“Radio Treasures” from 9.10 to 11.30pm on CMS Tonight

On this Tuesday – 10th Jan. 2023 – preceded by “Jimmy Reidy & Friends” with a wonderful programme with focus on a splendid Archival Show with Guests from Churchtown, Co. Cork at 8pm (the repeat of which one may hear after the Maureen Henry Show on Sunday night just after 10.30pm) we invite you to also tune into “Radio Treasures” this Tuesday from 9.10 to 11.30pm on Cork Music Station.    Feel very welcome to contact the live programme by emailing corkmusicstation @gmail.com or texting 086 825 0074 – One may also WhatsApp that number.   Tonight’s programme includes lots of uplifting songs, music, musings and requests….and lots of great Interviews.   We chat about the images below.   Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Singer supreme, Con Twomey from Cork performing at Millstreet’s “Clara Inn” on New Year’s Eve 2022.
Pictured with Ursula Pomeroy of “Clara Inn”, Con Twomey’s Interview will be broadcast at 10pm on www.corkmusicstation.com tonight (Tues. 10th Jan.) including his leading in song the official welcome to 2023.
Meeting on 28th Dec. 2022 at the Wallis Arms Hotel, Millstreet – Genevieve and Conan O’Sullivan from Washington DC, USA. whose Wedding in Gougane Barra & Killarney I attended fifteen years ago.   Gen & Conan’s Interview may be heard tonight (Tues. 10th Jan.) at 9.45pm on www.corkmusicstation.com.
Deputy Michael Moynihan, T.D. registering with Kathleen and Moira at the first night of the Annual Weight-in at Cullen Community Centre in aid of Cullen & District Special Needs Association on Monday night.  Michael later checking out the weight goal ahead with Marie.

The wonderful Cast of “God Rest His Soul” currently being performed at Banteer’s Glen Theatre.

Dedicated Volunteers providing superb refreshments at Cullen Community Centre on the first night of Annual Weigh-in.
Cullen’s splendid Marian Grotto at the start of 2023.

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Eily’s Report – 10th January

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

Here we go, here we go, here we go, bang into another New Year. I hope your Christmas went well and your batteries all charged as we all proceed together to take on the challenges of the months ahead. The arrival of January 7th  always sees me taking down the Christmas decorations. Having lovingly put them up in good time for the Festive season, it’s equally pleasing to take them all down again when the time is right and is there anything worse than when you have them all carefully packed away in the farthest end of the attic to find one or two items that you missed. Maybe it was an age thing, but I must admit that I didn’t go over board with my glitzy pieces this time. But I did stick to the age-old custom of the single candle (electric of course) lighting continuously on the window from start to finish, even times when I was away. The Crib in very important to me also and it took it’s place of honour gaily bedecked in berry holly and streams of fresh ivy  and a couple of lights to brighten up the Holy Family. In all the weeks leading up to December 25th there was an endless array of cooking programs on TV. The poor turkey was bisected and trisected and deboned and stuffed with mountains of butter shoved in under the skin, before it was banished into the oven flat on its back. It mystifies me why is it always placed on it’s back.  Thus ensuring that all the juices of the breast will drain away down to the pan. I always place any bird on it’s breast for most of the time letting any juices from the rest of the body seep down into the breast and for the last half hour or 45 minutes turn it over to brown the breast. Never any need for all this basting every fifteen minutes. But then we’re all different, aren’t we? My favourite will always be the turkey stuffed with lots of bread stuffing smothered with spices and onions and even the pick of the carcass is all the more tasteful next day because of it. Pate is a must at Christmas, made from liver and spices and cream. It comes from all kinds of bird or animal. Spread on a slice of toast or a cracker it never fails to thrill the palate. But this year for some reason the makers decided to add lots of cranberries to the mix, spoiling it entirely. A sweetener in a savoury dish does not go down well with me. Christmas changes with the passage of time. Young married couples like nothing better than coming home to parents for the occasion and in some cases the bride likes to go home to Mom and Dad and the groom to his parents not wanting to miss the tastes that they loved so well. But as time moves on and they have children of their own they want to remain in the home which they have created ,where they build their own tastes and customs that will rub off on the youngsters as time goes by. As I’m on the subject of food, a little word of warning. We all love sticky, crusty chicken wings for a quick snack now and then, but lately I have noticed that the bones are very broken and could pose a danger for children or indeed grown ups. So keep an eye out for them.

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Duggan Steel are looking for a Data Entry Clerk to join their Admin team

Data Entry Clerk / Administrator

Duggan Steel are looking for a Data Entry Clerk to join our Admin team.

The Role includes…
– Primarily data entry; preparing, entering & maintaining internal database.
– General office admin.

The Role Requires…
– Good understanding of Microsoft Excel or similar database software.
– Knowledge of Microsoft Word or similar word processors.
– Attention to detail and consistency in repetitive tasks.
– Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team.
– Willingness to learn and work hard to deliver work of good quality.
– Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral.
– Fluency in English.

The Role Location & Remuneration…
– Salary TBC; dependent on experience.
– Hours flexible; based on 10-15 hours per week.
– The post is based in our head office in Millstreet, Co. Cork.

Please apply with CV via email or post; HR Manager.
Postal address: Duggan Steel, The Square, Millstreet, Co. Cork, P51 XT59.
Email address: <email>