Eily’s Report – 11th June

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

Many,many thanks to all those compliment me on my weekly report. Some in person, some online. The trouble is I don’t often see the ones online and fail to say thanks, I’m still not great at finding certain things online. In fact I’ve never found the fine reply that I got from Jerry Doody about the Metal Bridge and I was looking forward to telling you all about it. Some you win some you lose, but you keep going.

Our trip to Donegal last week was great and even though I had been there before. You’d always see  different things, next time around. Over fifty of our ARAs travelled, a few from other places and we all stayed at the wonderful Great Northern Hotel in Bundoran. The place was kept busy with many of our equals from other places and it’s pleasing to know the we the older folk can still play our part in keeping many hotels around the country going. Add to that the Parks and great houses where we pay our way plus the many cafes and restaurants that we frequent along the way. Our organisers  especially Mary Sheahan, left no detail out of her tight program from beginning to end. Even getting us back to Millstreet on Friday evening in good time to cast our votes. Some even with ample energy to attend the public Mass in St. Mary’s Cemetery.  The enjoyment that we got from our trip will see us in good stead in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks to all those who planned it all so well.

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Eily’s Report – 4th June

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

What is it about the Green Glens that it keeps on winning. And it’s cheers all round again this week as the Irish Team wins the Nations Cup. Fifteen Nations from across the globe made their way by plane, ship and truck to get here in an effort to win tops  and then it comes to the host nation little Ireland. We won the Eurovision Song Contest, We won World Boxing here and now the Mighty Nations Cup. We have reason to be proud indeed we have. I want to thank my new-found friend, Jill for giving me that piece of welcome information as it was happening on the course.

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Eily’s Report – 28th May

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

My last report in the month of May. And looking back it wasn’t a bad one. We got a fair mix of sun and rain and now that we are into the last quarter they tell us it will be rain all the way to the end, so we wait with baited breath.  I bet we’ll get a few sunny spots too.

 This week sees yet another mighty International Equestrian event coming to Millstreet. The Bloodstock of the globe and their owners will thunder into town during the week and perform  at the Green Glens on Friday and Saturday and the following two days, eventing  over the lavish planes of Drishane.  The great thing is that admittance is free all the way so people of all ages, creed and colour will get an opportunity to view it . The first International Horse Show was held in 1979.  Millstreet was a very different place back then. A humble hamlet, trying to hold on to the few good shops and stores which were winding down from a few successful years. Our town was ripe for change, for improvement, for new thinking and on it came with the Duggan Family. When you live long enough you get to see a lot and you remember a lot.  You tend to appreciate the changes for the better that took place in the town that you love so well. Only driving into the car park in the West End gives me a lift. Because in my young days all that place was a wilderness. Big black iron gates and just inside, a black-clad little woman  still there from the days when the person in the gate lodge had to be on the alert to open the gates the minute the lord and lady or whoever needed to go through. Nobody only those who saw it then and sees it now can appreciate the wonderful changes and improvements that have come to reality since then. The wide open entrance, the spacious carpark, the Community Hall, The youth Centre, the public toilets, even the funeral home,  the creche, the majestic Carnegie Hall, all done up, our beautiful Town Park, I love them all, because I knew the place when they were not there. No public toilet in the town can you imagine and I can well remember the fight we had to get it installed. I am the last surviving founder member of the Community Council, which was formed in 1977 and  I’m proud to say that I’ve been there and worked for it all in whatever way I could, because I wanted better for my town. And we did get great work  done, needing endless fundraising and pleading with our public servants and Govern departments.  If they  were all listed it would make interesting reading I’m sure.

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Eily’s Report – 21st May

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

There may be warnings of terrible thunder and thunder rains, but nothing can beat the early morning warm foggy world with the sun coming through. The dew on the grass and on the branches creating a wonderland of jewels all glistening in the slanting sun. A visiting cat re-enacting the wild desires of the beasts of the forest, crouching down ,even on the wet grass, in the hope of ambushing an unsuspecting little bird. Who was busy himself gathering stuff to make a nest. While other people  have to rush around catching up with their work-packed days, it’s nice for me and my likes, to have the time to follow the day at a speed reduced rate. I’m not sure if the idea of not cutting the lawn in May is such a good idea. It means that a lot of the new growths don’t come, leaving the birds without them. We all know only too well that when we cut the lawn, the first thing up in it’s wake is the dandolion. The favourite food of the small birds. But when they are not cut down the old stem stands withering there, with nothing to replace it. Nothing that is until the growth of mown again welcomes the next plants to spring up and sports its woolly head full of seeds to the sheer joy of our little feathered friends.

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Eily’s Report – 14th May

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

Fondest greetings everyone and I hope you’re allenjoying the beautiful weather. There was a host of fixtures planned for the entire weekend, from Darkness into Light, First Holy Communions, Vintage Run, Dancing at the Wallis for our ARA and their friends from other Clubs,  to name but a few. Plus the lovely weather for others to make plans of their own.  During the previous week our farmers were busy gathering in the silage, following all the weeks and months of rain and others getting their turf cut, all making sure that the coming winter will  be good for both man  beast.  I trust that all who had a good and successful time will give thanks to the Good Lord for his wonderful gift of fine weather that made it all possible.

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Eily’s Report – 7th May

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

The sun is making a fine appearance as the merry month of May rolls on.  Dramatic sun-downs light up the evening skies like never before. The recent setting sun threw up a variety of scenes as it skimmed over the highs and lows of the landscape. Scenes to be admired and captured on camera to be treasured again and again and shared with those who missed them. The system played a thick on me leading me to think that I was with the fairies. I took a fine image of Sundays evenings sun-down from inside my conservatory window my back to the tv. The picture came out great showing the full volume of the bright orange clouds high over Clara Mountain but to my dismay on checking my handiwork I got a shock to see the face of a weird looking man inside my wall looking straight at me. The  world of the supernatural, sprang to mind as I slammed my phone shut to give myself time to think, not always easy when you’re on your own. Then I steadied myself and opened it up again. Only to find that the mystery man’s face was a reflection from the television which was in the room behind me. Ahhh, the relief. Welcome and all as the sun may be please take good care to cover up well. The hot rays on the sun are really very burning as I found out first hand. So please wear good sun-block.

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Eily’s Report – 30th April

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

It’s not often we get good news but to hear that our town is being given the princely sum of €117,000 for local improvements on a Monday morning, it is enough to brighten up anyone’s day. Well done to those who succeeded in netting this welcome shot in the arm for Millstreet and as time moves on we look forward to see the changes that it will make.

First Holy Communions are the order of the day at the moment . The children from Cloghoula National School received their Communion in Ballydaly Church last week and this Saturday  May 4th it’s the turn of the children of Cullen who will have their ceremony in their own local Church. Following that on May 11 May it’s the turn of the little girls of the  Presentation National School and the boys of Scoil Mhuire  in Millstreet. In the build-up to their special days the children and their parents took an active part in what is called ‘Grow in Love,’ at the 11.30 masses in recent times and we wish them God’s Blessing at this important time in their lives and pray that the blessings which they will receive through the Sacraments of Penance and the Blessed Eucharist will stand to them in whatever road life takes them  in their future years.

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Eily’s Report – 23rd April

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made. That the Lord has made.   Let us rejoice, let us rejoice,  and be glad He did.

Oh the joy of a warm sunny spell and I hope that everybody is making full use of it. It seems a pity that little children have to spend long hours in class when their bodies would benefit so much from the  warmth of the sun and think of all the fun they could have in the great out of doors following the long months of wet weather which we have come through. Thankfully the people of the land are getting an opportunity to do their work. It’s great to see more and more cattle out grazing. Little lambs prancing in the fields and even the little rabbits making an appearance late in the day. Some folks have lots of bunnies around them and sometimes they can even be a problem especially when they make a meal of the baby plants of cabbage or flowers which you have so tenderly put into the ground. I don’t have that problem, living as I am on an island of sorts, encircled by the beautiful Finow river on one side and the busy Main Road on the other, boundaries that keep all wild life away.  So I have to depend on other peoples rabbits for my pleasure. I catch a glimpse of them grazing on the hilly fields as I drive to town. But at breeding time it grieves me to see lots of the little ones foolishly  wondering on to the busy traffic and meeting their waterloo.  But all is not lost as the hungry mother fox makes no delay in availing of a tasty meal. I know, Mother Nature can be cruel at times.

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Eily’s Report – 16th April

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

In spite of the cold weather, mother nature is doing her best to get on with her program for the year. Even the few days with less rain is having an affect. In the distance cattle can be seen grazing where the land is high and well drained bringing a surge of hope and perhaps a hope to do some planting even at this late stage. By this time in former years planters would be scanning the drills to see the first stalks on the potato field, coming through, always a delight to see. But not without it’s concerns, because the fear of frost held them in its grip until the last days of May. People were great in olden times for setting vegetables. Some in large quantities such as turnips and cabbage which they shared with the animals, but also onions and lettuce and radishes and brussels sprouts and peas. A small section was cordoned off at the verge of the potato field and a ridge raised up and manicured in every detail giving it the feeling of a ‘cut above the rest’. Some people saved the seeds from the previous year’s crop where they allowed some plants to grow on and blossom and ‘go into seed’ which they carefully collected and kept in a dry place for the following year.  Some were able to say  that they had the same ‘strain’ of plants for years and years. My Dad was good at this kind of thing. I would be with him as he prepared the ground and with the handle of the shovel he would press the parallel grooves all along the length of the ground. Then we would both inch along dropping in the seeds as we went before carefully covering them up again with the powdery soil. Maybe the sun was always shining back then or maybe he only did this work on a fine day, I can’t recall. Looking back at it now it all sounds so pleasant and wholesome. But God, how I hated that work, I don’t know why but it irked me to the bone and I did it with a puss on me afraid to open my mouth, because I knew what was good for me. Needless to say I’d rather be off playing with the dogs or riding the donkey etc. As well as drills of cabbage which we shared with the animals. My Dad would plant other cabbages, such as Greyhound and Savoy on the ridge. Smaller and tastier heads than what was called cow-cabbage. The Savoy lasted all winter and we often kicked the snow off the head when sent for some for the dinner in winter time. The peas had to be staked. Another fairly boring task. It involved breaking limbs off nearby trees and bushes and sticking them deep into the ground to support the plants. Pigeons were the plague of the kitchen gardener. They loved to wolf down the newly planted cabbage plants  which brought The angry Da out with his shotgun to put them to flight. With a bit of TLC the garden flourished and the moaning at planting time was soon forgotten when you’d sit on the warm ground and devour a belly-full of baby carrots, onion leeks or juicy peas when sent out to bring some in for the dinner.  Gifts from Heaven, all having been blessed with Holy Water on the first of May.

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Eily’s Report – 9th April

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

I hope you are all well and safe following the ravishes of storm ‘Kathleen’ which put us all to the test over the weekend. Thank God, very little damage has been reported locally, perhaps we are getting better at reacting to the warnings and battening down our hatches in good time.  Or maybe by now that everything that was loose has already been blown away. Ironically we had no less than two weddings in the Parish on Saturday. It must  have been any bride’s worst nightmare. First of all the days leading up to Saturday, heavy sleety showers were driven by hurricane winds, not the sort you’d need if you were putting the final touches to your big day. There was no let-up. The adverse conditions still raged on Saturday morning, causing power cuts at homes and even at the hairdressers. Which forced some to seek help from neighbours whose power supply survived.  God was good, there was a little respite at mid-day when the sun shone out to give all the wedding parties the opportunity to make it to the church and then the rain and storm returned. What a story those couples will have to tell their grandchildren in years to come.   We wish them God’s Blessing and many years of wedded bliss in the years ahead.

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Eily’s Report – 2nd April

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Fools Day is over and the clocks are put forward and the sun is shining, what more can we ask for? Schools are closed for the week, so let’s all be merry and bright.

Our Easter ceremonies went very well.  A great number of people attended the Penitential Celebrations  on Wednesday evening where priests from other parts of the Dioceses sat in our church to hear confessions.  Holy Thursday evening also drew fine crowd and on Good Friday the Church was all but full for the final story of the Passion of Christ, before the joyous nine o’clock Mass on Saturday night to celebrate the Risen Christ. We had five priests on the alter and the choir excelled themselves, especially in the rendering on The Gloria at the end and the Congregation responded with  a rousing   round of applause.  The priest thanked all those who helped in any way to make our Easter ceremonies the wonderful event that it was.

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Eily’s Report – 26th March

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Holy Week, the last week of Lent. The very thought fills us with joy and the expectation of a glorious Easter with the Sun dancing in the early morning sky.   But before all of that let us stop and think of the rest of  this week. The week when Christ died for us on the Cross on Calvary. The past five weeks of Lent have dragged by as we made our sacrifices whether big or small in preparation for the death of Jesus on Good Friday and now with only a few days to go let us up our efforts for the one last heartfelt push in His name before we let it all hang out again and feast on our goodies, go back to the smoke or tipple or whatever, happy in the thought that we did our bit.

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Eily’s Report – 19th March

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone and for us here in Millstreet, it was nothing short of a Showstopper. From early morning the sun shone out and kept the glow on all the events of the day. Our wonderful Pipe band played us into 11.30 Mass and as they paraded in tune all the way to the alter, you got that spine-chilling feeling of pride, even emotion. Founder member Tim O’Shea was there for photographs while stalwarts like the spritely Michael McCarthy and Brenden O’Sullivan led the group. It’s at moments like this that you weigh up the important part that things like your own pipe band play in a community and how important it is that we value them to the full. We had no less than three priests on the alter for Mass. Fr. Billy Radley, Fr. O’Shea (Kilcorney) and Fr. Sean Tucker.  They were joined by Canon John at Holy Communion time.  The band played the full church out after mass ended before rushing off the take part in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Killarney and were back again to take part in ours at 5.

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Eily’s Report – 12th March

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

The few hours of warm bright sunshine was very welcome on Monday morning after two whole days when the sky was blanked out in a  heavy smoky shroud. Our Sunday morning was brought to life by the local Vintage  Club who swelled the town to celebrate the 6th annual Johnnie Hickey Memorial Vintage Run. Based at the dip of the town they had adequate parking in Noel C Duggan’s Car Park by kind permission, while registration and refreshments  took place at Healy’s Bridge Bar. They had time for viewing the many cars as well as engaging in friendly chat. Marshals looked very striking in their motorcycle gear as they prepared to take to the road ahead of the cars to see that all was well along the route. All sorts of vintage vehicles were welcome and draws for various prizes. These Vintage runs never fails to add some life to wherever they take place, and long may they continue.

Four weeks of Lent are already gone. And this week as was always the norm a little break was made for to celebrate the feast day of our national patron saint, St. Patrick himself.   What is it about St. Patrick, that his Day is celebrated all over the world. If the truth be said other countries are more passionate about it than we are. Rivers are died green, everybody dresses up in our national colour. Those abroad love to get a little sprig of Shamrock from the old country for that day. Not all samples arrive as planned.  For as long as my brother Jerry was a missionary in the East, I sent him a decent piece every year. In the early days you could buy a special little box for the job. I’d search until I’d find a very special spray,  wrap it in nice damp tissue to keep it fresh and make it up lovely for him to get it on time for St. Patrick’s Day. He never failed to appreciate the gesture which made me very happy that he got it on time and I’d have visions of him marching in their parade all dolled up in Kilmeedy Shamrock. But alas ,t took many, many years for him to pick up the courage to tell me that my gift arrived every time a sodden mess . It never occurred to me that as soon as the damp airtight parcel met the scorching heat of the Orient it just got cooked (for want of a better word)  and there-by hangs my tale. In hindsight I should have ironed the Shamrock dry.

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Eily’s Report – 5th March

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Rain, rain rattle pane and if the forecast is anything to go by, the panes will rattle. Please God it won’t be as severe as the storms of a few weeks ago  which left a trail of destruction in it’s wake. But we soldier on.

March Fair almost passed unbeknownst, very few stalls in the town and just as few horses at the Fair Field. The near demise of that ancient annual event will always make me sad. It’s an age old custom and in other countries they not only keep such events going, but they build on them. While holding on to as much of the old ways as possible they add a new dimensions which is both pleasing and interesting to all sections of their community.

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Eily’s Report – 27th February

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Aaah Monday and the sun shining, what a brilliant start to the week. We don’t see the sun very often these days and the thing to do when we do, is to get out into it. Leave everything else till later and get out into the wonderful out-of –doors. Though it’s not fit for basking in it, there are still plenty of ways to make a meal of it. A stroll around the garden is always a good thing and following at the wind and rain there are lots of things to be picked up, even found in places beyond your imagination after the tornado-strong gales. How wonderful it is to see the tiny buds breaking through on the shrubs, while the daffodils wave in the breeze.   Some camelias flower very early, mine are just about getting on with it now and oh how welcome they are just to stand and admire them in the warm sun. A gift from God. Make  the most of every fine hour.

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Eily’s Report – 20th February

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Oh what a beautiful day can do, to see the brightness and the warmth of the sun, feel the springy mossy soil beneath your feet. Three fine days in a row were made all the more special when the weather forecast for them was for rain and more rain and wind and freezing cold.  All going to two local wedding held their breadth on Saturday with guests arriving fully supplied with rain wear and umbrellas. Both weddings had Cloghoula connections and their receptions were  held at two hotels in beautiful  Adare. Our Canon John endeared himself  to all present at the wedding of Martin Buckley and his lovely bride Lisa O’Driscoll, at her native church in Ballyhooly. His open and friendly manner did not go unnoticed. The Carriganima bus was made available to all those who needed a lift and the reception at Fitzgerald’s Woodlands Hotel in Adare was a joy to all.

The second wedding of the day with a Cloghoula connection was that of Richard Brown Kilcorney who teaches at Cloghoula National School, he  was joined in marriage to Marese Murphy. We wish all our newly weds many years of health and happiness.

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Eily’s Report – 13th February

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Greetings dear friends, sorry for my absence last week when my dear sister-in-Law Jo (Joanne) Corkery went to her eternal rest. Many thanks to all who supported us in our grief. Your attentions were much appreciated. 77 is not old by today’s standards and we will miss her. She was part of our family since she and my brother Ted came from London to live in Rathmore, in the 90’s, where they  found great happiness among the friendly community there. After Ted’s passing sixteen years ago she continued  to live a full life. She endeared herself to many as a care worker and she took part in local fundraising events etc, many of which involved long walks which she so enjoyed accompanied by others of similar pursuits. She joined us on holidays over the years and when her health began to weaken.  Both members of my own family and her near neighbours in Shinnagh stepped in to help until it was evident that she could no longer live by herself in her own beautiful home . For the next three years while still being regularly  visited by family and friends  and taken to the CUH for treatment by them she got the royal treatment at the Care Home in Killarney, where she gently passed away on the day that God called her giving her two sons time to arrive from London at the closing  minutes.

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Eily’s Report – 30th January

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Can you believe it, yes you can. The popular Carroll Family did it again this week. Tom having shared the €15,200 Jackpot with Nigel at the Wallis Arms last week, sold the winning ticket of €2,000 to his wife Patricia this week and was awarded the sellers prize €200 for his trouble. Needless to say there was consternation in the office coupled  with good wishes to  the winners again. The committee forged ahead with another €2,000 jackpot for the next draw, and all and sundry were taken for a celebratory drink by the lucky winners.

The full list of this week’s draw. Numbers drawn were 16,26,27,31 and the lucky winner of €2.000 was Patricia Carroll, The seller her husband Tom, got €200 sellers prize. €20 went to the following 9 people. Margaret Corkery  Liscahane,  The Boys c/o Margaret Bourke, Mary Daly , c/o Ita, Noel O’Sullivan, Newmarket c/o Centra, Maria  Margaret Smith c/o the Juvenile Club, John D. Buckley c/o Eily Buckley, Dara ,Ria & Mary C, c/o Colemans, Jerry Kelleher, Aubane, c/o Corkery’s. Maria Smith and Tony McCaul, c/o the Juvenile Club. Next draw Bank Holiday Monday February 5th.

Jackpot €2,000.

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Eily’s Report – 23rd January

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

The big news in town this stormy morning is that the Lotto Jackpot was won last night. The draw had to be deferred to Monday night owning to the bad weather and our massive Jackpot of €15,200 was shared between Nigel and Tommy Carroll all of the Wallis Arms. The seller was Nigel and he gets an additional €1,520 seller’s prize. We congratulate the winners on their great win. The official presentations of prizes will take place at a future date.

As is the norm when the Jackpot is won nine lucky people win €20 each and they are as follows, Pat and Mike, Keale c/o Ml. Healy. Michelle Lane c/o Sheila Lane, Willie O’Connell Cullen c/o Colemans. Sheila Nagle c/o Joan Casey, Marie Murphy, c/o The Bridge Bar, Niamh Cronin, c/o O’Leary’s, Conor Healy, c/o The Clara Inn, Barry Murphy c/o Paula Healy.

Next draw January 28th. Jackpot €2.000.

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Eily’s Report – 16th January

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

In spite of all the changes in our climate, it is still so typical of this time of year to bring frost and cold and maybe snow, nice perhaps in it’s own way but causing disruption in many things. Just at a time when we’re beginning to wake up after the Christmas break. Everybody anxious to get going, advertisements and notices already gone to where they can get the best attention and then wham, snow and ice on the forecast.  Social and voluntary events are the most affected. Business people make up their own minds and act on their own judgement.  But to hold that card game or dance or keep fit class in chancy weather is the headache of all those who organise and run them on a voluntary basis. But one thing in their favour these days is the mobile phone.  Some patrons will risk life and limb to come out, while others remain undecided and doubtful.  But one text or call will settle it all when a thing is called off.  People are great at spreading the word. If the people in charge know of someone in a district who attends regularly they can send the message there and that person will send it and on to others. In the end all can breathe easy in the knowledge that all were safe. One of the worst things that can happen is to cancel on the previous day, only to find that when the planned time comes, there is no frost at all. Believe me I speak from experience. My long years of dealing with such things left me wise.

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Eily’s Report – 9th January

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

My first of 2024, how many more will follow is known only to God, but we’ll press on and see what He will send. I trust you are all well after the Festive Season. The first week of the New Year is already behind us so let us waste no minute or hour to make the  months ahead good for ourselves and those around us.

Thanks to our hardworking priests the Christmas period went very well with Masses, confessions and other Christmas ceremonies in as many churches in the Diocesan list as they could fit in. Sadly a few masses had to be cancelled but as everybody has their own transport these days going a mile or so to get Mass wasn’t a great inconvenience. Our church choir excelled themselves ,they sang for more than half an hour before the 9.30 Christmas Night Mass. It gave a great feeling of peace and  joy to sit and listen to them as the people gathered in filling the seats around the church with families. Some  home from far and near to be with their loved ones for the Holy Festival of Christmas. There were some solo singers who almost raised the roof and I’m told they represented the Polish and Ukrainian people in our midst.  While our hearts go out to them in their terrible plight, it was gratifying to know that they were made welcome to be part of our celebration of the Birth of Christ. Jesus is the reason getting top priority.

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Eily’s Report – 19th December

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Welcome indeed to my final report before Christmas. The weather is damp but very mild making it easy for people to do their Christmas shopping and those with school going children to flit from one place to another, taking them to matches, dancing ,music, parties the list goes on and on and a fine day means a lot.

The pupils of  Scoil Mhuire, our Boys National, school put on a wonderful Carol service in the Church on Friday morning. It ran for over an hour and their varied program was a joy to behold. They filled our huge church with their music and singing. From solos to small groups to the full volume of the entire school it was great.

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Eily’s Report – 12th December

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

I usually look out, actually step out first thing every morning, no matter what the weather. I like to fill my lungs with the fresh air, it’s gets my system going for the day. Following a severe weather forecast as I went to bed, I eyed a few details around the place to see if I’d suffered any damage. Lucky for me, there was none and I said a little prayer of thanks to God. But there were a couple of signs that showed that some severe gushes passed my way. Tubs full of wet compost etc. were lying over, the first time ever.  It was all calm and dry when I went out, there was a perky blackbird searching for food in the garden.  Picking away as if all was well with  him. I spent a little time observing him, looking so together not a feather out of place. I couldn’t help asking him, where did he sleep last night? Later the robin appeared as I had my breakfast, looking at him outside my window the same question came into my mind. Where did you find solace during the long hours of darkness and storm. Where do they set up home ,how can they find a place that will be safe and dry ,and will stand up to the raging   gushes of wind. Especially during the long months of Winter when the trees have shed their foliage and hedges all cut down. The rapid changes in temperatures and weather conditions a continuous challenge. It’s hard to imagine the we had heavy frost in the middle of last night (Sunday) A friend who had a call of nature in the very early hours saw a bright starry sky with ice on her windows. We could pull up another blanket but  but what can our friends in the wild do. Maybe not all of them make it, but those who do are worthy of great praise for the way they brush themselves off and look all neat and refreshed to face the new day. We really do owe them a little of our time plus a few nuts or crumbs, don’t we?

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Eily’s Report – 5th December

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

The fiftieth anniversary celebrations of our Community School were indeed a very Star-studded glittering affair. Held in the first day of December 2023. At the massive Gym Hall in the school complex. It was a mega undertaking by any standards. Nursing a bad heavy flulike cold, I wasn’t there for the early proceedings of the day, so I can’t speak for them.  But I’m led to believe that they went on all day following the raising of the flag at 11 am. In the Hall there was a buzz of excitement before the show started. The frosty night outside did nothing to cool the excitement that people felt at running into old friends, people they shared years of learning with, before spreading out all over the world to make their living. Few things compare to the joy of meeting up with past school friends and recalling things of the past.

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Eily’s Report – 28th November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

I think that Don Williams was one of the first American singers to perform at the Green Glens. He was only twenty four hours in the country when he said that since he arrived he had seen four different kinds of weather and we’re still subject to lots of change. Going from milder than mild a few days ago with roses blooming again, even my raspberry canes bending down with the weight of fruit and now all of a sudden there’s snow and ice on the way. The old people had a great way of describing trying situations like this in the past. When they found it hard to cope with a thing they’d say with a sigh, ’Ah shur you’d want to be young for it.’

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Regional Report – 21st November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Starting off a new week, the sun shining brightly making the world looking around us looking good. Yet when you venture out the unexpected wind sends you buttoning up you coat and pulling down your woolie cap. Most of the trees and shrubs have shed their foliage by now. The leaves which adorned our gardens and country sides for months are now lying low where they will wilt and decay and turn into nourishing compost to feed their mother plant in the next season, to start the mysterious cycle of nature all ever again.

We have lots to celebrate this week Buíochas le Dia. Our gallant Senior Scor  Quiz team brought home the bacon on Saturday night when they won the All-Ireland Final of  at the INEC .They really did us proud.  See their pictures elsewhere on our website.

Well done also Linda Desmond daughter of our popular Lollypop lady Nuala and hubby Declan on her fantastic gold medal win at the recent National Elite Boxing Championships finals.

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Eily’s Report – 14th November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Looking out my window today the scene keeps on changing. One minute the sun is blazing and the next it’s raining. The scene looks so lovely when the sun is shining. The dead calm and the warm glow, is far removed from the story on my phone about the utter devastation that Storm Debi caused in Galway last night. This time the weather people went all out to warn us about what was coming. They were blamed a few weeks ago of not giving a more severe account and people were caught on the hop and suffered the consequences. Not easy to get it right with the changing times that we live in.

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Eily’s Report 7 November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

I’m not at the end of the rainbow, but very near. As I look out from my usual spot the multi coloured arch across the sky  is enough to brighten anybody’s day, even if it is the sign of another shower. We must never lose an opportunity of even the least thing to bring us joy.

We are well into the month of November the first week already gone. This is the month of the Holy Souls and the Masses and ceremonies which were laid on for us by our priests  at the weekend, were very meaningful and important as we take some time  out to reflect on those who are no longer with us. Our absent friends. The Church choir attended the ceremony on Saturday night when Canon John accompanied by Retired priest Fr. John O’Shea, prayed for all those who died during the year, Including Cullen,  forty eight in all. The names are displayed on a notice board at the lovely Garden of Remembrance at the back of the church. On Sunday Morning the cemetery at Cullen was blessed following 9.15 Mass and in Millstreet after 11.30 Mass. In spite of threatening weather large crowds attended all three graveyards, The Church Yard, St. Mary’s and Drishane by Canon John aided by Fr. Paddy O’Byrne. But we are reminded that the month of November is devoted to the Holy Souls and a good time to visit  their last resting places and pray there for them. Not forgetting those who are left behind. The note on Sunday’s Mistelette reads.

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