2 thoughts on “LTV2 in Galway 2007”

  1. My God Sean, How these pictures takes me back. Beautiful reminders of the times that we were invited to University College Galway as part of Living Scenes. We must get in touch with Mary Surlis again. We made several calls to other towns on our way home, including my ‘second home’, Milltown Malbay, in Co . Clare, where I have many wonderful friends. Looking around for someone to take a picture with, I was fairly taken aback when along came the two town drunks, now gone to their eternal rewards, who were proud to flank me for your snap in that town that I love so well. Thanks again Sean.

    1. Sincere thanks, Eily. Almost twelve years ago and yes, indeed, what a wonderfully memorable visit to the West of Ireland where, in Galway, Dr. Mary Surlis and her many Friends accorded us such a truly royal welcome. Great also that Michael has retained the many images on our Millstreet Website Archive.

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