Wonderfully Successful Class Reunion 1976 – 1981 in Church and at Hotel

One of the three tutorial groups photographed with tutor, Matt Murphy (seated sixth from left) at the hugely successful Class Reunion 1976-1981 held in the Wallis Arms Hotel, Millstreet on Friday, 16th March.

The teachers present included Ken Brennan (Principal), Colman Culhane (Vice-Principal) and Tutors Margaret McCarthy, Pat O’Connor and Matt Murphy.   The splendid DJ for the occasion was 96FM’s P. J. Coogan.    The two main coordinators of the organising committee were Kathleen Hartigan and Noreen Meaney.   It was a truly superb occasion when so many great memories were recalled.    Here we share a selection of images which help to illustrate the splendidly uplifting atmosphere at the excellent meal and during the cheerful entertainment.   (S.R.)

10 thoughts on “Wonderfully Successful Class Reunion 1976 – 1981 in Church and at Hotel”

  1. thank you so much Sean the photos are fantastic just like the night what great memories take care
    kind regards

  2. Sean, lovely to meet up last Friday, your photos are great we had a fantastic night one I will remember fondly. Even having lived in Cork longer that I lived in Millstreet, it will always be home, and I thank all my friends there that help me keep in contact with the area. I have some great memories of growing up there.

    All the best,
    Take care,
    Noelle – John also sends his regards to you all his friends.

  3. Thanks to Kathleen, Noreen, Morris, Mary and Dan for planning this get together. What a great night. Really enjoyed it. xx

  4. Hi, would you kindly clarify this – are there two generations of Henry and John Leader of which the elder generation were the sons of John Leader and Alice who subsequently married George Chinnery?

    It is a little confusing.

    Rgds. Richard

  5. Thanks for the photos Sean and to the initiators and planners of the night congratulations on a superb event.

    Kind Regards

  6. Thanks to everyone for attending and making it such a fantastic night, and for all the best wishes we recieved. A special thanks to Sean for the brilliant photos! Until the next reunion…….hahaha
    Kind regards,

  7. It was indeed a great honour and privilege to have been present and to have been given the opportunity to record such a truly historic, totally enjoyable and wonderfully memorable event. So delighted to hear from Evelyn, Noelle, Collette, Brian and Kathleen – Thank you for such uplifting comments. Over the 24 hours I shall upload higher resolution pictures of the Tutorial Group photographs so that you will all be able to have a clearer view of the various Class Reunion attendees on the superb night.

  8. hey sean thank you for the wonderful photos. thanks to everybody who organised the reunion it was a fantastic event. it was great meeting you all again. hope we keep in contact

  9. Just viewed the photographs. What a memorable night. Huge thanks to Kathleen and Noreen – you both did a wonderful job. Thank you Sean for capturing the essence of the night.

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