A.G.M. of Highly Regarded Millstreet Local Lotto at Wallis Arms Hotel

A very successful A.G.M. of Millstreet Local Lotto was held in the Wallis Arms Hotel on Saturday, 25th March 2017 at which the enormous benefits of the excellent local fund were outlined and sincere thanks extended to all who consistently supported such a praiseworthy local project which has been in place for over twenty years. Seated are three of the wonderfully dedicated Officers of the Local Lotto Committee. From left: Denis and Marie Twomey, Noel Buckley. Also included are the many superb Committee Members and Supporters. Click on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)

And we share further pictures of the significant annual event where the many local organisations reflected on the truly magnificent financial assistance which over the years has been provided for many important projects such as the hugely impressive development at Millstreet Town Park to mention but one of many. And let us remember that all these benefits are made possible by the very inspiring dedication of wonderful local VolunteersClick on the many images to enlarge.

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