Millstreet Tonight Has Won First in Category A for Cork County Council Anti-Litter Challenge 2016 Announced at County Hall Occasion in Cork

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Áine Murphy – P.R.O. Millstreet Tidy Town Association has just emailed us the following truly uplifting News:
“Just to let you know Millstreet won First in Category A for Cork County Council Anti Litter Challenge 2016. We are very proud of this achievement. I will hopefully have photos for you over the weekend from this occasion from the representatives of the Millstreet Tidy Town Association that attended the event this evening in County Hall. This is a huge achievement Millstreet Town and a testament to the community spirit of our fair town,
Millstreet Tidy Town Association will receive a cash prize for achieving first place in this competition which is much needed as we rely heavily on donations, sponsorship and grants to enable us to achieve many of the projects around town. To mention a few such as all the planting that is done in the town every year also the water butts that have been implemented in the last 2 years.
None of these things are possible without the help of the people of Millstreet, FÁS, Cork County Council. There is a huge amount of work that is involved achieving a result like this and it takes a lot of volunteers. We would like to take this opportunity to applaud them all.
As a side note we have also received invites to the National Tidy Town Award Ceremony which will be held in The Helix in Dublin on the 26th of September. Whilst we are not guaranteed an award merely by just receiving an invite I would hope at the very least that we will be receipt of acknowledgement of the effort that is being put into our town through the Millstreet Tidy Town Association. I will keep you posted on this.
So for tonight we can celebrate an amazing win at County Hall!”
What a totally magnificent achievement – Our sincere congratulations on such inspiring dedication.  Many thanks, Áine, for such great news.  (S.R.)

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