Millstreet Pictorial Updates 20th June 2021

Fr. Jim Kennelly pictured in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Boherbue at the celebration of his Golden Jubilee Mass at 11am this Sunday, 20th June 2021 in the presence of his Family and Friends. Here we share a selection of screen shots from the magnificent live streaming coverage by Leo Fitzgerald and his Team of Music Row Studios, Ballydesmond. One may view an excellent recording of the superb occasion on We extend sincere congratulations to Fr. Jim on his fifty very fruitful years of inspiring dedicated service in locations such as St. Brendan’s College, Killarney, Ballydesmond, Kiskeam and Boherbue to mention but some of the settings. Every Happiness and Excellent Health in the years ahead, Fr. Jim. We all have great memories of your childhood days in Millstreet. Look out for a full feature on the “Corkman” this coming week. Tap on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

True happiness and magic at West End this Sunday evening as we meet Evelyn and John Moylan with Maureen Falvey – all joined by Polo the Pony and Georgie the pet dog!

Exquisite Greenery presently in evidence at our wonderful Millstreet Town Park.

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“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information on this Sunday evening’s programme –20th June 2021 at 7pm on C103.  (S.R.)

Where The Road Takes Me – Sunday 20th June

Twelve years ago, US Airways Flight 1549 landed safely on the Hudson River in New York after a bird strike resulted in engine failure.  All 155 people on board were rescued.

This week on Where the road takes me, Fred Caruso joins John Greene to tell of his experience aboard a commercial flight to Germany in 1962, when the engines went on fire and the pilot ditched  the plane amongst house-high waves 500 miles from the Irish coast.  In three days the life rafts had almost reached the Galley Head Lighthouse.

Fred who was a 22 year old US Paratrooper at the time talks about writing a final letter of thanks to his parents and why he refused to take responsibility for one of the two children on board. 

Twenty two of the passengers died on the life raft and those who survived were brought to Cork.

Fred tells of his terrible battle with post-traumatic stress, meeting his wife Ellen and settling in Glengariffe. [read more …] ““Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103″

“Lunchtime Favourites” on CMS 20th June 2021 – 12.30 to 2.00pm

We invite you to submit your Requests for our weekly Music Request Show “Lunchtime Favourites” (Sunday, 20th June 2021) on Cork Music Station which is broadcast today from 12:30pm until 2.00pm.   This is our 25th Lunchtime programme of 2021 where our songs and music are full of variety.    All our usual features on today’s Show….But today we very especially focus on favourite songs to reflect the wonderful weather of Summer with songs of the 1950s and 1960s…And our special guest singer is Bing Crosby with some truly excellent songs.    And we also include songs by Davy Ryan plus music by the Shandrum Céilí Band and the Clare Céilí Band and a host of wonderful Local Singers including  Jim Lyons, Breeda Tarrant, Steve Roche and more.   And we feature some wonderful Classical Favourites.   Just email your requests anytime either to corkmusicstation OR to millstreetmuseum or text/WhatsApp to 086 825 0074.   Or check out the Seán Radley Facebook Page.    And we chat about these images below (sourced from Millstreet Museum Pictorial Archives) during our Show.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Commemorating the Centenary of the Rathcoole Ambush on Wed. 16th June 2021.
Providing excellent stewarding at the historic Rathcoole event.
Town Tour on Friday, 18th June 2021 with Junior and Senior Infants from Presentation N.S., Millstreet.

Real value of allowing wild garden growth at Millstreet Town Park. Bee population is gladly clearly increasing in such conditions.

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