Recalling Eurovision 1993 on its 26th Anniversary Today – 15th May 2019

Today, Wednesday 15th May 2019 marks the exact 26th Anniversary of the magnificent Eurovision Song Contest held on Sat. 15th May 1993 at 8pm in Millstreet’s superb Green Glens Arena where Noel C. Duggan and Family accorded a royal welcome to the world on this hugely historic and highly significant event.  To mark the occasion we have delved into our Millstreet Museum Archives to share just a small selection of images recalling such a fascinating and forever memorable time here in Millstreet.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.) And we continue below sharing 13 more images of the truly magical occasion:


Justin sent is photo of Eurovision Matches which are in Claifornia!



Bettings odds from the week before the contest in Millstreet  (as presented in a Swedish newspaper at the time). It reads:
“France to win tonight: It is leaning on a French victory. At least if Manska went by the ads of the gaming companies SPP (International Sports Betting) and Swedish Tipstjänst. So say the odds out this morning.”  (i+)


8 thoughts on “Recalling Eurovision 1993 on its 26th Anniversary Today – 15th May 2019”

  1. What lovely memories and I kept a scrapbook back then of some paperclippings of this wonderful time in our own town of Millstreet. Noel C Duggans cowshed was proved so wrong to the people who never knew Millstreet people and how lucky we are to have such a wonderful man in our midst who just had a vision and saw it through.

  2. These pictures encompass everything that is good about community spirit. Every shoulder to the wheel. Halcyon days.

  3. I have two car jackets which were sponsored by Colemans with the fiat and Eurovision logos

    1. John Noel – Those Eurovision 1993 Colemans / Fiat jackets are truly special treasures from 26 years ago and would rate as one of the more significant pieces of memorabilia from Millstreet’s unique and historic event.

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