Accommodation required for school retreat team members o/n 17th November, Millstreet

There will be a retreat for 2nd year and Junior Cert students on Tuesday 18th November in Millstreet Parish Centre.  It will be run by NET Ministries, a group of Catholic young adults who run schools retreats around Ireland.  NET teams have been with us in Millstreet running retreats for each of the last seven years.

For the last two years, the team members have been accommodated by local families on the night before the retreat.  We are doing the same this year.  Accommodation has been found for eight of the ten team members for Monday 17th November.  Thank you to those who will be welcoming them into their homes.  I still have two team members to find accommodation for.  If anyone can provide them with accommodation on Monday night, please contact John Magee at Millstreet Community School (029 70087). Thank you.

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