Playground Donation Thank You

Millstreet Town Park Committee wish to thank William & Claire O’Leary of  Munster Fire & Safety  for their very generous donation to the Playground Project.  Great to have another local business show their support for our Town Park. Come on all Sráiders in business in town we would welcome all your support!  It’s not too late to make a Christmas contribution.  🎅

TO DONATE: you may
(1) lodge online to Millstreet Town Park bank account at IBAN: IE61 BOFI 9058 0332 1050 69, BIC:BOFIIE2,
(2) lodge cash or cheque in person  at Millstreet Credit Union – reference Millstreet Town Park account, or
(3) send a cheque payable to ” Millstreet Town Park ” care of  FAS Offices, Millstreet Community Gym,  Millstreet.

If you wish to confirm your donation we would be delighted to hear from you at <>

Next “Radio Treasures” Broadcast on Tuesday 31st Dec. 2019 at 9:30pm

Liam Flynn (on right) pointing to his Christmas floral feature outside St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet. Liam arranges on a voluntary basis superb floral arrangements at this location throughout the year splendidly enhancing the appearance of the Church facade. On right is Denis Murphy whose Harmonica playing will feature on “Radio Treasures” on at 10pm on Tues., 31st Jan. 2019 when Denis also shares memories of a very popular Local Showband “The Starlighters” of the 1950s and 1960s. There will not be a transmission on this Tuesday (Christmas Eve).

Eily’s Report – 23rd December 2019

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my report.

With only a matter of hours to go to the Magic Fest. It’s great to see the weather being mild and safe for travel as people rush around some to airports, trains, buses, cars, using every means of transport to be where they want to be for Christmas. Some of us don’t know what the feeling is like to be home for Christmas because we were never away but judging by the efforts that I’ve seen people making to be home with the family,it  must be pretty special.

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62 Christmases in New York

Tommy Ring moved from Cullen to New York in 1957, one of many that left behind what was known as the decade of doom. He featured this week in an article about the Seniors Christmas Lunch at the New York Irish Centre:

… While measures of success can be hard to quantify, on an anecdotal level, the regulars at the New York Irish Centre appear to have had no regrets, and were able to push past feelings of homesickness and loneliness to build lives here, often ending up in Irish-centric enclaves like Woodside in Queens.

Tommy Ring, who left Millstreet, Co. Cork in 1957 as a “strapping young lad” at the age of 20, was motivated by the same thing that drove so many of Ireland’s youth over the Atlantic at that time: opportunity.

In New York, he found it in the form of a career spanning 43 years as a ramp serviceman in two of the city’s major airports; 10 of them at JFK and 33 at its sister airport, LaGuardia.
And unlike the diaspora of the previous century, there wasn’t as much of a sense of finality in moving to the US.
“I used to go back to visit [Ireland] twice a year,” he said, referencing one of the perks of working for the airports. “We got free travel after 15 years.”…

Tommy Ring pledges the oath of allegiance at the New York Irish Center’s annual Christmas lunch.

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Season’s Greetings 2019 from Teddy Herlihy Livestock

Teddy Herlihy extends Best Wishes to Everyone for a Very Happy Christmas and may a very Bright 2020 bring many Blessings and  Joy to All.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

A very beautiful Christmas Window 2019 at West End, Millstreet.