Eily’s Report – 21st May

Dia is Mhuire dióbh go léir a cairde and welcome to my Report.

There may be warnings of terrible thunder and thunder rains, but nothing can beat the early morning warm foggy world with the sun coming through. The dew on the grass and on the branches creating a wonderland of jewels all glistening in the slanting sun. A visiting cat re-enacting the wild desires of the beasts of the forest, crouching down ,even on the wet grass, in the hope of ambushing an unsuspecting little bird. Who was busy himself gathering stuff to make a nest. While other people  have to rush around catching up with their work-packed days, it’s nice for me and my likes, to have the time to follow the day at a speed reduced rate. I’m not sure if the idea of not cutting the lawn in May is such a good idea. It means that a lot of the new growths don’t come, leaving the birds without them. We all know only too well that when we cut the lawn, the first thing up in it’s wake is the dandolion. The favourite food of the small birds. But when they are not cut down the old stem stands withering there, with nothing to replace it. Nothing that is until the growth of mown again welcomes the next plants to spring up and sports its woolly head full of seeds to the sheer joy of our little feathered friends.

A very important meeting was held at the Day Centre last week, organised by the Community Council and attended by Mairead Kelly who acted as facilitator. It was a follow–up of a meeting which was held last November  where all the voluntary bodies of the parish were invited to put their names on a register to be fed into a central core giving information on their work and activities. The idea is that there would no duplications. For instance the danger of two bodies holding an event on the same day or more importantly that two bodies would be applying for similar funding at the same  time. The meeting was well attended by the members of the Community Council, the Tidy Towns etc. They will now take it to the next step of this important development. Please support them well.

Cullen Feis will be held on Sunday, June 2nd. Always a great day of dancing, music, poetry, children’s races, concert and lots more.

Starts at 12 noon.

The Boeing Committee are to be commended on the wonderful work that they are doing at this fast developing beauty spot at Dooneen. Since the erection of the Bridge this place has taken on a brand new meaning. Apart from the obvious , which means the easy crossing of the great Blackwater . the additions by both the Co. Council and local volunteers of the area it is now a place to suit everybody and the improvements are on going. To help the project along the committee   will hold a monster fundraising  Quiz at the Bush Bar on June 21nd.  Be prepared to give them your best support and in the meantime go there and feast your eyes on the beauty and atmosphere of it all.

Denis O’Mahony (Clara), deserves our full support as he takes on the task of climbing the highest mountain in the land.  Carrauntoohil, no less than three times in one day to raise funds for cancer research. The plucky Denis in his late 60’s  had a brush with the disease in the recent past and now he wants to put all his efforts into this brave venture. A first for him. Few families are without a member with cancer these days and thanks to research many are being cured. And as long as we have people like Denis to help fund their battle with the bug, we must all be prepared to row in behind them. To help, just log on to Denis O Mahony’s Facebook Page and find “ I Donate” and give your donation.   Weather permitting he will head off at 5 am on June 2nd.  Wish him luck.

Canvassers are doing the rounds at the moment, each one selling their own message of hope and success for the future. Please give your best attention and interest in the hope that their hard work will make our future bright. Already we are to get our tent returned to our Town Square. A good start.

I paid a passing visit to the Men’s Shed last week. It was a delight to see the potential which this venue holds. New concrete yards were being laid as I arrived and some steps lead down to lovely plot suitable for planting. Indoors I got to see some of their handiwork, lovely ornamental wooden flower boxes and lots of kindling ready for the market. I look forward to seeing more as time goes by.

The wonderful Aubane Social Club brought their winter dancing sessions to a fine conclusion on Monday with and wonderful singing session plus the friendly cup’o tea for which they are renowned. A packed house took part with everybody stepping up to the line with song or story or recitation or music  and chat , in an atmosphere of friendship and ease. On behalf of myself and all who were there I want to say a sincere word of thanks. And it isn’t over yet they will have their annual Mass on the slopes of Mushera Mountain on June 24 the Feast of St. John.

Keep up the prayers and thanks to the Good Lord for our beautiful weather and fine crops.

Rosary at Tubrid Well every Monday and Wednesday during the month of May. In Aubane on Thursday. All with an 8 o’clock start.

Polish Mass in Millstreet Church on Sunday, May, 26 at 10.am.

Next Sunday is the Feast of Corpus Christi and the annual Corpus Christi Parade will take place after 11.30 Mass. For  Benediction at the Square. All are invited to take part ,especially First Holy Communion Children and their parents.

Clean-Up of St. Mary’s Cemetery tomorrow Wednesday May 22. At 7 pm.

If you are interested in Fostering Get details at 1800 226771.

Eucharistic Adoration every Tuesday from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm in Millstreet Church. Please Spend some time with The Lord.

Yoga classes have now closed for the summer months. Many thanks to the wonderful Nora Keane who kept us fit as fiddles  every week during  the winter months.

 Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 2, 6, 23, 25 and the jackpot was not won. €100 went to Kelly Spillane, c/o Colemans. Colemans got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Chris, c/o Duggan’s Steel. €20 each the Paddy O’Connor. Ballinkeane, c/o Mary O’Connor, James & Norma, c/o Ann Burke, Christy Moynihan c/o O’Leary’s. Joan Corkery c/o Mary O’Connor, Margaret Smith, c/o Margaret Bourke, Bebe, c/o Capabu. Marie Murphy, c/o Angela, John Tarrant, Coole, c/o Colemans.

Next Draw May 24th. Jackpot € 5,200.

Sinn a bfuil a cáirde, Slán is beannacht Dé libh go léir.

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