“Radio Treasures” This Tuesday 9.30 to 11.00 pm

An Invitation to tune into our weekly “Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station at 9.30 until 11pm this Tuesday (12th May 2020).   Happy Listening!  (S.R.) 

  1.  Music and Songs aplenty including new releases.
  2.  Call outs to our Loyal Listeners worldwide.
  3.  Filming “Ryan’s Daughter” 50 years ago in West Kerry!
  4.  Time to smile!
  5.  Time to reflect – Wise Quotes.
  6.  Remembering our Faithful Departed.
  7. Carriganima Book just published…We share how Irish words are so much part of our English language in this area.
  8. Musings and Chatting about the attached images (Tap on the pictures to enlarge):
    Millstreet Recycling Centre during Coronavirus COVID-19 times.
    Sportman supreme Millstreet’s Darragh Cashman keeps on track with training during these times. Pictured on a run in the Dooneen area passing Millstreet Railway Station.
    A spectacular double rainbow viewed from Millstreet Town Park following a recent thunderstorm
    The exquisite scenic view of Caherbarnagh Mountains as viewed from Clara Road, Millstreet.

    One of the many recent superb sunsets as viewed from Mount Leader, Millstreet.

2 thoughts on ““Radio Treasures” This Tuesday 9.30 to 11.00 pm”

  1. Absoutely spectacular views.
    It is a wonderful to have such a fantastic amenity on our doorstep. I was at Clara twice recently. The first time I noticed a few bags of thrash inside the entrance. Yesterday we entered over a ditch almost across from the Cilín. Shockingly, there was more trash in there including large water bottles filled with what looked like dirty oil. If anyone can go to the trouble of dumping their filth in a mountain. Why can’t they walk to the recycling centre in Millstreet, its free to get in now. You have to wonder what kind of person does this! Shame on you.

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