Eily’s Report – 23rd December 2019

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my report.

With only a matter of hours to go to the Magic Fest. It’s great to see the weather being mild and safe for travel as people rush around some to airports, trains, buses, cars, using every means of transport to be where they want to be for Christmas. Some of us don’t know what the feeling is like to be home for Christmas because we were never away but judging by the efforts that I’ve seen people making to be home with the family,it  must be pretty special.

Travel gets easier and more user-friendly all the time, but long flights must surely take their toll and I have lift my hat to those who arrive, with small children, luggage etc. and arrive all bubbly and beaming with the joys of falling into the arms of loved ones. Aahh,aah.  They tell you it was worth it all.

My plans for Christmas got cut off at source this time by the flu. Not a killer disease by any means but one to make you cancel any idea of attending any end  of term Christmas parties and church services and so on  which needless to say I miss terribly.

Sending Christmas cards also had to be curtailed. But let me tell you about one letter that a member of my extended family got a few days ago. A young couple they bought a house in the City some years ago paid their mortgage regularly but for family reasons they had to sell up and move. Not an easy thing to do with young children. There were endless problems, re transfers, closing one account opening another and so on. But eventually ,getting it all settled. Then a few days ago they got a letter from the mortgage people of the first house to say that they had overcharged them on the payments over the years and enclosed a cheque for €12,500. Yes twelve thousand five hundred. Leaves me lost for words, but at the same time ask myself, how many others  are over-charged?  Would it ever be detected had they not moved. Well it makes a very Happy Christmas for one family anyway. TG.

If I were to give a prize to any flower in my garden, it would go to the humble little Viola. I can safely say its the last man standing in my garden. Back in September I bought two planted bowls of them mostly mauve/ yellow  in matching containers. And placed them within view of my kitchen window. At the time I had a good selection of roses ,other flowers and flowering shrubs. And a few dahlias waiting to take center stage. Along came the elements  and one by one my display started to give way to them. The Dahlias appeared for one night just as one night of frost sent  them back to bed for another year. But the little Viola soldiered on through it all and is still the last flower standing in my garden, brightening up my day. God Bless it.

The lovely Connie Hartnett passed away this week. One of the Big Four who brought us Football Fame in their day. Knowing very little about the game,I once asked Connie what it was like to play in Croke Park. Referring to the hype of it all and the roar of the crowd. Well says he,”we were  told that if we pay much attention to them, we’ll soon be outside with them.”Point taken.

The great Dan Joe Kelleher, Carriganima, pioneer of Local Television, wants you to know that he is transmitting programs from Clara Mountain on an ongoing basis.

These are repeat programs taken from his vast store of material, spanning in excess 45 years. Going out on Channel 35, their content rekindles the history, the customs and the people of those times. Please make every effort to access them and spread the word,that they are available.

Here are the results of the weeks lotto draw which was held at the Mal Paso Bar last night. Numbers drawn were 2,23,25,28.and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Caron Stanley, Kilmeedy, the seller was Paula Healy and she got €50 sellers prize, €50 went to Sophie O Leary, Keale, €20 each to Anna,Nanna, Dan, and Maggie , Tina Kelleher, c/o McCarthys Bar, J. Buckley, Dooneen, Malachy ORegan, Clara Rd. Mairead Daly, Ciara O’Connor, Woodland Drive, Patrick Twomey, Terrace, abd Mick O Sullivan, Kilmeedy.

The Lotto draw is now closed until Jan,12, 2020,  Next draw will be at McCarthys Bar. Jackpot €6,600.

At the end of lasts night draw the  Co-Chairman Noel Buckley thanked the public for their continued support and wished everybody a Very Happy Christmas.  Before I go I want to wish you all a very Happy and Safe Christmas.

Remember One kind word warms three Winter months.

Agus sinn a bhfuil a chairde, slán is beannacht Dé libh go léir.

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