Remembering Captain Paddy McCarthy on 1920 Centenary

On this Sunday morning, 22nd November 2020 a special Committee assembled at Mill Lane, Millstreet to commemorate the late Captain Paddy McCarthy – a native of Meelin – who lost his life on this exact date one hundred years ago at Mill Lane.   A wreath was placed by Tim Murphy and a prayer was recited to honour the hero of the War of Independence.   Here we share a selection of images including a picture of the permanent plaque at the entrance of Mill Lane.   Tap on the images to enlarge.  A feature on the “Corkman” by John Tarrant will appear shortly. (S.R.)

Captain Paddy McCarthy
Jerry Lehane very kindly presented to Millstreet Museum after the Commemoration a wonderfully historic 1932 Fianna Fáil official receipt relating to a fundraiser.

Remembering 22nd Nov. 1920 in Millstreet 

4 thoughts on “Remembering Captain Paddy McCarthy on 1920 Centenary”

  1. It was good to see the report on the commemoration for Paddy McCarthy. I have it on good authority that the accompanying photo is not of Paddy. I have used the photo myself as Paddy but I think both of us were wrong. The photo is of Jack McCarthy from Kiskeam who was in the Kanturk Brigade with Denny Murphy, Kanturk. The right photo is the second one which is featured on this website in an earlier item on the killing:
    Captain Paddy McCarthy – Killed at Mill Lane on November 22nd 1920 –

  2. Jack McCarthy was my father and as Jack Lane mentioned he was one of the founders of NORAID in the US. My cousin Johnny McCarthy from Ballydaly noticed the picture also and advised the paper that the picture was of his uncle Jack McCarthy. In one of the photos JohnnyMcCarthy is the one kneeling on the left.

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