Eily’s Report – 31st May

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report.

You hate to say it but time really is flying and we can only hope that we are making full use of it.  The tell-tale signs of a year moving on are all around us. Even the little broken shells on the ground is proof that the birds have already done their job of procreation and are busy feeding their chirpy garcucs (Baby birds) who never seem to stop asking for more. It’s silage time another reminder of the passage of time and the onset of exam time. Up to now the pressure has been piling on the students who are about to sit them. It gives me the pip every year when for months beforehand, the papers and the media and word of mouth are telling our students how awful it’s going to be and woe betide them if they don’t get tops. Often making those involved believe  that if they’re not worried out of their wits, then they mustn’t be trying hard enough. Sadly most students today go for an academic career leaving a wide vacuum of trades people. In my time it was always tradesmen, because the work of the carpenter, or the plumber, electrician or mason were men only. But is as open to the girls now as it is to the lads. And very often a trade is a less stressful way of life.

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