1 thought on “Out and about in Knocknakilla”

  1. Ryan Tarrant on a cart pulled by Dan Joe Murphy’s donkey Bessie in Knocknakilla
    Bring back memories of an old Irish cultural history
    I thought nowadays such things not to be seen in Ireland
    But thought again has made a fool out of me

    It is good to think that such a thing not completely extinct
    In modern Ireland in the early twenty first century
    A twentieth century thing that has not been lost forever
    Though we cannot go back to what once used to be

    Though much credit must go to the likes of Dan Joe Murphy
    To his kind of person recognition is overdue
    For trying to preserve a dying age old tradition
    I only say of his kind what is true

    The donkey pulled cart was endangered in Ireland
    When i was a boy more than fifty years ago
    But in changing times there is no return to what was
    And modern technology is now conservation’s foe

    Ryan Tarrant on a cart pulled by Dan Joe Murphy’s Donkey Bessie
    A recently taken photograph that has links to the past
    It is a changing World that we live in
    And in changing times few things do seem to last.

    “On An Image On The Millstreet Town Website” is by Francis Duggan

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