Upcoming AIB Changes – Millstreet Community Council Statement

Some time ago, Bank of Ireland closed its doors in Millstreet and now it’s the turn of A.I.B.   They are not closing their doors but from October next they will only function as an office where you can discuss investments, open an account or take out a loan.  The A.I.B. in Millstreet will be cashless, no A.T.M. inside the building or outside, no cash transactions whatsoever.  The bank with no cash; it’s like the pub with no beer. We have been told that our nearest A.I.B. with cash is Macroom, twelve miles away. The local Post Office will take over some limited number of transactions.

Seeing that the Irish Government is the majority shareholder in A.I.B., one wonders what is the State’s policy in relation to rural Ireland. This would seem to be another step on the road to making rural living untenable for those with no means of transport and those who are not internet savvy. What’s next? 
Noel Buckley, Chairman, Millstreet Community Council

2 thoughts on “Upcoming AIB Changes – Millstreet Community Council Statement”

  1. Not happy. We needed to have a say in this. It’s our money not the goverments. We always get forgotton in rural ireland. Its time for people stand together. The Eldery are going to be effected, people sending money home, some businesses, Takeaways. Not everyone uses on-line banking.

  2. I agree with Mairead & Noel, its a disgrace there will be no bank in Millstreet or Kanturk. Can anything be done to reverse it? If people have to go to Macroom or Mallow to go to the bank they will spend their money in Macroom or in Mallow. What will happen to our local shops & business’ then?

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