Eily’s Report – 5th May

May 5th And we’re off,  the lockdown is lifted. Well a little anyway for people of my own vintage. We are now allowed to go 5 km  from base. What will it mean. For one thing it means that we are stepping into another phase of our lives. Will it be called our life after the cocoon in our history books. We are on lockdown since before St. Patrick’s Day.  Like most others, I never went outside my own gate since then, never drove my car, didn’t go to a shop, or church or the Town Park.  Didn’t meet a friend for coffee, or buy any new style, any of the everyday things that we have taken for granted all our lives. It was the rule and we adhered to it.  What will our lives be like as a result. We will have to exercise great care, being off the road for such a long time will surely have played on our ability to drive safely again. It is so important that we don’t spoil  our newfound freedom by having a mishap.  The world knows it has been a strange and abnormal happening, but necessary of course.  I passed from the age of 86 to 87 during that time and in all my years have never thought that I and the whole world around me would become part of history at this part of my life for all the wrong reasons. History has taught us that there have been plagues in the past and they make sensational reading but they were long gone destined to the history books for anybody who would take the trouble to read about them. We are the history makers now and  up to now we are fortunate to have a government and medical crew who are guiding us through it as best they can keeping in mind that the Corona Virus is as new to them as it is to us.

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Eily’s Report – 21st April

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

Fondest greetings, as we settle down to yet another week of total lockdown. The mind boggles at the enormity of it all. We are still trying to grasp the fact that people in the minutest corners of the world are restricted like we are and toeing the line accordingly. The One World Together global concert on Sunday night  on RTE2 brought it home to us again as if we needed reminding. With singing stars from every corner of the world saying the very same as we are here. We dare not ask  when will it all end or what is the world going to be like by then. I started a jigsaw of a thousand pieces a few days ago and its going to take me months and months to put it all together again. I think that is the way I feel about the world today, it is broken up  by sickness, by massive closures and mass unemployment. Some businesses will never open again.  But there will always be a need for people, perhaps they wont be doing what they did before but they will be needed when the world picks up again and with the Corona virus experience behind them I think it’s going to be a better place.

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Eily’s Report – 10th March

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

Fondest greetings everybody and I hope you are all well. It isn’t easy to open any conversation now without mentioning the Corona Virus so how can I be any different. The power of the media today is making the whole world  feel as small and as intimate as any parish or even a town land of old. In olden times, the spread of bad news should wait till after the morning trip to the creamery or on arriving at work, passing it on to people who would waste no time in bringing it out to the fields and scrioctering houses of rural areas. And the Cork Examiner was a must, bought at the local shop and taken home, from the creamery to where the whole family gathered around the boss of the house and listened with the utmost attention as he revealed the latest scoop. Reading done the paper put down and then a detailed discussion took place  weighing the pros and cons of the matter  before returning to the work of the day. If the subject was tragic or scary and worrying, there was time to tease it all out and find another angle and find strength and support in one another.  On the other hand if it was something lighthearted and funny the whole clan enjoyed the moment and had a wholesome laugh together.

Today if there is some incident be it good or bad in many cases the first place you’ll hear it from is Australia. There is always someone faster than you on the button and before you have time to press yours  the message will hit your screen from down under with maybe more on the story than you had. There is no doubt, it’s great but there is always a BUT, the family unit, as we knew it is gone and with it is the wonderful family support. Lots of people live on their own now. Every door is locked.  Bad news and upsetting messages are not easy to take  when there is no one to share it with, no one  to lean on, or thrash it out with.  The Corona virus is a case in point. Once the first account of it hit the media, it went viral. Having digested to initial shock, the fear of scarcities set in, sending the multitudes off to stock-pile. Emptying shelves  of whatever it was that they thought, they couldn’t live without, leaving others frustrated. People are creatures of habit and as such they’re frightened they’ll run out of something. It happens at Christmas, at Easter or any time we have a Bank Holiday weekend. I’ve seen it happen over and over and every time I see these wagons of food stuff leaving the Supermarket, I can’t help telling myself that they’ll never eat all that in two or three days.  The thought of wasting food scares me.  [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 10th March”

Eily’s Report – 23rd December 2019

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my report.

With only a matter of hours to go to the Magic Fest. It’s great to see the weather being mild and safe for travel as people rush around some to airports, trains, buses, cars, using every means of transport to be where they want to be for Christmas. Some of us don’t know what the feeling is like to be home for Christmas because we were never away but judging by the efforts that I’ve seen people making to be home with the family,it  must be pretty special.

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Eily’s Report – 22nd October

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

The first frosts of winter were crisp on everything when we got up on Monday morning. The sudden drop in temperatures sent us  reaching for our warm boots and scarves. But the noon sun came out and melted it all away.

On Sunday last which was Mission Sunday, some fruits of the earth were placed on the Alter for all Masses and the Priest thanked the Lord for the abundance food for both man and beast which the land produced over the past number of months and prayed for the hands that worked on them.  The choir sang hymns appropriate for the occasion.”All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all”.   Buíochas le Dia.

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Eily’s Report – 8th October

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

The Autumn chill is in the air but as we escaped the ravages of the hurricane, we can easily put on extra clothes to keep warm. Some people complained about the media saying that they over did the prediction of what was to come but it was some record that not one life was lost by the monster wind. It’s comforting to know that we have such a broad based array of advisory bodies to warn us in such detail of impending  forces of Nature. And we can only say a heartfelt word of thanks to all those who showed such an interest in our welfare.

Fire Safety Week starts on this Friday October 11th  and members of our local Brigade will be at our  shops  in the town to meet the public and chat with them about their work. It will give us all the  chance  to meet the people who are on call at all times in case  of fire outbreaks  or other  disasters.                    So please take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Many congratulations to Linda McAuliffe, daughter of Patsy and Angela who was among the students of Kerry ETB Radio, Broadcasting and Digital Journalism Course who won Gold and Bronze featuring the Sounds and Soundscapes of Kerry, entitled Clauis Ciarraí, Millstreet.

An important meeting of the Community Council will be held at the Wallis Arms Hotel tonight,starting at 8.30.   All members please attend.

Our Tidy Towns Committee want to thank all those who helped them to gain six more points in this years National Event and they are asking everybody to row in behind them in their effort to win silver next time round.   The time to start preparing is now. So please their goal, your goal for 2020.

A date for your diary – a mock wedding will take place in the Bush Bar on Saturday the 19th October  at 8 pm in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). Invitations €10  Music by the Kelts, a good night assured.

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Eily’s Report – 27th August

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

And a fond hello to all those from faraway places who let us know that our website is helping them to stay close to Millstreet and the folks at home.

Well the last of our Equestrian events for 2019 are over for another season. Except for the Pony Owners Show on late October. The planes of Drishane did the business again last week when the cream of the worlds bloodstock took part in the challenging events on our World Class course which is Drishane. The weather was kind and the grounds held up well under the pressure of the galloping hooves.

Well done once again to Noel C  and the Duggan Family .

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Eily’s Report – 16th July

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.
Following the parade the presenting of prizes to former winners was held at the podium outside the Wallis Arms Hotel, and then the real fun began when the visitors joined in with the locals, for food, drinks and music which set the precedent for the following five days. And ended with a gala banquet at the Green Glens on Saturday night. During the week they climbed our mountains, visited our beauty spots and shopped in the town. Many promising to come back .The International  Mounted Games Championships, lived up to all that was expected of them from July 8th to 14th here in Millstreet. The opening parade through the town on Tuesday evening was a truly wonderful sight. Riders  as young as twelve years of age and adults from 17 European countries on spirited ponies prancing through our streets each displaying the flags of the homelands and wearing many coloured outfits . They were led by our much admired pipe band. Public Safety was all important and the streets were lined on both sides with interlinked fencing. The crowds came in their hundreds and enjoyed the spectacle in brilliant sunshine. Our friendly Garda members on hand to see that all went well.

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Eily’s Report – 21st May

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

There was a great attendance at the Community Council meeting on Tuesday night. The extension and refurbishment of our Youth Complex came up for discussion but as there was no reply from the Architect there was no new development.

A sub-committee has been formed by the council to take over the staging of a family Fun Day at the end of July, and some funding  was allotted to them to help get the project off the ground.

Our Tidy Towns Committee are looking for your help right now as the planting season is in full swing.  Contact Noreen Dennehy and Patricia Randals  on 087 617 67 22 if you are available to help.  Both men and women are needed.  So please give them a ring and be ready to get stuck in and don’t leave it all to Girl Power. They have added some permanent planting to their program which will improve or simplify their work in future.

Following a break last week our Bowls Club will resume again  at the Wallis Arms Hotel on tomorrow Wednesday from 10am to 1pm. Organised  jointly by the Active Retired Group and the Men’s Shed.  They invite everybody along but for Insurance reasons only those who are members of bowling clubs  can play. This problem can be overcome very easily by becoming a member. So do drop in and see if a game of Bowls is the hobby for you.

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Eily’s Report – 23rd April 2019

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

The Season of Lent is over for another year and so is the Holy Season of Easter. Easter is seen by many, as being more important than Christmas itself, because it tells us that Christ actually rose from the dead. Here in Millstreet this year our Easter Sunday made history in a very special way. Our Annual Easter Commemoration Parade was held at mid day ending at the Monument in the Town Square,and for the first time in the history of the event a lady gave the oration, in the name of Cumann na mBan. The great Woman’s Army which played such a pivotal role in achieving freedom for our country. Retired secondary School teacher, Margaret Buckley, took to the podium and gave a passionate and unbiased account of the way that Ireland was won, and our New State formed.

In brilliant sunshine the crowd including many veterans,proudly wearing their medals, listened to her every word. Copies of her speech are available ,and it makes good reading, and I’m sure it will be available On Line. It should be, because it was groundbreaking , and gave women a sense of pride ,to be at long last recognised . History is often written by men, and can give a biased account of events. But now Margaret has opened up a brand new angle of the War of Independence that is well worth delving into. Thank you Margaret.

History was also made here in recent days when the lovely Julia Mary Murphy of Toorbonia celebrated her 105th Birthday at our Sheltered Housing Complex. Friends and neighbours as well as manager supreme Mary Feeley ,were there to celebrates with her , and heard her sing her favourite song, A Mother Love’s a Blessing. Davey Barrett and Mathew Broe also celebrated twenty years of happy residency atb the the same occasion.  

And speaking of Birthdays this week let us wish the great Joanne O Riordan and very Happy Birthday on tomorrow Wed.,  Apr 24th.Congratulations all round.  And to Eily herself – we wish a very Happy Birthday also whose wonderful birthday in her 80s is celebrated on Wed. 24th April and we sincerely thank Eily for her Weekly News.  [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 23rd April 2019”

Eily’s Report 29th January

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

The month of January is ending in a flurry of group socials, A.G.M.’s and fundraisers for good causes and it looks like the month of February is about to start  on the same theme. The A.G.M. of our Community Council will be held at the Wallis Arms Hotel on Tuesday February 12th, starting at 8pm sharp.  New members welcome.

Last Tuesday nights meeting  of the Community Council was attended by representatives from the Men’s Shed and the Active Retired Group who are in the process of installing a Bowls Rick in the town. To start them off  the Council presented them with a cheque for  €1,500.  It will be a first for Millstreet and the organisers are inviting opinions and advise from the public to help them on their way.  Contact Bertie at 087 6793841. Or Kit at 087 2989450

The annual Church Gate Collection in aid of The Day Care Centre will be held this weekend February 2/3 rd. Please support it well. And be reminded of all the great services that the Centre has to offer every day. Meals in or delivered, nursing care, physiotherapy, entertainment, to name just a few. Please give them a call at 029 70926 for full details of their wonderful services.  [read more …] “Eily’s Report 29th January”

Eily’s Report – 4th December

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

Our local branch of St. Vincent de Paul will hold their annual church gate collections this weekend   Saturday/Sunday December 8/9, before all Masses at Ballydaly, Cullen, Dromtarriffe, Dromagh Kilcorney and Millstreet. Please give generously to this important collection and with your help our volunteers will make Christmas better for many needy people in our community.

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Eily’s Report – 15th August

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome.

It’s a very busy week here in Millstreet with the opening of the equestrian season, comprising of the starting of the Millstreet International Horse Show today until Sunday August 19th and followed next week by the Millstreet Horse Trials incorporating FEI Nations Cup Eventing.

The Green Glens Arena is a picture, adorned with flowers and plants and colourful fences and others effects.

The town is a maze of monster horse carriers and delivery trucks in recent days as the scene was being set to welcome the Crème de la crème of Irelands thoroughbreds to Millstreet.

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Eily’s Report – 26th September

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome .

We are into the last week of September. The nights are drawing in and it’s that time of year when night classes and hobbies take centre stage. Our Active Retired group are doing trogan work in planning various pastimes for its many members. A trip to Dáil Éireann is on the cards,  afternoon tea dances, near and far, plus weekly dancing and other leisure time activities at the Day Centre.

The Annual Mass for the Active retired association will be celebrated on Friday evening next at 7.30 and all are welcome.

Our Community Council are about to hold a public meeting with a view to holding some parish entertainment during the Winter months. In the past we had projects like the Tops of the Parish, and so on. And while that would perhaps not the thinking for now, it gives an idea of what a community can do when challenged. The Public Meeting will be held at a date yet to be decided, so put your Thinking Caps on.

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Eily’s Report – 19th Sept. 2017

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a Chairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

Community Council Meeting will be held tonight Sept. 19 at the Wallis Arms Hotel starting at 9 sharp.

A notice to say that the Millstreet Vintage Club are holding an Autumn Car Run on this coming Sunday Sept 24th . Sign in at the Aroma Café, Millstreet from 10.30 am. Take off is at 12 noon. The run will proceed along a nice route to the FARM in Grenagh and will stop for a tour and an optional Meal at the lovely Venue. All Vintage Cars & Classics Cars welcome.

For more information contact Luke Hurley 086 880 54 37 or Donie Lucey 086 854 58 73.

Millstreet Gramophone Circle Monthly Meeting at the Day Care Centre on this Friday Sept. 22. starting at 8.15pm.  Presenter Maurice Linehan and All are welcome. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 19th Sept. 2017”

Eily’s Report 12th Sept. 2017

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my weekly report.

The cool winds of Winter are starting to blow and it’s time to bring out some of our winter warmers. But in case we start to complain let us spare a thought for to people in the North west of our country and worse still the thousands of people in America who are battling to survive against mighty hurricanes. Please keep them in your Prayers.

Well done to the people of Carriganima who held their 5k walk/run /cycle on Saturday in aid of both Millstreet & Macroom Hospitals. Over 150 people took part and at journey’s end they enjoyed some welcome refreshments and a social evening at the Pub with Music by local man Peter Lane of Blackwater Sound fame. [read more …] “Eily’s Report 12th Sept. 2017”

Eily’s Report 5th Sept. 2017

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly report.

Our annual September Horse Fair left a lot to be desired on Sunday. The weather was great for once but the crowds didn’t come. There were too many other fixtures within striking distance of Millstreet and our fair   fell victim to them all. The few people who did turn up were very disappointed at the poor attendance. I hope that this years poor show will not set a precedence for the future. We have two such shows in the year, one in March and one in September and people often come to meet other people whom they never see again until the next one. It is a pity to lose any event which brings people together like that.

September is well in and there is a vast amount of   activities available for people of all ages and capabilities to become part of . You can choose anything from the highly active and competitive to the   more laid-back type or many others in between. Maybe you need help or maybe someone needs you to help. It’s a well known fact that the best way to get happy is to make someone happy. [read more …] “Eily’s Report 5th Sept. 2017”

Eily’s Weekly Report – 29th August 2017

Dia is Muire diobh go leir a chairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

Fine weather blessed all the outdoor events that were held here during the week.

When the last of the mega Horse carriers from all over the world pulled out of Millstreet  at the weekend it marked the close of yet another long line of international equestrian events which were held at the Green Glens / Drishane Complex since early June. As always the International Millstreet Horse Trials which were held here during the week were  another reason for us to be proud of our place and all that it has to offer. Competitors came from America,  Canada and many other countries. Some  ending their long journey by landing on the edge of town by Helicoptor.   

Just one more horse event to come which is the Pony Owners Show which is held in October every year for Charity. [read more …] “Eily’s Weekly Report – 29th August 2017”

Eily’s Report – 8th Nov. 2016

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a Chairde and welcome to my weekly report .

eily-report-small-imageThe monthly meeting of the Community Council will be held at the Wallis Arms Hotel tonight (Tuesday ) at 9pm all members please attend.

And on Thursday night Nov. 10th , The community Council will host a meeting with the Tidy Towns and the Millstreet Tourist Association, with a view to setting up a Heritage Trail in the area. To begin with, the Local Mill and St. Patrick’s Church will be first on the agenda. All interested parties welcome.

And the powers that be have left us know that funding has been allocated to improve the network of Walk/Cycle Ways in Roscommon and Galway to complete and further enhance the Beara Breifni Way. It has its root in Castletownbere and snakes away through beautiful countrysides and countless towns along its route. All to commemorate the epic walk of Donal Cam O Sullivan and his loyal subjects in 1604.

Well done to his namesake Jim O Sullivan of Castletownbere who never rested until this mammoth contract was finished.

Minister Michael Ring has allocated €730,000 for the work. In making the announcement he said that the BearaBrefni Way has the potential to become Ireland’s Own Camino Trail . [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 8th Nov. 2016”

Eily’s Report …. 1st Nov. 2016

eily-report-small-imageDia is Muire díobh go léir a Chairde and welcome to my weekly report .

The Community Council held a special meeting on Thursday night , at the Wallis Arms Hotel and chairman Noel Buckley presided.   Derry Sheehan represented the Tidy Towns . In his address he informed the meeting that ,while our Tidy Towns Committee have done very well over the years, in the National Finals,and especially this year when they got 6 extra marks and a bronze medal .plus winning outright, the Co. Council Anti Litter Campain. But there is still a need for a final push to get us over the line.

According to the record we need to do more by way of our local Heritage and so on. So the plan is to write up the history of our local buildings and focal points ,and present them in clear and attractive ways ,so that visitors to our town will be made aware of all that we have to offer by way of places to visit and places to see, and dine. [read more …] “Eily’s Report …. 1st Nov. 2016”

Eily’s Report – 30th Aug. 2016

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my weekly Report froeily1-150x150[1]m Millstreet.

The fine weather prevailed all through the week of our cross-Country Horse Trials which were held at Drishane Castle & Green Glens during the past week. In fact it was a gift from God for all of our outdoor pursuits. The course which covers up to 30 ks was a sight to behold, with many new additions such as colourful jumps and fences , beautiful wood carvings and fountains in the lakes sending beams of water sky high.

This Show marks the end of a long list of equestrian events that were held at our world Class venue over the past number of months.

Shows which brought the whole world to Millstreet from Australia &  New Zealand to America and dozens of European countries, boosting the economy of our town and a tourism value that cannot be measured. And our people gave of their very best to send them back with nothing but good things to say about Millstreet and Ireland on the whole. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 30th Aug. 2016”

Eily’s Report – 16th Aug 2016

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my weekly Report .eily1-150x150[1]

We said it would be a busy week but found that that was a bit of an understatement.

The passing of the legendery Rita Hickey came as a little surprise in mid week. Her passing brought people from many parts both at home and abroad to pay homage to their wonderful teacher. Ninety seven year old Rita came to Millstreet in 1942/3 from Tullow Co. Carlow to teach at our Presentation Convent School at secondary level. From where she progressed with her husband Garret along with Joe Garvey to start the first secondary school in Millstreet. It was a very new venture at the time, a ground-breaking project. From cautious beginnings it grew to be the most successful school in the south. Students came from miles away to attend,some cycling as much as ten miles to and from every day,while others took lodgings in the town. Such was the hunger that people had for Education at the time. So it was no surprise that Rita’s demise brought loving ,grateful past pupils from all quarters to pay their final homage to the great Lady who gave them the high quality of life that they are enjoying today. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 16th Aug 2016”

Eily’s Report – 2nd August 2016

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my weekly report from Millstreet .Eily report small image

And this week I have to ask all of Millstreet to take a bow. And I beg the question what other town the size of Millstreet in any part of Europe and indeed perhaps the whole world could boast the hosting a European event such as we have seen here for the past week. Up to thirty countries from as far away as Russia took up residence with us mixed with our people . They bought their food from our shops & stores and I must say that our shops and stores did us proud. There was widespread praise for our food. The bread the meats the fish and so on and so on. As many of the visitors lived in their own luxurious wagons they did their own cooking which gave us a great opportunity to let them know just how good our food is. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 2nd August 2016”

Eily’s Report – 26th July 2016

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a Chairde and welcome to my Millstreet report.Eily report small image

The Wheel of Millstreet is moving big time again this week with the arrival of no less that 30 European Countries descending on the World Class, Green Glens Arena, for the FEI European Jumping Championships for Young Riders, Juniors and Children on Horses –  some as young as 13.

Since last Friday the mega horse carriers have been thundering into town. And along with them the throngs of people who have made long journeys across Europe to get here. Some came by car and Ferry, others by plane.  And to-night (Tuesday July 26 ) there will get a rousing Millstreet Welcome for them when they march through  Millstreet town – starting from the Fair Field Car Park at 6.30pm.

Each team will carry its own National flag.  Our wonderful Pipe Band will be are at the ready to play them in. Then all are welcome to accompany them to the Green Glens for the official opening ,which will be followed by a free concert given by the World Renowned Liam O’ Connor. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 26th July 2016”

Eily’s Report – 19th July 2016.

Dia is Muire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my Report from Millstreet.

They said it was going to be great and it was .The World Team Mounted Games Championships lived up to everything that was expected of them .

Twenty countries from all parts of the world decended on Millstreet and they were delighted with their stay.

At first it was a daunting task as we were not sure of what to expect. But following some meetings with their representative Mr. Conor O’Leary we found that we could do it after all. Many thanks to all those who answered the call from the Community Council to come out and help. Thanks to their co-operation, the town looked lovely and the crowds came out to welcome the visitors. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 19th July 2016.”

Eily’s Report – July12th 2016

Eily report small imageDia is Muire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report from Millstreet. It’s hard to think of anything else here in Millstreet this week other than the World Mounted Team Games Championships.

It’s a long name for any event but it’s worth it all when you think of this event which is bringing 20 teams from all over the globe into Millstreet,representing Ireland ,Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, New Zealand, America, Australia & Canada. The Championships are held in a different country every year. This year it’s in Millstreet , Ireland. And we are justly proud that our world class facility has been chosen to host this world class event which will run from Tuesday to Saturday, July 12-16. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – July12th 2016”

Eily’s Report – July 5th 2016

Eily report small imageEily’s Report July5th.

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a Chairde and welcome to my weekly Report from Millstreet .

Please give your best attention to the details of the World Class event that will be held at the Green Glens Arena next week. From July 12 to 16th inclusive. It is the World Team Mounted Games Championships with up to twenty countries from all over the world will be taking part.

It’s new to the Green Glens and it is exciting. That is why it is so important that we all play our part in making it a memorable event for all the right reasons. Participating countries include Ireland ,Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, New Zealand .

All those taking part will be installed at the Green Glens on Monday night July11th..Then  on Tuesday evening a Grand Parade will be held through the town. It will be very spectacular with Flags and music and colour and well over 100 horses & ponies each parading under their own flag . [read more …] “Eily’s Report – July 5th 2016”

Eily’s Report – 28th June 2016

Eily report small imageDia is Mhuire diobh go léir a Cairde and welcome to my Report.

I hope you still have your feet on the ground following the exciting, indeed hair raising, week that we have come through.

With Iceland’s success over the British last night putting the tin hat on it. It is great to see that we came through it all without any bad accident or bad behaviour or worse .

It is mind boggling to think of all the thousands who travelled, all the extra flights that were put on at short notice to make sure that all those who wanted to go ,went and came home in safety. It’s a miracle in itself Buíochas le Dia. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 28th June 2016”

Eily’s Report – 21st June 2016

Eily’s Report June 21.Eily report small image

Dia is Muire diobh go léir a Cairde and welcome to my Report`from Millstreet..From July 12 to 17 inclusive the World Team Mounted Games Championships will be held at the Green Glens.It’s a first and it is exciting. 18 Countries will be taking part.and they are Ireland, Northern Ireland, France. Belgium, South Africa, Norway, Germany, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, & Canada. The Final is held in a different country every year and last year it was held in Kentucky. A hundred and fifty ponies in all are coming, comprising of 30 teams at 5 ponies a team .

The chairman of the Championships Mr. Conor O Leary attended the monthly meeting of the Community Council on Tuesday night last and he gave a detailed account of the event of how our community can play a big part in welcoming such a prestigious event to our town.

The next meeting will be held on this Thursday night at 9pm and all are welcome to attend.

Still with the Green Glens, the FEI European Championships for Young Riders, Juniors & Children on Horses will be held from July 26 to 30th. [read more …] “Eily’s Report – 21st June 2016”

Regional Report No. 1282

Greetings, dear Friends, from Millstreet as we share  Regional Report No. 1282 on Tuesday 8th Sept. 2015.

Eily Buckley (for whom I’m presently deputising) is making great progress and is now thankfully back in her native Millstreet.

The recent very successful Millstreet International Horse Trials at the exquisite Drishane Estate and at Green Glens received some hugely uplifting comments in prestigious equestrian publications such as “The Irish Field”.   Here’s a flavour of some of the international reaction: [read more …] “Regional Report No. 1282”