Millstreet Visit put back to September

Recently, about twenty members of the Pommerit-Millstreet twinning committee attended the AGM of the association. After the approval of the moral and financial report in 2017, a report was made of the meetings of departmental and regional Brittany-Ireland twinning committees. The observation is obvious. “Many committees are in survival and the future is very uncertain.”

With its 26 members, the Pommerit committee is doing pretty well and keeps its dynamism. After the re-election of the office, it was decided to renew the activities organized during the last season. The boules contest will take place on the weekend of April 28th and 29th. The association will participate in the Telethon.

For reasons of availability, the stay in Ireland, originally scheduled for late June, has been postponed after the summer holidays. The departure is scheduled for Friday, September 14 for a return on Sunday, September 23. This stay is open to all.  [from]


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