Restored Marian Grotto at St. Joseph’s Gardens To Be Blessed at 2pm This Sunday

On Sunday, 2nd October 2022 the restored Marian Grotto at St. Joseph’s Gardens, West End, Millstreet is scheduled to be blessed at 2pm.   Everyone is most welcome.   We thank Eugene Barrett for this important alert to such a special event.   For quite some time, Eugene indicates, a dedicated group of enthusiastic Volunteers planned, organised and brought to reality the wonderful restoration of the Marian Grotto which for decades was the central focus of the beautiful Nuns’ Walk situated to the rear of Millstreet’s Presentation Convent which was established in 1840 under the spiritual guidance of the renowned Fr. Fitzpatrick.   Funding necessary for the uplifting project … such as the purchase of a new Statue of Our Lady … was received from sources which will be outlined on Sunday.   Here we share images from Millstreet Museum’s Pictorial Archive which evoke memories of a special era and location in Millstreet.   Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

A Corpus Christi Procession in the 1920s passing the Presentation School buildings. Such Processions in May would take place also around the Nuns’ Walk where All paused to pray at the Marian Grotto.
It was such a special occasion for children attending Presentation N.S. such as this wonderful Group of the early 1960s – to participate in the May Procession around the Nuns’ Walk on an annual basis.
It was at this location beside the Presentation Convent that the annual Procession around the Nuns’ Walk began.

The very impressive Liscahane Marian Grotto photographed in 1989 is one of the many very fine Marian Grottos in the Millstreet area.

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