“Radio Treasures” Features 80th Anniversary of Cullen Pipe Band

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Eily’s Report – 16th March

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

I tore me ould breeches going over the ditches St. Patrick’s Day in the morning. As a child this was the first thing that we were likely to hear every St. Patrick’s morning. It sounds like a line from something a lot longer, but I never heard  anymore. It sent us off out into the fields in search of shamrock. Bunches to wear on our coats for going to Mass. Mind you a lot of the men wore it on their hat of cap depending on which they were wearing. Great care had to be taken when in search of the National Emblem, to make sure that it had the necessary three leaves and not four. God forbid if you were seen wearing a four leaf plant, you were the butt of every joke for not knowing the difference between Shamrock and Clover. Clover was  a big favourite among the cattle and very beneficial for milking cows, so the wearer of clover was reduced to ridicule when others started calling the cows at the sight of the four leaf greenery on his lapel. One experience of such humiliation made you choose more closely the next time.

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