Millstreet Vintage Club Makes Superbly Generous Presentation

On a very regular basis Bernard Crowley, PRO Supreme of Millstreet Vintage Club, uploads on the Millstreet Website many excellent promotions and outcomes of various highly praiseworthy fundraising events organised by Millstreet Vintage Club with splendid pictorial illustrations by Danny Lane.  Motivated by a suggestion by Luke Hurley it was decided that under the coordination of Dan O’Riordan and his wonderfully dedicated MVC Team that the Tractor Run on Sunday, 8th May 2022 would be held in aid of Millstreet Museum and Millstreet Community Website.   We are hugely grateful for the recent presentation of such a magnificent Cheque resulting from the splendidly successful Tractor Run.   This will greatly assist us to defray our substantial costs relating to the Museum and the Website.   Here we share images from the Cheque Presentation at Millstreet’s Carnegie Hall on Monday, 18th Sept. 2022.   We also recall the very memorable Tractor Run on 8th May when we were blessed with superb weather, such a joyful and inspirational spirit and a truly happy atmosphere.  We express our sincere thanks to Millstreet Vintage Club and the very many people who so generously contributed including a most magnificent contribution from Patrick W. O’Leary from Louisville, Kentucky, USA who very happily attended the Cheque Presentation.   Tap on the pictures to enlarge. (Seán Radley, Curator, Millstreet Museum on behalf also of Hannelie O’Connor and Michael Cashman of Millstreet Community Website and also on behalf of the many other Website Contributors).

Receiving the actual cheque from (on right) Dan Barry, Chairman, Millstreet Vintage Club.
At the Presentation of the most impressive cheque the many members of MVC were joined by Patrick O’Leary of Louisville, Kentucky (3rd from left) and by John Tarrant (2nd from left) of “The Corkman”.
Michael Cashman, Hannelie O’Connor and I who have been involved with the Millstreet Website for the past 21 years – and subsequently joined by many other wonderful Contributors – wish to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has in any way helped in the splendid success of this greatly appreciated fundraising project for our Museum and Website.  (Picture by Patrick W. O’Leary)
Luke Hurley who motivated the fundraising project pictured at the start of the Tractor Run in The Square, Millstreet on 8th May 2022.

Michael Duggan of Lombardstown drove the leading vehicle on the day; Bernard Crowley, PRO supreme for MVC very efficiently communicating with All on the day; William Fitzgerald – Dedicated Committee Member who accompanied Michael and yours truly in the lead vehicle.
Dan and Mary O’Riordan magnificently coordinating the amazing event on 8th May.
Donie Lucey communicating important announcements on 8th May outside the Wallis Arms Hotel.
The hugely successful Tractor Run was such a wonderfully happy family day for All.

Ita, Catherine and Myra – being so superbly supportive on the day of the Tractor Run on Sunday, 8th May.
Some of the very many generous Tractor Drivers who cheerfully participated in the most memorable Tractor Run on 8th May 2022.

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