ECOUNESCO Award Winners Darren, Bevin & Omar

Sincere congratulations to Darren Kiely, Bevin Murphy and Omar Daly (all Students of Millstreet Community School) on recently winning the highly prestigious ECOUNESCO Award for their superb research and presentation of their praiseworthy project.   They won the Senior Eco Innovation Award impressing the Judges with their robust Science and eloquent Presentation.   Special thanks also to Teacher Jennifer O’Donoghue and Principal Pól Ó Síodhcháin for their coordination and encouragement.  The joyous occasion was held in the splendid Convention Centre, Dublin.  Below we picture the Students at both the BTYSTE 2019 in the RDS in January and also having received the highly regarded ECOUNESCO Award in May.  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.) [f]

Darren, Bevin & Omar



UNESCO eco award for Students – with their project: “Herbal Leys: Can Alternative Pastures Outperform Artificial Fertilizers?” focused on an alternative to conventional intensive farming which is over dependent on harmful artificial fertilizers and therefore unsustainable…

Eco Unesco Award for TY Project  – 102 teams were in the Convention Center Dublin today to showcase their research for the UNESCO Young Environmentalist of the year award. Millstreet Community School had two teams. Luke, Patrick and Dylan were flying the flag for the quality of North Cork’s Water, while Bevin, Darren and Omar were protecting the environment with their Herbal Leys Project … [Millstreet Community School]


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