“Radio Treasures” This Tuesday With Eily Buckley As Special Guest

An Invitation to tune into our weekly “Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station at 9.30 until 11pm this Tuesday (5th May 2020).   Happy Listening!  (S.R.)    The main focus tonight is a special Phone Interview with Eily Buckley where Eily chooses her five favourite songs.

Eily Buckley

Also included in this evening’s programme:

  1.  Music and Songs aplenty including new releases.
  2.  Call outs to our Loyal Listeners worldwide.
  3.  Filming “Ryan’s Daughter” 50 years ago in West Kerry!
  4.  Time to smile!
  5.  Time to reflect – Wise Quotes.
  6.  Remembering our Faithful Departed.
  7. Carriganima Book just published…We share how Irish words are so much part of our English language in this area.
  8. Musings and Chatting about the attached images (Tap on the pictures to enlarge):
    Reflecting on the beauty of nature on my Clara Road walks.

    A preview of a wonderfully happy Wedding which we shall shortly be featuring on our Millstreet website – Michael and Siobhán and Family seen at the most memorable Wedding Reception in Tralee in Dec. 2019.
    This is Mark Neville’s magnificent and hugely creative 30 Question Local Quiz. Artist Supreme Mark Neville has shared this absolutely magical Millstreet Quiz where one is asked to identify the 30 locations or people or events for which Millstreet is renowned. This is a true masterpiece…superbly creative. Enjoy! The Answers may be viewed below.

    ‘All Things Millstreet’ quiz. Here are the answers: 1. The juggling convention. 2. Clara Inn 3. Clara Mountain 4. Donal Cashman 5. Global gathering 6. Eurovision 1993 7. Tubrid well 8. The Stables Bar 9. Millstreet Celtic 10. Mark Ellis 11. Millstreet Pitch And Putt 12. Shane Browne 13. West End United 14. Los Zarcos 15. Millstreet Gaa Hall 16. Seán Radley 17. Disney on Ice 18. The Malpaso Bar. 19. The Boston Bar. 20. Kilmeedy Castle 21. Aine Collins 22. Chris Eubank v Steve Collins Fight 23. The River Finnow 24. The Bridge Bar 25. The Butter road 26. The Railway Hotel 27. The Star ballroom 28. Pearl Jam concert in the Green Glens. 29. The River Blackwater. 30. Drishane Castle. I hope that settles any disagreements. Thanks so much for the shares. We are hoping to make a second edition so keep a lookout at the Nevdesign page…..Mark Neville

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Eily’s Report – 5th May

May 5th And we’re off,  the lockdown is lifted. Well a little anyway for people of my own vintage. We are now allowed to go 5 km  from base. What will it mean. For one thing it means that we are stepping into another phase of our lives. Will it be called our life after the cocoon in our history books. We are on lockdown since before St. Patrick’s Day.  Like most others, I never went outside my own gate since then, never drove my car, didn’t go to a shop, or church or the Town Park.  Didn’t meet a friend for coffee, or buy any new style, any of the everyday things that we have taken for granted all our lives. It was the rule and we adhered to it.  What will our lives be like as a result. We will have to exercise great care, being off the road for such a long time will surely have played on our ability to drive safely again. It is so important that we don’t spoil  our newfound freedom by having a mishap.  The world knows it has been a strange and abnormal happening, but necessary of course.  I passed from the age of 86 to 87 during that time and in all my years have never thought that I and the whole world around me would become part of history at this part of my life for all the wrong reasons. History has taught us that there have been plagues in the past and they make sensational reading but they were long gone destined to the history books for anybody who would take the trouble to read about them. We are the history makers now and  up to now we are fortunate to have a government and medical crew who are guiding us through it as best they can keeping in mind that the Corona Virus is as new to them as it is to us.

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Innovative Jodie Reaches National Final

We thank John Tarrant for the photo and feature relating to this very interesting story of uplifting success for Jodie O’Callaghan pictured above. Tap on the image to enlarge. (S.R.) 

Congratulations to Jodie O’Callaghan, Millstreet Community School TY student who has been selected to represent Local Enterprise Office South Cork in the senior category at the National Final of the Student Enterprise Awards Competition 2019/2020

Her product is the JK9, a pet-themed wall hanging for keys and dog leads. (The name is a combination of Jodie’s initial and K9 as an abbreviation of canine.)

  To qualify for this level of the competition, Jodie from Bolomore had to demonstrate exceptional enterprising skills and create a business plan. This all led to a product that is so popular, Jodie’s biggest problem now is keeping up with the demand. Due to the current situation and restrictions put in place to tackle the Corona Virus situation, the National Final scheduled for Croke Park  was cancelled but a national judging panel are  carrying out a paper based judging exercise for all national final business reports and winners chosen. An awards ceremony to present prizes follows later in the year.

Meanwhile, anybody interested on obtaining Jodie’s Pet Hanger creation can do so by contacting her on Instagram jk9_2020

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