Eily’s Report 9th March

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

International Women’s Day dawned bright and beautiful, as if in salute of all the women of the World. The role of women have changed dramatically over the years and now that they have proved themselves worthy the whole world wants them to get even more involved. Perhaps those who were born in the past thirty or forty years it is no great surprise but to the likes of me who are here much longer than that the change in the status of women is indeed something bordering on earthmoving.  It is great to see that the fairer sex is making waves at global level in order to create a healthy balance in the running of things. So now its only right and proper that a day in the year has been allotted to them. All over Ireland on this day women have been representing the rest of us as they give talks and presentations telling of the obstacles that they had to overcome in order to get where they are today in their own lives. Some relating to their battles with education, children, home life and the way that they achieved success through it. Thanks to modern methods one person telling her story can give hope and encouragement to hundreds more. Even the scourge of covid didn’t stop them from thanks to streaming. I’m speaking from experience because I know of at least one such lady who told her story of her  particular struggles and judging by the response she got, her gospel was welcomed by many. Women love to help one another and long may that trend continue. But they still need more help help to successfully combine home and children with education and a career. It’s all beyond my remit now, but I will be forever  interested because having been witness to so many changes for the better I believe that nothing is impossible and my prayers will go more for good and better things in the future. 

I’m sure you’ve seen on the web by Sean Radley, the picture of the lovely bird that was outside my window one morning during the week. Sean very kindly put one two look-alikes and in my opinion this visitor of mine was a Peregrine Falcon. He perched on a roof not 12 feet from my window. In my opinion he looked rather dishevelled, his feathers were unpreened looking which is very unusual for a bird and he didn’t wing it like the other birds when I left up the blind. It is my guess that he was hit by a car or lorry out in the road and made it to the sanctuary of my roof to recover before taking off again. I had just ample time to grab my phone and take a picture and I didn’t even get the pleasure of seeing him take flight, he was gone in a flash when I turned my head. Reminding me of the old story of the Leprechaun, if you turn your head he will disappear and you won’t get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’d have loved to see him on full wing.  I hope he is happy and all preened up again after him ordeal. 
Many gardens are getting their first trim these days, I am loathe to shave mine yet in case of frost or hard windy weather. Daffodils are well on their way to brightening  up the scene and some people have lovely purple heather ablaze with colour. It’s one plant that I never have any success with and I’m quiet satisfied to admire it on our hills and mountains and wallow in the memory of sunny days in the bog. Gathering  around for the tea was the best part and there was always a fine tuft of purple heather to rest your weary bones on while relishing loads of hot sweet tea and homemade  currant cake. We are asked not to be hard on the dandelions  at this time of year as they provide an important supply of food for many birds when other plants are not available. Like me who has plenty of time to look at things more closely, if you watched a little bird feeding on a dandelion plant you would never cut one down again. We are all asked to grow food no matter how little or large and there  are loads of new things things  on the market to help the avid gardener’s dreams come through. Bags specially made to grow potatoes complete with a little shutter down the side where you can take out any number of your crop without digging the whole lot up. At a touch of a button Google will give you a full display of all there is in the market. But be sure to order on time as delays are almost the norm in everything these days. and do not plant out of doors too early, Frost can come up any time between here and the month of May, and it will not be a merry one for you if Jack Frost comes a calling. 
To-day a lady told me that because her drivers licence had expired, she applied and was given a specific time and date to be in Tralee to get it renewed. She was there on time ,but was horrified to be told that she couldn’t get the renewal until July. She pointed out her worry at being held up by the guards, and then she was given a note that will tide her over till July. The moral of the story is that if you find yourself in a similar predicament, please ring before you go and not be put through the ordeal of perhaps arranging for children to be picked up from school and so on and making a useless journey.  
Our Masses which are streamed every day from our beautiful church ,continue to bring us close to God all the time. From the comfort of our own homes we can be there in spirit. We hear the priest praying for people that we knew so well.  Some gone for years others not so long. The recent funeral Mass for the lovely Nora Tarrant today  was, no different from all the others that have been, ever since covid came our way. In spite of all the comforts of our own homes we still miss the wonderful gatherings that funerals made. Reuniting with people that we have not met in years recalling old experiences and asking who was related to who.  The last time that I met Nora, we made a vow that we would meet for coffee at the aroma Cafe when Covid was gone. We offer our deepest sympathy to her family, May the lovely Nora, rest in Peace. Masses this week will be at 10am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday morning starting with the Stations of the cross at 9.30 followed by Mass at ten. On Saturday morning there will be Mass for the recently deceased Noreen Barrett at 10, and Mass on Saturday  evening at 6.30.
Daffodil Day  collection was a big thing in the town every year, when volunteers stood at shop doors or had coffee mornings and gave out bunches of golden daffodils to their supporters all in aid of cancer patients and their families. We all know why it cannot happen this year but the need for funds goes on and we are all asked to chip in. Details are on the web where you can donate. Please check it out and give this wonderful local group of volunteers your best support.   Some of our Active Retirement members are being presented with goodie boxes, compliments of the Government at the moment, They are being happily received and provide a great talking point about their contents. 
On Wednesday of next week we will have St. Patricks Day, In former years the organisers of the St Patrick’s Day Parade would be engrossed in making it bigger and better than ever before. Shops would be full of tricoloured badges and flags . Shops would be asked to decorate their places in honour of our Patron Saint. Mass in our Church would be as Gaeilge and our wonderful pipe band would raise the roof of our church with their patriotic airs. Alas another dream to put on hold until ,until until. But Covid will not stop us from paying homage to our dear St. Patrick. We can all do it our own way by hanging out our tricoloured flags. No doubt our Monument Committee will have the Historic sight in our town Square  fittingly adorned to honour St. Patrick and also all those who gave their lives for their  country,  and that we may be free. The lovely pictures on our web at the moment  gives us an idea of how beautiful our town looked all those years ago. Please keep them coming. 
Sean Radley’s programs both on Tuesday night and Sunday afternoon are shows not to be missed. Our Sundays after 11.30 Mass brings us in touch with friends and relations from all over the world, through the magic of Sean and Cork Music Station. He welcomes us all to be part of it by sending messages to our friends at the touch of a button. And on Tuesday night from 9.30 to 11 , Sean never fails to come up with something new.   Our Day Centre continues to send out beautiful fresh cooked dinners every day. Even the visit of the person who delivers the food ,brings a moment of joy to those who avail of the service. If you would like to place an order, contact them at 02970926 , and you won’t be disappointed. 
Our Community Council is not in the way of holding their monthly meetings, but  it doesn’t stop the ever vigilant Chairman  Noel Buckley ,from making our presence felt as regards the closing of our National Bank and other matters pertaining our community. His well versed articles conveys the message says it for all of us. 
Further members of our Community are about to get the Jab and time is moving on the others to get the booster. Little children are returning to playschools and higher classes will return next Monday. We wish them all a safe and happy return. Traffic will be on the increase so please be careful at pickup/let off places . 

By all accounts, the lovely weather of today will be followed by a selection of wind and rain and thunder and I think snow, so we had better be prepared .  Maybe a good time to turn up the heat ,and find a good book. Sinn a bhfuil a cairde Take care. Slán.

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