Broadcast Number 2–Radio Treasures

Cullens Willie Fitzgerald and his son John have recently established a new Internet Radio Station called corkmusicstation,each week the amount of people tuning into this radio station is steadily increasing and it is fast becoming well established as a place to listen to the best of music with a big emphasis on Country-and-Western and Irish music, The website for it is and you may contact the station through its very own chatroom, by email or by Text. Full details are on its website, DJs on the Station include Willie himself and LTV 2 Presenter Sean Radley amongst others.

To give people a taste of what the Radio Station is like check out the youtube audio below and the corkmusicstation DJ presenting on this clip is Sean Radley which was taken from his weekly Programme Radio Treasures,this was first broadcast on Tuesday July 10 2012, in this piece Sean went to The Clara Inn Pub in Millstreet on Friday Night July 6 last to record some great music and song, so for more information go to


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