The 1982 Munster Regional Trout Angling Championships

The above is a video for the 1982 Munster Regional Trout Angling Championships.  It was my late father Jerry Sheehan of Liscahane who organised the staging of the event which was normally held on the river Suir.

There are many anglers in this video from Millstreet some of whom are long deceased  and were indeed some of the best anglers in the country back then.

The competition was won on the day by local man Pat O’Sullivan of Bolomore,  Rathcoole.

It certainly brings many memories back to me and I am quite sure that it would do likewise for family and friends of the people seen on the video.

Thank you to Jack Sheehan for submitting this to

4 thoughts on “The 1982 Munster Regional Trout Angling Championships”

  1. Thanks for sharing that Jack. I remember that day well as it was my first hosting, producing and directing job.

    1. You did a great job on the day Niall. It was not an easy task to do especially being your first job. I hope you enjoy the memories you have of the occasion as I am sure that many others will when they watch it. Thanks from Jack Sheehan.

  2. Jack…This is truly an Archival Gem – such brilliant video footage evoking many a wonderful memory. Well, well done to the superb Video Production Team and especially to Presenter supreme, Niall O’Brien. It’s outstanding that such historical video footage is now available to view on a global basis. Renewed thanks, Jack, for sharing such a magical glimpse of the early 1980s. The late Jerry Sheehan would be delighted with such a splendid project.

    1. Many thanks Sean for giving me the opportunity to share this video. It was indeed a proud day for my late Dad, Jerry Sheehan to host the biggest trout fly fishing competition of its time in his home fishing area in the Blackwater. The success of the day was all the sweeter when Pat O Sullivan won the competition. I remember the day clearly as I was a steward on one of the allocated stretches of fishing. Jack Sheehan.

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