).   On the Monday we set off on [read more …] “Our Visit to Brittany 2011 – Part Three”

Pommerit le Vicomte Visit 2011 – Part Two

Enjoying the wonderful sunshine and magnificent setting of Pontrieux after Mass on the Sunday.

Our Sunday begins in Pommerit le Vicomte where we assemble before driving to nearby beautiful Pontrieux where we attend Mass followed by a very enjoyable stroll through the charming town which has the river flowing through making it a truly exquisite setting.   In the afternoon Yves and Josiane took me to a very interesting [read more …] “Pommerit le Vicomte Visit 2011 – Part Two”

Millstreet Visits Pommerit le Vicomte in Autumn 2011 – Part One

The very beautiful home of Yves and Josiane Allain where I was privileged to stay during our recent week in Brittany.

As promised, we begin our special feature on our recent visit to our twin town, Pommerit le Vicomte in Brittany where celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of our Twinning took place on the Friday evening (2nd Sept. 2011) …. But we begin on the previous Saturday (27th Aug.) when twenty of us left The Square, Millstreet on Darren Kealy’s bus driven by William Fitzgerald.   Leaving Cork Airport we soon arrived at [read more …] “Millstreet Visits Pommerit le Vicomte in Autumn 2011 – Part One”

Silver Anniversary of Twinning Celebrated at Pommerit le Vicomte in Brittany on Friday Evening, 2nd September 2011

Photographed at the official unveiling by the Mayor of Pommerit le Vicomte of the very impressive plaque commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Twinning of Millstreet with Pommerit le Vicomte in Brittany on Friday, 2nd September 2011 - from left: Yves Allain, Le Maire, Anne Keane and Joseph Crom. A full comprehensive feature on the superb week of twinning activities for the twenty Millstreet Representatives so wonderfully welcomed by the Breton Twinning Committee and the many very cheerful and sincerely friendly people of this great region, will follow in a few days time. We are presently in the process of preparing the highlights from thousands of images we have taken of this past historic week in Brittany. (S.R.)

Millstreet delegation going to Pommerit-le-Vicompte

A delegation of twenty two from Millstreet are going to Pommerit-le-Vicompte in Brittany this coming Saturday for the 25th anniversary of the twinning between our towns. This article appeared on Le Télé a local French newspaper ahead of the trip (translation below):

Millstreet. Une délégation pour le 25e anniversaire du jumelage

Le comité de jumelage va recevoir une délégation irlandaise de Millstreet, du samedi 27août au samedi 3septembre, à l’occasion du 25e anniversaire du jumelage. Vingt-deuxIrlandais seront reçus dansdes familles pommeritaines. Le bureau, autour des deux présidents, Yves Allain et JosephCrom, a mis en place tous les détails du programme et des festivités. L’arrivée des Irlandais est prévue le samedi 27août. Durant leur semaine sur le sol breton, de nombreuses visites sont prévues (cap Fréhel, Dinan, découverte du Finistère, balade en famille, découverte du patrimoine local…) [read more …] “Millstreet delegation going to Pommerit-le-Vicompte”

Jumelage avec Millstreet (Twinning with Millstreet)

The year was 1985 and a group from Millstreet were in France to formalize the twinning of Millstreet and Pommerit-le-Vicompte. Above is a newspaper cutting from a French newspaper of the time. The caption reads ” Wednesday afternoon was devoted to a visit to Argoat. ” [read more …] “Jumelage avec Millstreet (Twinning with Millstreet)”

A Good Hat Day!

Pictured at the 25th Anniversary of Millstreet / Pommerit-le-Vicomte Twinning Association on 18th September 2010 at Liscahane where a tree was planted and a plaque unveiled - wearing distinctive hats on the occasion (on left) Bernard, an Artist from Pommerit-le-Vicomte and Brendan Murphy of LTV2 Millstreet (Seán)

Twinning Associations Mark 25th Anniversary

Yannick Perrot unveils the special plaque at Millstreet's Carnegie Hall on Friday, 24th September 2010 marking the 25th anniversary of the Twinning between Pommerit-le-Vicomte in Birttany and Millstreet. Also included is Anne Keane (Chairperson, Millstreet Twinning Association) and Thierry Raffan of Brittany who acted as Interpreter. The plaque reads as follows: "25th Anniversary - Giorraíonn beirt bóthar (Company shortens the road) - 24th Sept. 2010." The historic occasion was also recorded by LTV2 Millstreet. (Seán)

Welcome to our Friends from Pommerit-le-Vicomte

Our twelve Friends from our Twin Town, Pommerit-le-Vicomte in Brittany pictured at Macroom Road, Millstreet on Saturday, 18th Sept. 2010 following the tree planting ceremony and the unveiling of a special plaque marking 25 years of twinning between our two communities. (Seán)

Pommerit-le-Vicompte Visitors

This weekend Millstreet welcomes twelve visitors form its Breton twin town Pommerit le Vicomte for a week. Residing with host families, the visiting party are due to arrive in Millstreet on Saturday at noon. From a formal twinning in 1985, key areas of mutual interest have been developed and copper-fastened on the latest chapter, described as one of the memorable visits undertaken between the centres. Everyone who would like to join the the twinning activities is very welcome. The schedule for the week is:

  • Sat 18th 12pm approx: Arrival and lunch with host families in McCarthy’s
  • Sat 18th 2pm: Tree planting ceremony – Cork road.
  • Sun 19th: Day with the host families
  • Sun 19th 8pm: Riverdance at the INEC Killarney
  • Mon 20th: Visitors leave Millstreet on a 2 day tour
  • [read more …] “Pommerit-le-Vicompte Visitors”

Twinning Twirl

Not so much a dancing but a talking "twirl" by members of Millstreet Twinning Association who had a very pleasant get together at McCarthy's Bar, The Square, Millstreet on this Sunday evening (22nd August) in the knowledge that Cork are now in the All-Ireland Football Final. Our Friends from Pommerit-le-Vicomte will be arriving in Millstreet on 18th September 2010 marking the 25th Anniversary of the official twinning of our two communities. (Seán)

Pommerit-le-Vicomte, our Breton Twin Town

Snow (some 20 cms!) pictures from  Pommerit-le-Vicomte, our very special Breton Twin Town, very kindly emailed to us by Yannick Perrot whose picture from our Brittany visit of 2006 I also feature.   We are truly uplifted to note that Yannick and many good Friends in our very beautiful Twin Town (with which we are twinned almost 25 years) are regular visitors to our website.