Austrian Ambassador Recently Visits Clover Hill Ingredients

We thank Photographer supreme, John Tarrant for sharing a wonderful selection of images recalling the recent visit of Austrian Ambassador, Thomas Nader and Austrian Commercial Counsellor, Josef Treml to the splendid setting at Mount Leader Industrial Estate, Millstreet of the very well known Clover Hill Ingredients Centre (founded in 2003).   Superbly guided on a special tour of the Centre by Managing Director, Dan Buckley the two Austrian VIPs met with the marvellously dedicated Staff and expressed their great admiration of the hugely impressive overall industrial operation and especially commented on the royal welcome and sincere kindness which they received on their special visit on Monday, 27th Nov. 2023 at noon before departing for further visits in Killarney.    While I was unable to attend on the day I’m arranging to record a special Radio Interview with Dan as he will recall the special international visit and outline the 20 year history of Clover Hill Ingredients which we shall later broadcast on “Radio Treasures” on at a time and date yet to be decided upon.   Renewed thanks to John Tarrant for covering such an important international occasion here in Millstreet.   Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

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