Snow Scenes in Millstreet on Saturday, 18th Dec. 2010

Snow very much in evidence at Minor Row, Millstreet on this Saturday, 18th Dec. 2010.

We are delighted to note the very large number of website visitors who have viewed our snow scenes from yesterday (Friday).   We now continue to take you on a Christmas tour of Millstreet from midday today until nightfall when people attended the Saturday night church vigil Mass at St. Patrick’s Church.   Snow is still very much part of Millstreet life at the moment.   Some of  our American visitors to our site have been quite surprised at the amount of snow Millstreet and indeed Ireland has received this month.   Let’s view today’s colourful and seasonal scenes!

5 thoughts on “Snow Scenes in Millstreet on Saturday, 18th Dec. 2010”

  1. Thank you. These are amazing. I haven’t been to Millstreet for 20 years so it is wonderful to see such fantastic pictures of the lovely town.

  2. It is beautiful. Here in Auckland,New Zealand it is Summertime with temperatures as high as 27 degrees Celsius and very humid. To view Millstreet in Winter Snow makes us feel rather cool. How we would wish to send you some of our Warmth. Keep safe and warm and have a very Merry Christmas and a bright New Year 2011.

  3. This is terrific. I really enjoyed the virtual walk through the town.
    It was so nice to see places I remember from my childhood.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

  4. Chris, Tom and Pat – We are delighted that you have been enjoying our virtual Snow Tour of Millstreet. I’m just home here at Mount Leader on Clara Road about to upload a further selection from today’s Snow Tour of Millstreet…So do keep visiting us on … We are uplifted by such encouraging comments and may we all here also extend Seasonal Greetings to you all.

  5. Nice to get a glimpse of winter wonderland in Ireland, a country that my husband and I have visited x3 and look forward to our next. As we live in Vermont, USA, where average temps during winter are below freezing (32 degrees F), and average snowfall is several inches (12-24), we are enjoying the reactions of the Irish! Happy Holidays to all!

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