NET Ministries Retreat Team Arrives in Millstreet

Some of the NET Ministries Retreat Team based in Donegal just having arrived on the Grounds of St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet for Thursday’s MCS Students’ Retreat. Click on the imges to enlarge. (S.R.)

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Urgent accommodation request for retreat team o/n Wed. 29th March

The 1st students at Millstreet Community School have a retreat on Thursday 30th March 2017 in Millstreet Parish Centre.  The retreat will be run by NET ministries, who are based in Co. Donegal and this will be the tenth year they’ve been to Millstreet.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered to host members of the retreat team.  All seven girls (18-25 year olds) have been accommodated.

We have not managed to find acommodation for the five boys (18-25 year olds) yet.  If anyone was in a position to host them that would be great. They need to be accommodated in a pair and a group of three.

If there are families able to give them accommodation and a simple meal on the evening of Wednesday 29th March (they’ll be arriving in Millstreet at about 6.30pm), and breakfast on Thursday 30th March, that would be great.  They need to be back at the Parish Centre for between 8.00am or 8.15am on the Thursday so they can get ready for the retreat.  If you can help please contact Millstreet Community School on 029 70087  as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your help.

Accommodation required for school retreat team members o/n 17th November, Millstreet

There will be a retreat for 2nd year and Junior Cert students on Tuesday 18th November in Millstreet Parish Centre.  It will be run by NET Ministries, a group of Catholic young adults who run schools retreats around Ireland.  NET teams have been with us in Millstreet running retreats for each of the last seven years.

For the last two years, the team members have been accommodated by local families on the night before the retreat.  We are doing the same this year.  Accommodation has been found for eight of the ten team members for Monday 17th November.  Thank you to those who will be welcoming them into their homes.  I still have two team members to find accommodation for.  If anyone can provide them with accommodation on Monday night, please contact John Magee at Millstreet Community School (029 70087). Thank you.

A request for families to host retreat team in Millstreet

A retreat for 1st and 2nd year pupils from Millstreet Community School will take place on Tuesday 18th March 2014 upstairs in the Parish Centre Millstreet, beginning at 9am.

The day will be led by the National Evangelisation Team (NET) Ministries which is a non-profit, Catholic Youth Ministry.  Over the last number of years they have run retreats in a number of schools in Kerry Diocese and this will be the sixth year they’ll have been in Millstreet.

The NET team consists of 10 members: 6 girls, 4 boys, ranging from the ages of 18 to 25. This team of young adults spend a year away from their own families in USA and Canada to share their faith with the young people of Ireland.

We are looking for families to put up the team members in pairs during their time in Millstreet for one night: Monday 17th March, from 7pm.  Families willing to do so are asked to provide a simple meal and a place to sleep, which does NOT necessarily have to be a bed.  The team members have their own sleeping bag and pillow and are flexible with where they sleep for the night, be it floors, couches, or air mattresses. They’ll need to be a parish centre on 18th March by about 8/8.10am the next morning to get ready for their busy day.

They are not expecting to be waited on, but are rather geared towards spending time with the family and adapting to your normal routine.

 If any families are able to host a pair of the team members for the night of 17th March, please contact John Magee (Chaplain, Millstreet Community School) on 029 70087. css.php